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If I were a tiny sprout of grass in the Garden of Eden,
would God have noticed me and mentioned to the
Angels how He admired my smooth
stem and the emerald green of my blade?

Would God have created the rain for me
to grow and become a vast plain of grass
covering a whole valley and reaching to the
thighs of Jesus when He walked the earth?

Would I have moved in the wind and
sheltered some tiny animals and provided
sustenance for the bigger ones and then be
the fuel for the fire which would ultimately destroy me?

Is there sense to existence if the end is always death?
Or shal I be happy to be this little sprout of grass
and revel in the sun shining on my blade today
and bow down humbly to God's earth and pray?

Gerhard Knight 21 May 2008

Excellent poem (IF) only we knew the answers - but I suppose we will soon know?

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David Desantis 20 May 2008

Great job Yuri, very metaphysical of you.....i sometimes wonder what 'if' i were this or that too.....happiness is relative i guess...i enjoyed alot

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Mathilda Maphori 20 May 2009

wow' that was a heart touching poem keep up the good job

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 14 August 2008

Hello Yuri, wow, this is a very delightful poem and wo well written I felt I was speaking to a blade of grass. Good job! Loyd

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Adeline Foster 18 June 2008

A good poem, liked it very much. A little different from Rudyard Kipling’s of the same title, but almost as moving. Of course, the answers are there for those who seek. Check out mine and go read more which can be found on geocities.com/adelinefoster. Adeline

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Catherine Rica Cosico 27 May 2008

Nothing in this world is permanent except change...We are all created in His own image and likeness...everything has its own purpose of living even a tiny creature that we look like pest in our life.

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Vijay Gupta 24 May 2008

a meaningful poem.i like it.thanks for reading my poem the burning poem.i am waiting yr poem on this subject.......

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