Is Bob Dylan A Poet? Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Is Bob Dylan A Poet?

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Is Bob Dylan a poet or a songwriter? Is he a guitarist or a songwriter or a singer or both? Who is Bob Dylan? A singer or a songwriter or a guitarist or a music composer? Who is, who is he?

A poet or a songwriter? Who, who is this Dylan? Can his songsbe called poems? Is poetry songwriting? Is poetry song and music, a combination of it? Is he a music-maker, a word-maker?

His poetry the poetry of the folk, the poetry of the country; his poetry the poetry of the rock, the poetry of the jazz; his poetry the poetry of the rock n' roll, the poetry of the blues; his poetry is the poetry of the beat, the poetry of modernity.

What is poetry? What is songwriting? What is music? Is he a singer, is he a musician, is a he a songwriter? Who, who is he? A songwriter or a music-maker? A guitarist or a singer? A music-composer or a songwriter?

Is Bob Dylan a poet or a songwriter? Is, is he a guitarist or a music-composer? who, who is he? Bob Dylan, Dylan, Bob, Bob? Is he a pop, pop singer, a pop, pop musician? Who, who is he?

Bob is first a guitarist then a writer then a band man and a music-composer, a script-writer, a lyricist. A folk singer, a folk musician first of all, a country and chapel man playing the guitar and singing

And from here he turning into a pop star, a pop musician, a pop singer; a journey from country folk and chapel to modernity to pop androck n' roll to jazz and blues.

Poetry as the song of life, poetry as the music of life; poetry poetry, poetry as the lyrics of life, life and love, and loving, modern times and culture, time-spirit and reflection.

Richard Wlodarski 19 March 2020

Like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan is a poet. All songs are poems!

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Mahtab Bangalee 19 March 2020

life is full of singing life is full of lyrics life is full of musics life is full of enjoyment the earth o the song, the lyric, the music, the enjoyment of earth everything of life is poetry sometimes come out as prosaic and sometimes come out as poetic phrase O Yes Bod Dylan is a Poet The World Musical Poet

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Bernard F. Asuncion 19 March 2020

A wonderful tribute to Bob Dylan......10++++

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