In The Puddles Poem by Ernestine Northover

In The Puddles

Rating: 4.8

Rain bashing, rain crashing,
In the puddles, children splashing,
Mother's tongue has started lashing,
Everyone is wet!

Rain slopping, rain stopping,
In the puddles, children hopping,
Mother's hands have started mopping,
Everyone, I bet!

Sun waking, sun breaking,
In the puddles, children quaking,
Mother's arms have started shaking,
Everyone, she'll net!

Sun applying, sun drying,
In the puddles, children crying,
Mother's breath is now a sighing,
Everyone's upset!

Sun gleaming, sun scheming,
In the puddles, children steaming!
Mother's smile, now is beaming,
Everyone's her pet!

© Ernestine Northover

In The Puddles
Solomon Brook 10 January 2006

Very lovely and well written. This 10 is for you.

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Ben Gieske 29 May 2007

I really like this one especially the snappy 4th line of every stanza and they're all rhyming.

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Ben Gieske 06 March 2007

Very nice ending and a good variety of descriptions for the sun and lots of action.

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Duncan Wyllie 27 March 2006

Oh Ernestine, I have tasted nector before but I can't remember it being as sweet as this.It's an amazing piece of heart warming poetry.The flow was fantastic and you have the poets gift.Love Duncan

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Emma Johnson 11 March 2006

Quite a combination of -ings. It takes a great writer to have sound and subject matter so beautifully wedded. Susie.

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Max Reif 14 January 2006

Ernestine, I think your rhymes are pretty tight here, the repetition and variation, as well as gradual thematic progression, make it an enjoyable and 'worldly-wise' poem for me!

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