Journey Called Friendship Poem by Ravi Singh

Journey Called Friendship

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I still remember the moment, when the ice was broken
We smiled at each other, although just for a token

There was no mutual liking, but often we met still
As we had nowhere to go, and both had time to kill

Initially we were so keen to establish our status
And so we talked only good things about us

Steadily and gradually we slipped into comfort zone
Two separate entities now always felt like one

We shared our joys and shed together our tears
Leant each other our shoulders in disappointments and fears

We were taking steps into the blissful bit by bit
Never knew when our friendship turned into a habit

You always tagged along wherever I wanted to go
Into thin air dissipated our ego

Then arrived the moment our career had to start
Challenges of life had done us cruelly apart

Though in separate ways our lives carry on
Deep in our hearts we know that the journey goes on…..

The journey goes on……

02 August 2009 - Friendship Day

dr veenaa rai 06 August 2009

what a lovely tribute to friendship! very nostalgic, wrapped in emotions10+

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Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh

Gwalior, India
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