Sorry For Not Remembering What You Did For Me! ! Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Sorry For Not Remembering What You Did For Me! !

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I wanna feel the nail go thru my hand
I wanna feel the thorns go through my skin
I wanna feel what you feel when i commit a sin
I wanna be mocked and spit on
I wanna be pushed and thru down
I wanna be the one on that cross
I wanna be the one who saves the lost
Hands spread open wide
Why did you die for me?
Please tell me why?
When i sin every day and tell many lies
When im jealous of many when i have to much pride
When i had an abortion
When i made you cry
When i hurt my parents
When i wanted to die
Throw me on that cross
Leave scars on my back
Put a crown of thorns on my head
And if i scream dont you take me off
Im not worthy to be loved
Im not worthy to be a part of someone high above
What you did for me i guess ill never feel
What you did for me i believe it's real
Im sorry for not being the christian i was suppsed to be
Im sorry for not remembering what you did for me
So if i ever make you cry and make you feel regrets
For dieing and on the third day rising again
And if i ever doubt you or feel that you are false
Send me a set of nails and throw me on that cross

Nangula Immanuel 21 April 2009

WOW! this is a really good poem! I really like this one! i am adding it to my fav poem list. Very well written.

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 21 April 2009

the emotion just flows out from the verses..brilliantly done.. u amazing

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Mona Martinez 25 April 2009

nobody perfect hon. god made everybody that way for a reason. wether you believe in god or not. god loves all of us no matter what. remember that.

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Serenity Prayer 21 April 2009

i went to a christian school for bout 6 years all together and we had to memorize verses and my third grade teacher asked me one time, she said, 'did the nails keep Jesus on the cross? ' i replied, 'yes.' she said, 'no, His love for us did.' its been many years since then, but i still remember that like it happened yesterday. you have made mistakes, but He loves you no matter what. He made you. you are His. the things that have happened to you are not at all fair, and the person who did those things should be punished and believe me, i bet God's not too thrilled bout what he that dude did to you, but God will always love you, no matter what. i will pray for you. and itll be ok. =)

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Sandra Feldman 16 October 2021

'Mea Culpa', Dramatic poetic confession and desire of sacrifice. Dramatically but very sincerely written! Extraordinary and unforgettable!

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that's how i feel everyday. i guess i'm not the only one: ')

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Heather Rebel 18 June 2009

Absolutely Beautiful! ! Keep on writing. i look foward reading more of your poems! R3B3L x

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Ok this one really made me cry...I feel sometimes we all get 2 far from God and feel this way...and somtimes we dnt really apreciate all that Jesus did for us after all he died just so we can be 4giving for the sins we comment and will comment. Now what man do u know will do that for anyone. You really allowed God 2 speak thru u with this. Thanx so much DIMPLZ

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Reetessh Sabrr 01 May 2009

what a great piece of writing...i think such confessions no body wud have ever done in hon'ble church also... Christ bless this girl!

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