In The Name Of Truth! Poem by Sandra Feldman

In The Name Of Truth!

Rating: 5.0

Feels good

In this slapped,
Good and Old

The Court Jesters
Depressed futures
Undressed sutures,
Incongruent, mess
That can't mend
Nor stop the Tears
Falling, for mistaken

While, Mad Clowns
In high posts
Dance around,
Assuring, us Serfs
That, 'all is secure
And fine, '
Under the Chaos.
That 'Court Jesters
Have served us'
And that so generously
Have sunk, us and Country,
Miserably, into the ground...

Sylvia Frances Chan 26 March 2023

Our eyes we keep OPEN to a BETTER future, how miserable it may be, there will be constantly light on the other side, world wide, in that side we must trust our future, love and hope,

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Nabakishore Dash 27 March 2023

The poem brings in a feeling of sadness, but the title of the poem is quite appropriate.

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Every politician is self-serving, none even thinks of the citizens… that is why the times are changing from bad to worse by the day

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 26 March 2023

Excellent thoughts Sandra Encore! ! !

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 March 2023

(3) a poem of brilliance presented here, so that we keep thinking of the future that there will be BETTER days than today. I have enjoyed tremendously, dear Sandra. Top Marks and to myFavourites. TFS

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 March 2023

(2) constantly. Slapped, slipped, good and old USA will remain good, we must keep our trust in that belief: that the good times will come again. You made me respond like this, dear Sandra, dunno why, but, these lines will flourish our mental being

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Sandra Feldman 27 March 2023

Dear Sylvia, I thank you so for your dear words and great insight for this poem, tht hurt so much to right. your wonderful words and understanding give me the strength that was lacking and necessary to continue with some hope for a brighter future, that for All is their Right!

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