I'M The Ocean, You'Re The Sky Poem by .Pd. is here

I'M The Ocean, You'Re The Sky

Rating: 3.3

Inky gear with million accessories
The - Wisps of clouds
Charismatic Moon
And Celestial bodies.
You dazzle like a jewel
In the shinning carroty sun,
You’re calm and poised
When ornamented by the twinkling stars.
‘You’re the Sky’.

Crystalline drops wetted with effervescence
The - Ebbing and soaring waves
Turbulence and tranquility
Azure brilliance.
I catch the morning light
And sketch the rising sun on me.
I shine, I glow and I feel beautiful
When complimented by the sky.
‘I’m The Ocean’.

I love it when you are in a mischievous mood
It’s when you stir up a breeze - And play with me.
I treasure and hold every pearly tear that you shed
Happy or otherwise - And I consume it.
I love it when you elevate the temperature
It’s then that you evaporate me - And fly me to your abode.

We’re so much like the ‘Ocean and the Sky’ -
Eager to meet,
Complimenting each other,
Sharing Secrets,
Seeming to kiss and embrace.

We’re so much like the ‘Ocean and the Sky’ -
Summiting at the horizon -
Which is a mere apparition.

We touch,
But the touch dosen't reach
Beyond our borders.

(16 September 2006)

Nimal Dunuhinga 16 September 2006

Excellent! I see the two valuable souls divided by the illusionary horizon! Something like a spiritual love........the poor ocean evaporates gradually and makes passing clouds in the sky?

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Sridhar RVL 16 September 2006

Hi They appear to meet. This got to be your master piece from this matured pen. I love the poem of this kind. They meet when she sweats and while he rains :) They meet, they are not far off I Hope. Hope

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Nalini Hebbar 16 September 2006

preets...the ocean and the sea...they compliment each other so totally...well written piece...i think the end should have been more punchy...love...nalini

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Chhavi Anupam 22 May 2007

Beautiful Preets, beautiful, enjoyed reading it. Chhavi Anupam

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Anam Rizvi 27 November 2006

Well i must tell you that your poem has really got me thinking. I think you're an awesome poetess.What really strikes me about your poetry is your play with words which results in beautiful and very vivid images.

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Michael Lopez 26 November 2006

By no means am I eloquent, I've no clever words to describe your poem. But it is beautiful. It is candid. And I thank you for sharing it Michael

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Arti Chopra 19 September 2006

profound and vivid imagery....great poem Preeti

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Catastrophe King 16 September 2006

Preeti - You did excel in the use of imagery here. You sometimes beat us on maturity in comparison to your age. Those comparisons and the realtion between the ocean and sky in the poem is well thought of - impeccable! The spirituality trickles down the readers minds with each of your words. Simply speaking - this is a remarkable love poem - you did beat many other poets here.

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