Language Barriers Poem by Angelique' Rockwell

Language Barriers

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The strong, sweaty hugs
The soft, sweet kissing
I can only hope he knows
It's this that I'll be missing

Our time was so short
How much I did not know
How was I to let him in
Or guess how things would go?

There was an instant attraction
The moment I heard his voice
I knew then I'd be lost for good
And there wouldn't be a choice

So with all said and done
You have to know that I gave in
And I'll probably regret or forget
But I also know that I can't win

I had one special night with him
Totally alone by ourselves in a room
He was so soft, loving, and sensual
His strength wrapped me like a tomb

The language barrier between us
Is much larger than I first thought
It's so beautiful to hear the Latin spoken
That I never bothered to be taught

When we got word he was leaving
I wanted to ask him to stay the night
I just wanted to cuddle and hug him
Or maybe make love all night

But I didn't get to see him
On the day that they packed up
He didn't call to say goodbye
Or even to say 'what's up? '

I was told that he liked me
He told everyone but me
He told people I was his girlfriend
Again, I guess I just don't see

How do you leave someone
Without saying any goodbyes?
It's a simple little word, saying it all
Meaning everything and nothing without the lies.


Khairul Ahsan 28 March 2018

A nice narration of intense feelings, honestly told.

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Peter A. Crowther 14 September 2005

You tell it very well and very honestly

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Angelique' Rockwell

Angelique' Rockwell

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