*if You Ever Felt That You Needed Me Again? Poem by Rommel Filoteo

*if You Ever Felt That You Needed Me Again?

Rating: 3.1

What damage me the most?
Is the day that should have been,
one of the biggest in our lives;
The day, you and I supposed to build a dream.

I was troubled,
I desired of you.
I always thought deep in my heart
That you would be there for that exceptional moment,
No matter what our lives could have been.

As I laid on that tiny green grass on the park,
having your thoughts in a room in my mind,
I thought you would show up.
I just prayed so hard that you would come,
but you didn't.

You didn't even call to see if I’m ok.
I have never felt so sad in my life, lost,
and alone as I did that day.
I wish I knew your reasons, I just wish I could understand.

But, if you ever felt that you needed me again?
I'll always be here;
For you have a special place in my heart-
and no matter what,
you'll stay there forever.

Ahmed Abomahfouz 05 January 2012

dear Rommel don't wait for such a woman who hurt you that bad and who if returned to you will hurt you again.about the poem it is really nice in describing weakness created by love

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Allemagne Roßmann 18 September 2011

Well analysed the need based variable called love....well penned and appreciate i as a reader

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Eivzul Acijom 02 April 2008

I will always need you.....smile.....coz someone is loving you so dearly!

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