It Creeps... Poem by Lodigiana Poetess

It Creeps...

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Loneliness is catching,
it just creeps up on you

One minute you're with friends you know,
the next it's just you two

And right before you realise
that number's down to one,

within an instant -all can change
and what was there- has gone.

You thought your life was full and fine-
each moment filled with action,

but when the times are quiet and still
you find you need distraction.

So filling silent moments with false gaiety and laughs,
ignoring signs that tell you to take care,

you carry on as if you never feel the slightest fear
that soon, there will be no one left to share

To listen to your hopes and plans
for future days ahead,

surrounded by the ones you love….
but looking round instead,

you see the room is empty, the blinds pulled down and closed,
your thoughts just echoes in this empty space.

All comfort gone, no lasting touch of solace on your heart,
a hollow void is all that's left in this vacant place

Too late to reach out for that hand that once was held outstretched,
but pride turned you away without regret.

Each offer made was cast aside whilst ego held you high,
all semblance of a friendship lost and never to be met.

So now alone, your thoughts unheard, uncommented, unsaid,
the air around you now takes on a chill.

Too late to start again and try to draw in friends anew,
you learn to live with loneliness until….

The quiet stops, the clocks don't chime, the phone will never ring,
your smile stays fixed, your eyes a shade too bright

The daytime hustle fills the hours and cloaks you with ‘pretend'
and loneliness creeps back to join you… every night.

It Creeps...
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: emptiness,loneliness,acceptance,rejection
Loneliness is universal..... irrespectiveof class, status, sex, age or intelligence
Robert Murray Smith 25 July 2018

Loneliness does creep up. Well penned. ++10

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Lodigiana Poetess 25 July 2018

A universal sadness I'm afraid.. Thank you so much for your valued comments Robert. Lodigiana xx

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Bri Edwards 31 July 2018

(cont.) the... just before 'The End' is quite effective. sometimes 'so little' can add 'so much'! keep up good writing and i'll try to remember to stop in once in a while. if you get lonely, drop me a line (no hook nor sinker suggested!) . August's showcase is ready for viewing. bri :) to MyPoemList

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Lodigiana Poetess 02 August 2018

Hi Bri, so pleased that eventually you were able to comment! Love reading you comments as its always a positive seeing things from another perspective and you always outline your thought so well..thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and I look forward to reading the August showcase.. Kindest regards to you my friend. Lodigiana xx

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Bri Edwards 31 July 2018

(cont.) see? i WAS able to send the first comment after first sending you a message. weird! ! ! yes, i suppose universal can be used for loneliness, but it's not one of those 'good' universals! ! i especially enjoyed the LONG sentence encompassed by couplets 7-11. sounds like a store chain! ! ! (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 31 July 2018

I had a bit of trouble noticing the rhyme scheme at first, and i like EASY! :) MAYBE i'd have noticed more quickly/easily if the couplets were pushed together into quadruplets? ? ? and i had to pay close attention to commas and periods [thanks for them, btw] to follow the sentences to there fine endings. yes, it took a little work for old Bri to follow along, was worth it! ! ! (cont.)

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Chris Embrick 27 July 2018

Many times writing poems or painting landscapes wipes away the lonely hours. We can only relate to others if we've experienced loneliness for ourselves. As usual, another great poem. Thank you.

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Lodigiana Poetess 27 July 2018

Yes indeed Chris..I wish I had the talent to paint but fortunately I do find poetry a wonderful buffer against those unexpected times when the lonely hours creep up on one. Thank you as always for your kind words. Lodigiana x

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Anil Kumar Panda 27 July 2018

Very nice poem. As one grows old and the mystery of life unfolds itself one feels the void around. Very well crafted and a thought provoking write. Thanks for sharing.10++++

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Lodigiana Poetess 27 July 2018

Thank you for your words which certainly are very true...I hope you never feel the void around you my friend! Lodigiana x

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