In Cat Cave Poem by Adrian Flett

In Cat Cave

Rating: 4.8

Climbing out of Cat Cave,
the others far ahead,
I felt the sense
the intense presence,
ever with me now
as vital thought stemming from
paintings just seen,
in Cat Cave.

The artist, the one
who painted such true depictions of life
-wild all about him-
walked this grassland
gathered his paints,
made his brushes searched for
and found canvas,
in Cat Cave.

No scope for sketching
for margin of error
as he begins to portray
trance induced images,
drawn by his power of perception
and prior execution
in his mind,
in Cat Cave.

The light fades to
a mellow pink on dry grass
but his artistry evident to all,
lifts him free of time and culture
a statement of sheer creativity
locked forever in my mind
though left behind to fade,
in Cat Cave.

Sunday, November 12, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: artistic work,culture
Adrian Flett 12 November 2017

Written after recording San/bushmen paintings in the high Drakensberg Mountains.

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Rebecca Navarre 01 October 2018

Wow! .. Very creative, and powerfully moving! .. Thank you ever so much for sharing this! .. Ever so many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! +++++

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Adrian Flett 02 October 2018

Thanks for your encouragement, Rebecca

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Dr Dillip K Swain 07 August 2018

I felt the sense the intense presence, ever with me now as vital thought stemming from paintings just seen, in Cat Cave..........Captivating expression! A beautiful poem (10)

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 02 August 2018

A vivid portrayal of one of a kind artistic work depicting culture of yesteryears. Beautifully crafted and well crafted. In a few seconds I was able to take a glimpse of the beautiful work of art and the place where it was painted. Thank you for sharing.10+++++

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Adrian Flett 04 August 2018

Thanks, Rose, for those kind words. I'm pleased the poem conveyed those thoughts.

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Chinedu Dike 28 May 2018

An insightful depiction of the intricacies and essence of artistic creation, written with clarity of mind and thought. A beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing Adrian.

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Ruta Mohapatra 12 November 2017

Cave art is beautiful. Our ancestors were superb artists and you have celebrated their art in your expressive and well written poem. Thanks for sharing.

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