* Imagine If You Can - Poem by Louie Levy

* Imagine If You Can -

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my discovering to be an expendable particle of Quantum dust sacrificed by a political decision to be cast, drafted and led to combat the viral contaminants of a hypocritical society of their non electoral voting, doubtfully UN-concluded by the master-bated majority of chosen, loyal and qualified to be, not one of revolutionary mind and explosive intent, being free of the behavioral curses inherent to the disposition of a non, conscious, mental aberration that randomly chooses to be lost in the moral dysfunction of some lame, moral and barbaric unleashed alien residing in the DNA miracle of the hexagonal program of tangled string along with the evolutionary theory that has unproven to be seen with that 'eye' that has neither the human iris nor the distinguishing prejudice of selected, visual bigoted focus herein renders its mechanical worthlessness to be victim of human, evolved winnings of Nobel slur-prizes, on the path to hellish interprets, decidedly by some appointed critics of the literary world of self extinguished wing and surviving fittest genius' that have reached egocentric goals brought upon by triggering neurons and brainless synapses who intercourse with mating transmitters of whatever biological demons or angels of their mercy are forthcoming to save from all racial extinction of their inevitable destiny of self distrusted and instructed to achieving...

Predictably, unpredictable
'Goals of Armageddon'

So be it -
El fin?

© 2004...Louie Levy

Louie -Love & Peace- Levy 17 November 2009

Bob, Please review your comment.- 'You can imagine 'US' as cosmic dust in the universe of greed' etc... Please note that I had written this 5 years ago, insightful of My Own Place and life on Earth and the Universe. Many other poems had been written and put to sleep as insighted revelations. I was not of 'person' to debate nor explain when arriving at age 60+ and discovered my ability to write and reflect. I've recently discovered an old 'Prodigy' kept file to share for a contemporary view of how I felt as a WWll Vet, greatly upset and saddened by how Peace does not exist as we prayed for after that world war. 65+ Million killed. What do they really mean by, Genocide for Peace? I'm not any godly messenger to say that men, with flawed religion and empowered political controversies will compete with power to actually destroy and extinct all life and plant on Earth, Some exceptions as contaminants. Men, of their inherent 'gender' as men, do not respect 'natural laws'. Many do not respect each other, and, war like battle for ego and monetary, motivated rewards, Prize fighters train for brawn and their lamed ignorant brains are lost to their Earth tree, wood coffins. There is no balance of justice nor similar powers that are on a collision course. Atom dirty bombs are 15X more devastating than the 2 dropped on Japan. The first WMD dropp will provoke other enemies. The World has shrunk and each has a neighbor to hate and to kill. I have noted that you are 73 and myself,83. We are very fortunate to have fooled statistcs. Should we 'Live and let die'? ' Not when we all can 'Voice and write for Love and peace, Mightier than the sword when all youth will able to free their hands of military weopons. 'The world is a dangerous place. Not so much as their is Evil, but that there are people who do nothing', Albert Einstein

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Bob Blackwell 17 November 2009

You can imagine us as cosmic dust in the universe of greed. Occuring by either random or meaningful selection, which procreates and lives on other species, making some extinct and gone forever. By 2050 the worlds population will reach approximately 8 Billion the tipping point when even more species will die until man is sole occupant of this world. What of natural law, do you not think this will equate and balance things so we can avoid the Armageddon the El Fin of our world? regards Bob

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Eyan Desir 12 November 2009

Keep expressing your emotions....

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 07 November 2009

I can not imagine. I can only make attempts to comprehend. My experiences with The Almighty uplifts my consciousness to perceive a reality free of limited manmade visions of climatic endings. I can only respect opinions. Not necessarily embrace them to dance with my own.

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