In Writing You Made A Garden Of Eternity Poem by MAHTAB BANGALEE

In Writing You Made A Garden Of Eternity

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Blueness; you are munificent, your bosom is opened,
Your opera is cleaned and translucent.
Full moon; you allocates moonlit generously,
Day light; you also allot shining liberally,
In self-pleasant every things exchanges their mood and friendliness.
You have been retired many years ago
That time and day is obscured to me.
From far side all things owing too
In this equinoctial point, you are returned
It seems-
In this grey time, you take twice birth, baptized again
You are Blueness; you are Full moon; you are Day light;
You are noble moonlit, you are fairness of beloved,
You are generous sight in current society,
You stand constantly on the zenith of dramatic mountain,
You are varying kingdom of literature and pure knowing paint.
In writing you made a garden of eternity
After hundred years of yours death
I see- in literary yard
Unopposed pacing and footprint of your
You come frequently through literary opening door
You are perennial, you are perpetual, and you are epitaph,
Cause of-
Your elixir eminence is unique literary grog-shop.


From my old diary (2007)
Remembrance of William Shakespeare

In Writing You Made A Garden Of Eternity
Thursday, April 26, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: greatness,poet,poetic expression,remembrance
Susan Williams 27 April 2018

Before I comment on your poem, I want to comment on your About. It painted a good portrait of you and a charming one too. Truthfulness is often charming. I will have to read your poem I think several times before I understand the complexity of this tribute to Shakespeare but I can say right now I love the texture of the words you have chosen to use

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mahtab bangalee 28 April 2018

Dear Susan Williams thanks for your reading

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