To See Her Cry Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

To See Her Cry

Rating: 2.8

To see her cry,
makes me wanna have no heart
To see her cry,
my heart breaks apart
To see her cry
makes me wanna take her away
To a place where for shure everything will be ok
Dont cry, please dont cry

Londiwe Buthelezi 20 April 2009

sometimes crying is just good for the soul

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Tyease Collins 24 April 2009

This is sad but i agree. Crying helps a lot. well it helps me =] -Tyease

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Lady Grace 09 June 2009

good poem..beautiful, simple and systematic..grace

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Eyan Desir 02 May 2009

good write I liked it thanks

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I see im not alone =) we should chat sometime maybe we could help each other out. i wish your friend the best, i truly do, i now how hard it can truly be. love the poem btw, great job, dont we all wish that. i know i do. keep it up.

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Reetessh Sabrr 01 May 2009

emapthical emotional excellent

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Mona Martinez 25 April 2009

lovely poem. good job in making a good point.

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