Imagine Poem by Laquory Jones


Rating: 5.0

Imagine if poetry was some form of art
That you could never be pried apart
The pen is your heart its beating
Every-time that you speak
so rhythmically as if in one heart
Thoughts seeping in sporadically
The heart beating becomes erratic
It's the heart of a maverick
Thoughts being drawn through
The madness but the spill of
All of its vastness contains an
Empty sadness Looking into your
Eyes as if they were the bearers
Of the soul they just might be
I've never felt more alive within
The days of my youth
So much passion within the
Veins begins to follow suit

Embodiment of poetry is what I
Hope to be give the world
Some doses of poetic ecstasy
With some doses of Richie
Changing the landscape to a
Degree (As you can see)
I just want to be prophetic
Hoping that you could never
Forget it as I speak my truth
Carpe Diem with the long
List of Silhouettes
Popping in a cassette (1963?)
I mean DVD (1996?)
Oh how can I forget I made
It into the Gazette

Sometimes I wonder how long
Dreams are to be chased some becoming
So elusive getting harder to keep
Up the pace so much energy laying
Bare to the wasteland
Not too many doors remains adjacent
Just last week I met this old man
Spoke to me of his visions as a young
Man never fulfilling a single one
He looked through the eyes of
His son as he developed tears
Speaking upon everything that
He feared suddenly it all became
Abundantly clear we only have
One Life to do all that we can
While we're here or we can slowly
Wither away and then disappear


Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Bernard F. Asuncion 02 July 2020

A well composed excellent elegy. Simply magnificent....10+++

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Gajanan Mishra 01 July 2020

Art and life - poetry

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Cowboy Ron Williams 01 July 2020

Poetry is indeed an art and some day I hope to take part. I would invite you to read my poems (I have five of them) , but my account is new and the poems are not activated yet. This really surprises me. I thought people would be able to read my poems as soon as I posted them!

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