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Or 'From Syria & Palestine To Iraq & Yemen & To Beirut & Paris'

Oh, child! Why do you sleep deep beneath the waves?

Every morning
Front of me
Two bright suns;

The world;
The city,
In the North,
Is climbing up from the mountain;

All leaves fall down

Paint of last leaf on wall -

دلم گرفته؛ تو کودک! چه خفته ای در آب؟
از آن عبور سياهت ز مرزهای سراب؟

دلم گرفته از اين مرگ های پی در پی

This woman is


Come and revive me now
Come and give me a new spirit
The spirit of art
The spirit of commitment

My house is here;
Below the Azadi Tower,
My heart is there;
Above the Milad Tower,

On the canvas of life

The sum of all colors is

امشب چو غزل گشتم؛
شه بيت تويی جانا

هم اول و هم آخر

(ستاره نجات انسان حسین (ع

(کشتی سربلند توفان حسین (ع

سلام من به سویت بنده ی حق
و ارواح درخشاننده ی حق

سلام حق زِمن دائم به سویت

دوسِت دارم ٬ وِرد زبونم نیست

دوسِت دارم ٬ توی دلم جاریست

In This World;

There Is / There Are: …

بلند و مشکی ؛ شبِ یلدا بود

کوتاه و روشن ؛ روزِ یلدا شد

Wintersweet flower

! دیروز رفتم بانکِ محل ، که مثلا آب بخورم
«! ولی در اصل تشنم نبود ، یواش گفتم: « من وام می خوام

،گفتن: « باشه ، شرایطش ، دو تا ، ضامنِ نایابه

I was six years old; a small and lonesome dream seller

Girls and boys, my customers: 'I want one of Hafez's poem. Hey you, girl! '

You are the best painter

The one who painting from nothing;

plains awaited spring

evergreen buds pioneer

Farzad Jahanbani Biography

Join to my Page on Instagram in: instagram.com/farzad.jahanbanii & My channel on Telegram messenger in: www.telegram.me/Farzadia Biography: - Born in 1980 in I.R.IRAN and live in Tehran now, the capital. I've a master degree of EMBA. I have been writing poems since 1995 in my native language (Persian) and after that in English language.)

The Best Poem Of Farzad Jahanbani

My Heart Is In Torment(Edition: 5 Dec.2015)

Or 'From Syria & Palestine To Iraq & Yemen & To Beirut & Paris'

Oh, child! Why do you sleep deep beneath the waves?
Oh, how my heart is in torment
Because Of the impossibility to go beyond these illusory borders.

My Heart is in torment for the continuing deaths
And for the atrocity of hearts that are only empty vessels
Through which we cannot hope that love and kindness will more flow.

Oh love, will you not heal the broken pieces of our hearts?
Oh child, keep hope alive and do not fear life.

My heart is in torment for hands that mimic the hands of the devil -
From Syria to Palestine and Iraq to Yemen,

My heart is in torment for the victims of terror -
From Beirut to Paris; from here to everywhere.

My heart is in torment across those deadly borders;
I long to free you from your tears, to place smiles on your faces,
To see the regret of mother's hearts cease to bloom
Like the flowers of the pomegranate.


-This poem translated & Completed by 'Farzad
Jahanbani' & 'Unwritten Soul' from Persian poem with the name of
'ز سوریه وفلسطین؛عراق تا به یمان (Persian) ' by Farzad Jahanbani'
- This Poem was published in the 'Poem Against Terror'E-Book in this link(free download) : www[.]smashwords[.]com/books/download/628178/1/latest/0/0/poetry-against-terror.pdf (without [] sign)
- Last Name of this poem was: 'My Heart Is In Pressing'
Final Edition with 'Richard Theze': 5.12.2015

Copyrighted to 'Farzad Jahanbani' & 'Unwritten Soul' with No: 399030

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Farzad Jahanbani Popularity

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