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- Born in 1980 in I.R.IRAN and live in Tehran now, the capital. I've a master degree of EMBA. I have been writing poems since 1995 in my native language (Persian) and after that in English language.

Farzad Jahanbani Poems

My Heart Is In Torment(Edition: 5 Dec.2015)

Or 'From Syria & Palestine To Iraq & Yemen & To Beirut & Paris'

Oh, child! Why do you sleep deep beneath the waves?

Your Lovely Face Geography

Every morning
Front of me
Two bright suns;

In The North; In The South(English/Persian)

The world;
The city,
In the North,
Is climbing up from the mountain;

Senryu Poem

All leaves fall down

Paint of last leaf on wall -

دلم گرفته؛ تو کودک! چه خفته ای در آب؟
از آن عبور سياهت ز مرزهای سراب؟

دلم گرفته از اين مرگ های پی در پی

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