Joy Has Begun Poem by Ernestine Northover

Joy Has Begun

Rating: 5.0

On these undulating hills where sheep roam free,
and every rabbit builds his own colony.
Yellow cowslips, pink clover and purple vetch,
add colour to the green fields as they stretch
as far as the eye can see. Here’s such a view
to fill the heart with joy that’s long overdue.

The fresh, sweet, clear air that swirls and twirls around,
only in the quiet countryside is found.
And placid cows that will wander munching grass,
take such little notice of us as we pass.
Rooks cawing loudly throughout the hours of day,
seem to send a warning. ‘Don’t you dare to stay’.

This ground so lush with all its fine thriving plants.
Animals, birds and insects, how they all enhance.
Beautiful treasury set out here to find,
available for each being of mankind.
The pleasure should be welcomed by everyone.
On these undulating hills, joy has begun.

© Ernestine Northover

Andrew Blakemore 06 June 2008

What a joyous pastoral scene you have created here. Beautiful! Love Andrew x

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Tai Chi Italy 20 April 2008

You have the most enormous capacity for Joy Ernestine, and an ability to observe and transplant the wonders of nature onto the page. Thank you for sharing your talents with us....smiling at you, loving spring time too, Tai

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Duncan Wyllie 20 April 2008

I am not an intelectual man, but I can say that this has still moved me, even if I do not have the right words to offer you Thankyou Love duncan X

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I think you are among the most observant of people when it comes to nature - and then you pen it up in beautiful style. t x

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