Jubilee Row Poem by Ernestine Northover

Jubilee Row

Rating: 5.0

Street lights shine gently onto the snow,
An eerie sight, this midnight glow.
Rows of dustbins standing aloof,
Pigeons ranging along the roof
Of a terraced abode, two up two down.
And trudging home is young James Brown,
He works in darkness at the pit
His jacket's thin, his boots they've split,
Cold feet freezing where water seeps in,
Causing great pain and blistered skin.

Excavating for coal is his toil each day,
Earning a pittance to keep hunger at bay,
But he battles on, just to survive,
And all his life he'll continue to strive,
Body shivering once the coldness starts,
But love will warm the saddest of hearts,
For Annie will greet him at the door,
With a loving hug and a kiss for sure,
Mellow lights will beam out onto the snow,
Such a welcome sight in Jubilee Row.

Andrew Blakemore 06 June 2008

I love the title and the way you tied it into the end of the poem. A lovely story, very well told. Love, Andrew x

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Duncan Wyllie 19 February 2007

Courage and conviction shine throughout this wonderful piece by you Ernestine Quality writting, steeped with an age old feel of insight Love it! Love duncan X

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