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Jigsaw (C) 12-8-09 - Poem by Corey Threet

He had some troubles with his mind
There was this eerie design
That made him feel he was so out of line
It was a piece to a puzzle
That he felt he wouldn’t need through this struggle
He wouldn’t need it when he was in the face of his trouble
So he threw it away
Rip it to shreds and blew it away
Then believed he could finish the puzzle another day
How stupid could he be with his terrible thesis
Thinkin he could finish a puzzle without all the pieces
Maybe it’ll be back one day as long as he leave it
But one day his mind would be in the trouble but he wouldn’t believe it
Found himself on the corner sellin dope and weed
It was the way his pops earned and it was money he need
Sadly oblivious to the illusions of the streets
Listened to songs with heartless meanins but beautiful beats
Saw people get shot up solely from playin a game and winnin
And sadly that’s not the end but sadly a brutal beginnin
But without that piece of the puzzle it didn’t matter to him
There was no matter of guilt and was no meanin to sin
Hustle hard like he was told by the rapper he worshipped
Come here I want you now baby the streets came in and flirted
But it wasn’t his fault it was just the piece he threw in the trash
But it’ll be too late when his life is burned into ash
Clouded by darkness like his coveted older heads
They gave him a package for a lady and they sold her meds
Two days later the medics was in her home pullin her out
With the blanket over her whole body dead on the cot
People cried but it was an emotion that he doesn’t remember
His heart grew shorter and colder than the 21st of December
Garbage day was on its way and the truck was ready to take
The trash can with the shredded piece of the puzzle he threw away
But for the sake of his heart fate made him shortly awake
And realize the time he had to finish the puzzle was at stake
He made it home and the puzzle was still sittin there scattered
He went to sit down but he noticed a glass laid on the floor shattered
He had to clean it up before he cut himself the puzzle no longer mattered
He was distracted by the evil force that wanted him beat up and battered
Cleanin up the glass made him forget his point of bein home
And he didn’t like bein by himself, of bein alone
So he left the house and puzzle still sat alone on the table
He probably would remember to finish it but that’s if he was able
He went back to his dirty ways and teachins of bein cool
Did it step by step and followed by every dirty rule
His mind was so stuck on the streets and bein shifty
He didn’t realize by the time he got home the trash would be empty
A word from the hookers made a piece of his mind become unmuzzled
He didn’t know the deal so she told him you just pay and I’ll finish up the puzzle
The puzzle, the puzzle, his mind screamed as he burst through scene
Made it home the puzzle was still sittin there
He was supposed to care but he could no longer fill it
Without the piece of the puzzle he felt now that he could kill it
A call from one of his boys left him again distracted
It was his mom one of his rival crew members finally acted
The sirens made him feel a certain way but he couldn’t express it
He had some words he wanted to say but he just couldn’t stress it
It was a few minutes but to him it felt like a million years
The death of his mom was number one of his million fears
The doctors came out and the face that he made was different
There was no smile or relief so the nigga had to listen
We tried to save her but the bullets hit her vital organs
I’m so sorry to tell you but your mother passed away this mornin
Mornin that was a word that clicked into his head
But there was a different way it was to be said
The puzzled clicked into his head for one final time
Out of breath he bust in the house and there he’d find
The puzzle still sittin there with all the pieces scattered
He needed to see the whole picture so now it really mattered
Distractions piled up but his mind wouldn’t leave the table
Today he’d finish this puzzle but that’s only if he’s able
Connected every piece that was there that could fit
He stayed up so long he felt he would lose his consciousness
But there was one empty spot that of the piece he blew away
He then realized that it was his conscience he threw away
And then the evil say OooX7 ooo ooo oooooo

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