'Intertwined Souls' (Ending) Poem by krissi b'williams

'Intertwined Souls' (Ending)

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(intertwined souls is very long, so i put the ending here, so if you want to read all of it, you could...i also ended the 1st verse, so it makes sense)

we make the loose bines, more defined
we make them more tight, and more strong
by fixing what is right, and letting go of all the wrong
what has passed, is past..if we want to last
we cannot dwell on yesterday, and fight about 2morrow
we honestly dont know whats gonna happen, but we will expect pain and sorrow
2morrow is so unsure, but today is not..lets live it with all weve got
god, destiny, love, faith and fate.........made us true blue soulmates
lets take what weve been given, and make a clean break at a new style of living....
cause right now we make, our love, heart, and intertwined souyls desinergrate..by useless lies, and hate

unraveling the bines, by fighting, each and every time
they bound our souls, and yes make us whole..baby dont let go
now they are collapsed, dangling, are hearts full of holes
its time to repair, and rebuild us new, lift from the despair
for the less we give, and yet the more we take
putting everything we hold dear at stake
if it were the more we give and the less we take
the less our love and intertwined souls suffocate
they have prepared to die, instead of living
lie upon lie, and the pain that was given....now its time we listened
to what they have to say, and if we want to change us, we must start 2day

we can nolonger play deaf nor dumb, if we dont want it all to succumb
to all the hell, all the pain, and sorrow, and grief
its time our hearts and souls had a reprieve

for my soul is yours and your soul is mine
they are forever intertwined....by our loves binds
each and everytime we fight..we always lose sight
focusing on all that is wrong, and never what is right
inch by inch, bit by bit, tear by tear, they start to rip
each rip takes a part of me, and every tear takes a piece of you
lets stop this now, by speaking the truth
i love you, and you love me...we are soulmates for eternity

just remember, now and forever
what their whispers said..lets always save it in a special place inside our heads....they swear in honestys truth, if they begin to rip anymore
the love for us is dead...lets not fight, and do whats right
fix all the wrongs, it will make us and our hearts even more strong
and our intertwined souls, will stay where they belong....

for my soul is your and your soul is mine
and it meant to be that way
forever...through eternity of time
our souls have been blessed, and forever are intertwined

Teresa Babson 29 September 2009

brillant ending to intertwined souls

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James Mclain 26 September 2009

some times it just seems like one never ending inward spiral..iip

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Putholi Arumugham 08 August 2009

why did you end: ( i want it never to end....

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