Last Night And Then This Morning Poem by Amberlee Carter

Last Night And Then This Morning

Rating: 4.5

the last leaves of autumn fell,
finding a grave in the imprint
of stranger's feet-
shallow as it was, they seemed content

the leaves look more like wings,
imaginary things
that carry with them, the first cold breath of winter

wind wrestled with the margins of a book
left outside the local coffee shop-
someone had forgotten it, maybe
they had no more use for it

to think about the nights
spent in the anguish of absence
when a book is the only sanctuary
in loneliness

this is the way
to make amends with shadows,
to offer a truce to the past

on some nights
the book we read
is the one we're writing
and memory and wind
aren't always so comforting

Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 07 December 2004

outstanding work. especially that last line: 'on some nights...' you really know how to conjure up some powerful images and provoking notions. rock on, rock on! Jake

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S. Wesley Mcgranor 16 February 2021

A pleasure to read.

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Joe Howell 11 November 2006

And I came back for another read. Tis just a great work. Joe

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Joe Howell 09 July 2006

Amberlee, This has allways been one of my very favorite, of yours. Steller! Joe

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Uriah Hamilton 27 June 2005

Just beautiful Amberlee!

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David Masters 18 May 2005

Amberlee, I really like your poems, but I can't figure out how to message you. If you'd check out my poems, I'd be really grateful.

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