My Story Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

My Story

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I told you my story, my past which wasn’t great
I told you about the friend that died
And the abortion that took place
I told you about the men who molested me when young
I told you only God knew exactly what I’d done
So when it came that time, when we were all alone
Nobody was around; I knew what next would come
Thing’s get tense and I feel your arms so strong
The memories that would pop up, ugh! ! I thought I had moved on
I screamed please “stop” and so u did rite away
I yelled “I can’t do this, another bad memory I cannot make”
My heart cannot handle a sudden abortion
My body can’t repair double commotion
I told you my story, which now you take part
The man that understood, and cared for broken heart’s
I hope the endings great, ive made many mistakes
but a new chapters soon in stores, a new soul it will create
The day is soon to come when I will be able to let go
Of my past, my story, the burden’s I do not show
But stay here with me till I get that chance
So I can enjoy a very special moment
With you baby, at last! !

Akram Saqib 20 June 2009

a great dedication in the shape of love

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Ken E Hall 18 June 2009

When we are young and terrible things happen we are sadly embossed with it in our memories, then when Lancelot on his horse called True Love arrives the world is your oyster...thats your poem++++++10 regards uavaniceday

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 16 June 2009

strong emotions with good usage of rhyme...kindly read my poem ' embossed' thanks : -) regards rinzu

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Surya . 14 June 2009

a very nice poem. opened the heart for every one to see. heart touching too. nice flow voted10 surya

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Dislocated Heart 12 June 2009

very nice... it just shows how strong you are. :)

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Winnie Angel 05 September 2009

A very frank and touching write..Winnie

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~ Jon London ~ 09 July 2009

A very touching, moving piece...I hope your future will no longer be plagued by the past.....this poem touches the heart.....

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kulit .. 29 June 2009

a sad story.. I believe we all have different sad story, we all have our trials.. Trails can make us stronger, but it can also make us weak if we don't fight it, if we let it overcome us... in your part, i believe your a strong person and i salute you for that...

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Sandra Martyres 22 June 2009

A sad poem very well penned, I hope that someday you will be able to put all these memories behind you.10

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Jennifer Dorsey 21 June 2009

I enjoyed this poem (not enjoyed..not the right word) I can relate to this writing. I am new to this posting my poetry, so if you have time and can read some of mine, I would really appreciate feedback/advice. Thanks for sharing. xoxoxoxo- Je, Jennifer, Or Just Me

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