In The North; In The South(English/Persian) Poem by Farzad Jahanbani

In The North; In The South(English/Persian)

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The world;
The city,
In the North,
Is climbing up from the mountain;
Is advancing among the jungle;
Is going forward inside the sea.
Is going backward inside the pollution;
Is regressing among the wilderness;
Is falling down from the bluff;
In the South,
The city;
The world.

By Farzad Jahanbani

copyright No: 402867


در شمال
بالا می رود از کوه
جلو می رود میان جنگل
پیش می رود درون دریا
پس می رود درون دود
عقب می رود میان برهوت
پایین می رود از پرتگاه
در جنوب

فرزاد جهانبانی

402867: شماره کپی رایت

Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: city,political,world
Ellias Anderson Jr. 21 December 2016

Thanks you so much for this beautiful verse all love and peace, Ellias

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Farzad Jahanbani 01 January 2017

Thanks a lot my Dear, Good luck

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Denis Mair 07 March 2016

Thank you for sharing your vision of North and South. Indeed, we are declining even as we go uphill. The best minds in the North are using their intelligence to devise an artificial brain, or to pursue the frontiers of physics to a domain of mathematical, conceptual games. It seems like they are going up a hill by doing so, but in terms of the intelligence needed to deal with real human problems on this earth, we are going downhill. It is hard to see something as large as the world, but sympathy gives you this broad poetic vision.

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Farzad Jahanbani 07 March 2016

Thanks a lot, that's right, 'North' and 'South' have two meanings: rich & developed countries / rich areas in cities, opposed to poor & undeveloped countries / poor areas in cities.the new version of this poem is North; Center; South my suggestion is reading it too I am glad for your commant

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Unwritten Soul 01 February 2016

Contrast and make beauty more bolder by a good this version Farzad :)

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Farzad Jahanbani 01 February 2016

Thanks, Beauty is in your eyes

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Nosheen Irfan 05 January 2016

The difference between north n south is delineated well. Nature and urban life are often at odds. well penned.

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Farzad Jahanbani 05 January 2016

Thanks a lot, your viewpoint is well...

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