If I Had A Brother Poem by Jaishree Nair

If I Had A Brother

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If I had a brother
to wipe my tears dry;
so dejected I would not have felt-
For alone I have cried many a time!

If I had a brother
to remember my birthdays;
with token gifts marked-
A smile those days would bring
For forgotten are they every year!

If I had a brother
to recount his heroic deeds,
I would be an eager listener
and exaggerate it to my friends near!

If I had a brother
to listen to my blabbering;
and tease me gently;
humouring my fantasies
This silence would not kill me slowly!

If I had a brother
to stand by me like a rock;
many would think twice before hurting me
Tormented I would not be in this unkind world!

If I had a brother
to take me to movies
once in a while;
relieved would I be to relax this monotonous time table!

If I had a brother
to pamper my trifles
and build on my dreams;
A string of medals would be my triumphs!

If I had a brother
to extend his hand
to lift me up from this state of despair;
All smiles would I be with never a care!

If I had a brother
to wave away my fears
and fight for my rights;
Many things I would not have been deprived of!

If I had a brother
to melt my anger with just a smile
and dampen my smoulderings with words of love;
My mind would have been a haven of peace!

If I had a brother
to give me space to wield my tool;
I would now be bathing in the ocean of emotions!

BUT most of all
If I had a brother
to love me and share my joys and sorrows
A heaven of peace this life would be......

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: hope

Loaded with love and drenched with desire!

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 20 March 2015

What a beautiful write! You go with a ten here.

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Kesav Easwaran 11 March 2015

Good poem Jaishree...sibling's love has its own speciality

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