Let Me Poem by Rajkumar Mukherjee

Let Me


let me stay in this darkness

this cool cemetery where I feel akin to the dead souls

the murmur of the rivulet passing by

the cool breeze carrying the fragrance of unknown flowers

they bring me memoirs of the golden past

of the dead and alive alike

and rejuvenate me for the rest of my life

I am tired of this present life this ghetto

full of mockery lies and misinterpretations

this cosmetic changes crocodile tears

and showbiz lip service without heart

let me reside in my own cell alone

aloof from the eyes of so-called civilised people

in my own dreamland near the grave close to the earth

Rajkumar- Mumbai

Naidz Ladia 13 April 2009

the presentation of this piece is highly intellectual..unique in its own way, expressing full transparency about rejuvinate, renew, regenirate and born again.. naizz

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ata khan 03 April 2009

Going away from nature, and our true selves generates this feeling. You are truly right, in search a false life, that deceives, time comes when we stop listening to our hearts and souls therefore, deep down inside we start feeling like a caged animal at zoo who has a better place to live, better, timely, food to have but its eyes can't see the horizon. Still, life is beautiful for those who respects it and respect others, as one would like to respect oneself. Thanks for sharing Mr. Mukherjee a sure 10

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Subbaraman N V 31 March 2009

The life throws a plethora of beautiful things. Let me enjoy it till I breathe my last!

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Maitreyee Joshi 27 March 2009

i like this one! we are all tired of the artifical society.i looks like it comes from the heart.thanks for sharing.

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Wojja Fink 24 March 2009

mysterious and beautiful...............John

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