It Isnt His Sins Poem by krissi b'williams

It Isnt His Sins

Rating: 4.9

just remember it isn't the new 1s sins...
keep that that thought in mind, once you begin

patience is a virtue
especially when you have the upper hand
and your man
the one who messed up so big
is being put through torture, by you
and your snapping his heart like a twig....
your still in agony and you want him to feel the same
the same feelings of you
misused....guilt, shame and blame
how does...that saying go
and how does...anyone really know
'once a cheater, always a cheater....has a man ever changed? ? ?
when the tables have been turned on him
and you've made em repent for all his sins.....
and how about trust? ? ?
does your heart and mind ever adjust
to him, ever being able/to be faithful again
and yeah, of course, all the mistakes..that made your heart break
will it ever be the same?

cause if you broke up and dated someone new
would, and should you hold them accountable for what they may never do? ?
and never believe that he can be faithful, that he will somehow be true
do you hold him, just as your ex to blame
i know it will never be fair, but all the insecurity will 4ever be there
toward the new one, towards the ex
women are made up of emotions
usually men are made for sex
when women cheat the reasons are so complex
and when men do it, no feelings are there
but women are filled with rage, compassion, and care
and once that trust is gone, its usually gone 4ever
because the often believe
never, ever, never

will that man change, and be able to be faithful ever again
we usually compare the old to the new
its something we cannot help, just something we just do
so do you even try, to do it again
to move on, or 4give the old 1 in the end
give the old 1-1 more chance
or discard the baggage, and take doubt into a new romance
what to do? which circumstance
do you take a chance
upon....which is right, which is wrong?

if you take him back, doesn't it make you weak
or is it just the fact
that your in love so deep
and the new mans not at fault
but your heart and mind are doing a somersault and catapult
and in the back of your mind, there is a voice screaming
he's going do it, it could be anytime

actions are actions....words are just words
yet they both can highten, or, crash down your world
send it right down,
so what to do? ? do you start this thing anew? ?
with the 1 youve been already thru
hell, and, back
or just move on, and get your heart on the right track
go back through it, or try and begin it
new, with him, or your ex and you
oh what to do? ?
again, the end, or the start with some1 new
and you.........just pray
that it doesnt end the same damn way
that it will not end
the same way again
with all the lies, deciet, mistrust, and misuse

either man, only passion, his only lust
belongs to only will once again be able to trust
oh dear lord you silently pray...
what to do? your mind and heart question, what do you say

Teresa Babson 29 September 2009

we always search for the ex in the next one

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James Mclain 13 August 2009

The suit case... needs to stay... on the basket ball court.. in case you travel..iip.. :)

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