My Heart Is In Torment(Edition: 5 Dec.2015) Poem by Farzad Jahanbani

My Heart Is In Torment(Edition: 5 Dec.2015)

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Or 'From Syria & Palestine To Iraq & Yemen & To Beirut & Paris'

Oh, child! Why do you sleep deep beneath the waves?
Oh, how my heart is in torment
Because Of the impossibility to go beyond these illusory borders.

My Heart is in torment for the continuing deaths
And for the atrocity of hearts that are only empty vessels
Through which we cannot hope that love and kindness will more flow.

Oh love, will you not heal the broken pieces of our hearts?
Oh child, keep hope alive and do not fear life.

My heart is in torment for hands that mimic the hands of the devil -
From Syria to Palestine and Iraq to Yemen,

My heart is in torment for the victims of terror -
From Beirut to Paris; from here to everywhere.

My heart is in torment across those deadly borders;
I long to free you from your tears, to place smiles on your faces,
To see the regret of mother's hearts cease to bloom
Like the flowers of the pomegranate.


-This poem translated & Completed by 'Farzad
Jahanbani' & 'Unwritten Soul' from Persian poem with the name of
'ز سوریه وفلسطین؛عراق تا به یمان (Persian) ' by Farzad Jahanbani'
- This Poem was published in the 'Poem Against Terror'E-Book in this link(free download) : www[.]smashwords[.]com/books/download/628178/1/latest/0/0/poetry-against-terror.pdf (without [] sign)
- Last Name of this poem was: 'My Heart Is In Pressing'
Final Edition with 'Richard Theze': 5.12.2015

Copyrighted to 'Farzad Jahanbani' & 'Unwritten Soul' with No: 399030

My Heart Is In Torment(Edition: 5 Dec.2015)
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: kids,peace,terrorism,war
This Poem Refers to Iraq, Syria & Yemen accidents also pain and suffering of fugitives that in trekking to Greece &… (& kids such as Aylan) then they Dying in way. Also refers to terroristic bombing in Ankara between Peace-loving humans & refers to Murdering the Young Palestinians in Palestine...

The Idea of this Poem is coming from poem with the name of 'آرزو'
from' sayedeh Saeedeh jalalifar'
Unwritten Soul 11 November 2015

Dear friends here in PH, we hope that all of us clear here that no matter we born at, or races we are or what religion we follow, love is love and peace is the same...Only dark hearts that pull us in darker place..where humanity never stay inside...After five years being as PH members i can tell that here is our place to keep our world stay strong with prayers and love from different people in the world, either from the ones from Iran, Arab countries, Asian countries, Africans, Americans, and European... what make us strong is unity and what make ys unite is love with no boundary...Dont give the black perceptions darken our soul..because if it has chance, it break all ties and break everything into pieces_Unwritten Soul, and Farzad

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Farzad Jahanbani 14 November 2015

Dear friend, Thanks a lot for your excellent & comprehensive Comment

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Dr Antony Theodore 15 May 2017

My Heart is in torment for the continuing deaths And for the atrocity of hearts that are only empty vessels Through which we cannot hope that love and kindness will more flow. My God, , , , , your poem and the picture. i was shivering..... when i saw i t and read your poem.. marvelous my dear poet..... we all should write more about this cruel war......shaking the conscience of humanity.. tony

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Farzad Jahanbani 06 June 2017

Thanks Tony, You are nice heart poet

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Chinedu Dike 03 March 2017

An insightful depiction of the state of unrest in the world with special emphasis on the Middle-East. A good portrayal of man inhumanity to man with a clarion call for universal brotherhood of man. Beautiful poem nicely brought forth with with insight. Thanks for sharing Farzad and do remain blessed. Please look at my poem CHILDREN OF CRUEL FATE.

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Farzad Jahanbani 06 June 2017

Thanks, my good friend...

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Farzad Jahanbani 10 April 2016

- This Poem was published in the 'Poem Against Terror' E-Book in this link(free download) : www[.]smashwords[.]com/books/download/628178/1/la test/0/0/poetry-against-terror.pdf (without [] sign)

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Farzad Jahanbani 28 December 2015

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Shah Surja 01 December 2015

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Farzad Jahanbani 05 December 2015

Thanks a lot...

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