Bonsai Poem by Rajkumar Mukherjee


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You increase the beauty of the riches,
Decorated in the living room in pitchers,
Doctored in height, but full- bloomed
Even bore fruits normally groomed;
As if a Lilliputian in the Plant-Kingdom,
Age and difficulties, no body fathom.

Men and women look for protection
How long no one knows, no body cares,
Freedom is attained, after sixty-one years
Still no questions, even no one dares;
Brahmacharya, Garhasthya, Banaprastha passed
Now at Sanyasa, still other castes are cared.

To suck the benefits offered beyond constitution,
Who knows for whose benefits, what revolution?

N.B.According to Vedic inscriptions a human life is devided in four quarters.1) Brahmacharya i.e. where an adolescent is supposed to maintain celebecy and lead a pious life 2) Garhasthya i.e. where one has to lead a family life and fulfil all his obligations to his/her siblings and guide them to the future life3) Banaprasthya i.e. where one has to be aloof from family life gradually and concentrate on meditation to achive the higher levels of life4) Sanyas i.e where one has to completely devote all his/her efforts through pious life, prayer and meditation to achieve the lotus feet of the Lord. This humble note is only for thhose of my friends in the western hemisphere who might not be aware in details about the words used by me in the poem- no malice meant to anybody.My apology if any body is heart- Rajkumar

Catrina Heart 02 May 2009

nice descriptive poem, well written piece............10

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, aryaindia 03 May 2009

Very clear in your clarifications, you bloom like the bonsai itself...........blessings, arya

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Ashraful Musaddeq 08 May 2009

10 for this lovely poem.

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Sandra Martyres 08 May 2009

Bonsai is a lovely true to life poem....congratulations on this meaningful write

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Mamta Agarwal 06 May 2009

Age and difficulties nobody fathom- this line sums up the essence of the poem. every living thing has a life span. it should not be interfered with, as is done with plant kingdom, to make them into Bonsai. very meaningful poem.10 Mamta

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Indira Renganathan 04 May 2009

I congratulate you again with Amit Ray's words...his comment is complete...congrats once again

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Allemagne Roßmann 03 May 2009

The fact is not many of us will be alive to be sequel to your BONSAI after 61 years specially me who has to go borders for maritime activities and now imminent war.The crux of Hinduism according to the Vedas and Aryan life is truly syndicate in this poem.It is only possible only if you have a blessed life- a BONSAI.I wish your life to be FUKIEN TEA (Carmona microphylla) BONSAI grown in South-EastChina and you excel with more seeing and sighing the world over.A good poem from a hindu socio-economic context.The Fukien tea plant is biologically insect and disease immune and it is free from any complications.I wish you a king size life from a herbivorous point of view and as a social animal-the life of a tortoise-slow but steady...tainted to be passive but active in the end.

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