In The Void Of Darkness Poem by Thomas Duncky

In The Void Of Darkness

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When darkness falls over
We, accustomed to light, falter.
The shining smiles on our beautiful faces fade
Our hearts hang but beating only faint
We, for the sake of the good in us, seek.
The shaft of light that has long been lost under our feet
In the wake of darkness we tremble
Wandering and wondering if we’ll ever get stable.

When light gets shuttered
The dwellers, blinded by darkness, get scattered
Unsighted under the cover of night
They creep back into us
Those virtues we fear; Jealous, envy and fear
Sneaking stealthy they crawl so near.

Unable to see forward we keep moving on
In the end we begin to fear that which is not known
Then dread overcomes our calm
Eclipsed by horror we seek out our arms;
And when jealousy, envy and hate are set free
Love, adoration and care flees

Under the crouching shadows of darkness
The effigies of gloom, sorrow and distress craft our fate
Incapable of seeing our destinations
We let them steer us to our destructions
They become masters of our anxiety
Parasites feeding on our insecurity

In the vain of darkness
We, tailored for light, shrink to nothingness
Hope in the dark becomes a hopeless fragile cord
Yet, for we in the pitch of darkness, is the only last ray we hold!

Patricia Grantham 26 August 2013

Darkness comes as a state of gloom and eerie shadows. The Emotions takes on a different dimension when it comes. But do not despair the light will soon appear and the darkness will flee as the morning dew. Loved this. Please read my poem Then Comes the Night.

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Dave Walker 20 August 2013

A great poem, like it, a great write.

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