Just A Mushy Love Poem Poem by Mary Nagy

Just A Mushy Love Poem

I know you think it's cheesy, but I'm going to tell you why
I love you and I can't help swoon and almost want to cry.

I love you for the look that sets my soul ablaze.
You don't know what you took from me within that first deep gaze.

I love you for the ''everything'' that you have grown to be.
You know that I will feel the same from now til eternity.

I'll love you til forever no matter what's in store.
I'll love you if this world ends and then I'll love you more.

Enough of all the mush now, I'm sure you've had your fill.
I won't keep telling you these things...(but, I'm thinking of them still) .

Ernestine Northover 03 October 2005

If they could sometimes read our thoughts Mary - Heck, it's not worth thinking about! ! ! ! Nice one, I liked it very much. Sincerely Ernestine

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Raynette Eitel 03 October 2005

I've always thought the world needed a little mush, Mary. Or is it the world needs a little love? Both are fine and you did this well. Raynette

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Even I thought it was great, Mary. YOU make mush fashionable! Thanks for being the sugar at this site. We sure do need you here!

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Duncan Wyllie 29 March 2006

Mush you say, when so much beauty is made from dust and clay.Your work is so much more than this Mary, Really worth seeing.Love Duncan

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It cannot be denied, it's mushy alright. But mushy is alright. Alright?

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Jerry Hughes 15 October 2005

Mush? Eskimos have been saying and using it for yonks, so mush away, Mary

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Don Stratford 03 October 2005

Hell Mary mushy makes the world go round - well done Don S

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Herbert Nehrlich1 03 October 2005

Nothing wrong with a bit of mush (there is always mush - room) Mary and this is a very nice poem. Thinking about the pillars of what a country should be held up by I am reminded of souls like you. It matters little what one sees in the mirror, the goodness must be throughout a person and that really is all that counts. Best H

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