- - - - In Awe Of Blue Poem by Ben Gieske

- - - - In Awe Of Blue

Rating: 2.8

This morning the sun spattered the world with blue
Skies and from their resting places the winds blew

In reply. Now around us we see blue jays,
Blue grass, blue bells, blue ribbons, all sea blue.

The birds scatter from here and everywhere
And we’re in awe of what comes out of the blue.

What do we detect above the mountain tops?
Could there be aliens beyond outer blue?

Happy those who tan themselves on sea shore sand
Having salt-water waves washing them with blue.

Sometimes I wonder about this color too.
How can some ever be saying “I feel blue.”?

I want to take the sky, wrap it around you
and me. We could be enrobed in peaceful blue.

- October 3,2009

Published online Dec.21,2009 by The Ghazal Page in the Color Radif Challenge Issue. Go to: http: //www.ghazalpage.net/

Cynthia Buhain-baello 17 February 2012

It is only now I came to read this and I find it awesome too! Lovely arrangement and refreshing are the ideas about blue. Great piece of work!

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Luz Hanaii 26 August 2011

Hi Ben! looks like it finally let me comment, great! Love your poem and the many blues that are found in nature. Nice rhyming and good imagery.

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Zubyre Parvez 30 December 2009

blue! ah, yes.. that wonderful colour..ever see the blue shades on the mediterraean beautiful. I am fascinated by the colour torquise, it's the colour of self contemplation, almost divine. Rimbaud was a poet who wrote his poems in different colours for each letter to represent different symbolic meanings, he made his own colour scheme. neat.

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Ritty Patnaik 30 December 2009

dear ben....what a lovely poem on blue! blue is soothing and calming, and reminds me of the blueness of the azure sky, or of the aquamarine blue of the sea.looks like, you love colours! wouldlike you to read my poem on white. best wishes ritty

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