Life = Death - Volume 10 - Poems On Life, Death Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Life = Death - Volume 10 - Poems On Life, Death

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About The Poetry Book

This Book which has 34 differently titled Poems, is actually volume 10 of the Book titled - Life = Death - Poems on Life, Death (1200 pages) . This enigmatic collection of poems explores and equates the boundless possibilities of life and death and delves into each intricate inexplicability of survival. Parekh's roving philosophical eye brings the unconquerable richness of life to the fore and yet at the same time explicitly highlights the veracity of 'death' as the absolute certainty of every existence. The poet joyously celebrates the occasions of both life and death with equal panache in each poetic stanza sewn with the uncanny mysteries of this Universe. The poems within immortalize both life and death as the ultimate victories and the two most contrastingly amazing and divine sides of creation. Catapulting the reader to the threshold of ultimate ecstasy; they bring about an impromptu twist with the closure of breath and what lies beyond. This charismatically woven collection of poetic verse would equally enamor the narcissist as well as the simple humanitarian to the core.

This book is a humble attempt to enlighten the readers with the equality of life and death-and to live in both of them to the most unparalleled fullest. Embracing only the religion of humanity, as the Lord has commanded every living being on earth. You cant die in life and cant live in death-each of these components are irrefutably equal in every respect and should be worshipped with due obeisance.




Is life solely about benevolently donating each passionately eclectic instant of yours; to every tangible and intangibly hapless fragment of deteriorating living kind?

Is life solely about fervently loving someone so much; that brand new definitions of love were immortally embedded once again in every perceivably suspended ingredient—of the invincible atmosphere?

Is life solely about fantasizing beyond the realms of the ordinary; plunging deeper and deeper each zipping second; into an unfathomable gorge of inscrutably uncanny excitement?

Is life solely about inexhaustibly admiring every single of the Omniscient Lord's infinite creations; transforming into the truest poet at the tiniest insinuation of blossoming nature divine?

Is life solely about befriending everyone around you irrespective of caste; creed; religion or tribe; and irrespective of whether it was the worst of your enemy pugnaciously staring down the whites of your eyes?

Is life solely about titillating the obscurest bud of taste in your tongue; with the most inimitable cuisines directly from the lap of mother nature; for a countless hours in a day?

Is life solely about indefatigably sermonizing the ideals of symbiotically peaceful existence; which you'd yourself imbibed in each ingredient of your blood; as you'd unflinchingly traversed through every of its lane?

Is life solely about burying your face unimaginably deep into the bosom of your sacred mother; and then feeling the most unconquerable man alive—in the cold-blooded face of even the ghastliest of death?

Is life solely about living out even the most bizarre of your whims and eccentricities to the fullest; walking on your self created cloud nine all the time; as long as it didn't the tiniest hurt any living kind?

Is life solely about triumphantly breathing in the spirit of unassailable humanity; and unsparingly beheading even the most obfuscated trace of the devil; to amorphously feckless chowder?

Is life solely about incessantly singing hymns of beauty; perpetuating even the most robotically dilapidated cranny of the atmosphere; with the freshness of miraculously blessing creation?

Is life solely about sizzling each unfurling second in the flames of adventure; precariously teetering on the edge of space; yet feeling the adrenalin rush towards the ultimate summits of paradise?

Is life solely about earnestly saluting each act of altruistic kindness; falling in due obeisance only in the feet of immortal love; as it spread like a magicians wand in each poignant heartbeat alike?

Is life solely about looking forward to the optimistic rays of tomorrow; untiringly rising everytime you hopelessly flounder into nothingness and fall; to become the eternal scent of a new dawn?

Is life solely about timelessly finding your very own inimitably priceless identity amidst a pack of satanically pouncing wolves; challenging the tyrannical norms of destiny to chart the pathway of your own dreams?

Is life solely about irrefutably saying no to even the most diminutive insinuation of dreaded lies; torching the mortuaries of lackadaisicalness forever with the Omnipresent flame of truth?

Is life solely about developing relationships more insuperably thicker than those of the 'blood'; where the tide of humanitarian compassion and friendship beautifully transcended over one and all?

Is life solely about reliving those impeccably golden moments of the exuberant past; transiting back into those fresh cries of birth—where the whole world for once became—a cradle of magnificent togetherness?

No. It never was 'solely'; but life's an emphatically brilliant mixture of it all.


Sympathy makes an organism feel dreadfully weak—as if the world around it had metamorphosed into a coffin of morose blackness; though an infinite streams of scarlet blood still ran enthusiastically through each of its blessed veins,

Sympathy makes an organism feel lividly inferior—with every living being in vicinity appearing to be a boundless times stronger; though they both were royally equal by the grace of the unparalleled Omnipotent Lord,

Sympathy makes an organism inadvertently lick decrepit dust—whereas it should've been unflinching marching forward in the fervor of bustling youth; head held high with its compatriot organism and only bowing down before the Lord Almighty,

Sympathy makes an organism a veritably devilish parasite-forever leaning and sucking upon its good-willed befriender; though volcano's of latent energy itched to fulminate from each of its robustly handsome veins,

Sympathy makes an organism wholesomely lose its own voice—as it started to profusely relish the extravagant attention and care; preferred to fantasize about the things that it'd like to do in life; rather than honestly sweat it out and reach there,

Sympathy makes an organism overwhelmingly finicky and fastidious about the tiniest of things—again and again finding faults with the most majestically perfect of creation; as there was always a person to wholesomely commiserate with its every eccentricity and peevish demand,

Sympathy makes an organism haplessly infertile-pathetically unable to indulge into even the most sensuously bountiful pleasures of life; as inevitable habit compelled it to let others complete its job of proliferating its very own kin,

Sympathy makes an organism miserably fail again and again-as the inexplicably stabbing blackness that it'd enshrouded itself with; incorrigibly denied any beam of optimistic sunlight to triumphantly creep in,

Sympathy makes an organism look frenetically naked even when fully clothed-as it indefatigably kept begging for being fed even that morsel of food; which lay copiously sprawled right into the center of its palms,

Sympathy makes an organism an irrefutable devil on the prowl-inexhaustibly searching for that shoulder to baselessly weep; and then disgustingly sleep-float in an unfathomable ocean of tears,

Sympathy makes an organism a dreadfully unbearable burden upon the planet-as it neither wholesomely died nor lived; just kept flagrantly loitering in-between the dormitories of certainty and uncertainty,

Sympathy makes an organism hopelessly deteriorate into nothingness with every unleashing minute—as his unstoppably taking the support of others; made his very own spine rust and eventually crumble to inconspicuous dust,

Sympathy makes an organism an irrevocably maimed beggar—as he shamefully lost all his ability to sight; hear and fearlessly speak; wantonly clinging like a deplorable leech to the panic button of every second person on the street,

Sympathy makes an organism a coffin of cursed negativity-spreading the wretched stench of satanic dependency upon every step that he dared tread; and thereby maligning the true spirit of symbiotically independent life,

Sympathy makes an organism lose all priceless self respect-an attribute which was profoundly embedded in each of its veins just like an infinite other of its counterpart; right since its very first divinely breath,

Sympathy makes an organism look like an invisible ghost infront of the mirror-such an abominable jinx that was impossible to break; once it surreptitiously passed itself on upon another equally insipid organism,

Sympathy makes an organism come to such an exasperating stage—that it started to unceasingly ridicule its very ownself; as there virtually none else in this world who was as inconsolably sick and helpless as its rapidly flailing form,

Sympathy makes an organism come to an earth-screeching lifeless halt—as after a period of time every door on the Universe brutally shut up on its deliberately tear stained face; and that's when the true reality and hardship of life hit it right in the center of its eye,

And sympathy makes an organism entirely dead even in the heart of exuberantly infallible life-a lifelessly fetid carcass which was spat upon and shunted by every section of the society; even before it could try lifting its very first footstep on soil by itself


Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to profoundly admire even the most infinitesimal droplet of rain that cascaded from the sky; eventually absorbing into deep recesses of parched soil?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to notice the streaks of latent agony lingering in the afforested land; where the truant man played the most ruthlessly barbarous devil of his kind?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to untiringly appreciate the most orphaned first rays of the evanescent golden dawn; which filtered a fresh chapter of beginning through cold-bloodedly damned blackness?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to blend even the most intangibly dying ingredient of your blood; with each vivaciously exuberant stripe of the enthralling rainbow in enigmatic sky?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to feast every pore of your miserably emaciated nostrils; on the ecstatically unfettered scent of the freshly rain soaked mud?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to be an integral element of every stillness of the atmosphere; the perpetual silence enshrouding -which unveiled a countless mysteries untold of wandering man?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to conceive a boundless steps towards eternal success in your mind; before you could even alight the first physical step on veritable soil?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to be tolerant to every fraternity; caste; creed that existed in the human race; inseparably coalesce with all—to spawn into an unassailable singular mass of living kind?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to treat each anecdote of the severest failure with a smile in your stride; and yet optimistically treating each sunset as the messiah to the next Sunrise?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to talk to your very ownself; miraculously soothe your traumatically frazzled nerves with the unflinchingly fearless baritone that wafted from your throat?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to distinctly distinguish even the tiniest bird in the flapping in blue sky; just by the inimitable ebullience in its wondrous chirp?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to feel the astoundingly unparalleled goodness of creation; even amidst the most bizarrely slipping particles of hapless quick sand?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to make friendships with the most alien; sharing each estrangement of your heart like being the greatest pals of all times?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to grant a philosophical expression to even the most mundane thought of your mind; delve into the more inscrutably tantalizing version of vibrant life?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to capture even the most intricately vacillating shades of mother nature in the whites of your eye; to spurn enamoring poetry in each tear drop of untamed joy that dribbled down your cheeks?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to caress the obscurest contours of your silhouette in the ripples of the placid lake; loving each aspect of your persona so that you could thenshower the same bountifully upon countless more of your living kind?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt to read someone else's mind—intransigently concentrating upon each bead of sweat that culminated upon the terse creases of the forehead?

Wasn't it while waiting for something—that you inevitably learnt the art of love to its unabashed fullest; stretching the fathomless boundaries of your brain to beyond the definitions of monotonous convention—and into a heaven of impregnable beauty?

Ah well! Irrespective of what people say and would keep opining till the time they had voice and the earth existed-'Patience' for me is the greatest artist and brings out the greatest artist in you—Isn't it irrefutably true?


"Free". The very word perpetuated even the most hopelessly deadened persona; forever and ever and ever; with rays of magically unfettered and inimitably priceless hope,

"Free". The very word metamorphosed even the most shrewdly castrated of businessmen; forever and ever and ever; into a festoon of unabashedly
delightful smiles,

"Free". The very word triggered every human to shrug all inhibitions of caste; creed; status and religion; forever and ever and ever exist as impregnably one under the fathomless sky of the Creator Divine,

"Free". The very word annihilated iconoclastically pompous anarchy; forever and ever and ever ensured that the most unconquerable of Kings as well as the beleaguered pauper; uninhibitedly ate in the same plate,

"Free". The very word massacred even the most infidel insinuation of tension; forever and ever and ever cast an incantation of eternal happiness over every conceivable speck of the atmosphere,

"Free". The very word quelled all pugnaciously beheading war to a celestial
rest; forever and ever and ever showered a rain of miraculously ameliorating equality; on granule of mother soil,

"Free". The very word magically resonated as the ultimate crown of existence
in all ears; forever and ever and ever triumphing over the devil of insanely tyrannical commercialism,

"Free". The very word timelessly rendered happiness to the breath of every miserably impoverished being; forever and ever and ever ensured that none slept a hungry stomach; on this boundlessly bewitching earth,

"Free". The very word perennially broke all jails of despicably humiliating slavery; forever and ever and ever liberated demonically asphyxiating blackness into invincibly befriending sunlight,

"Free". The very word unfathomably inspired every fraternity of existence to be wholeheartedly creative; forever and ever and ever unwound the clockwork of robotic despair; into a Universe of undefeated freshness,

"Free". The very word brought the most unbelievably ultimate revolution in
people's attitude towards survival; forever and ever and ever making them give; instead of ruthlessly snatching the same from each other,

"Free". The very word put a veritable end to every instant of salacious gloominess; forever and ever and ever made an organism feel the closest to its rudiments of unashamedly simplistic existence,

"Free". The very word ended all painstakingly internal conflict of the mind;
body and soul; forever and ever and ever made a person realize that there was nothing more resplendent and unassailable than immortal love,

"Free". The very word uncontrollably spun webs of insuperably iridescent
fantasy in every mind alike; forever and ever and ever drifted all living kind towards the mists of tirelessly evolving heaven,

"Free". The very word added unlimited paces to every frenetically diminishing stride; forever and ever and ever fomenting living beings to don nothing else; but bond in threads of unbreakable compassion and blissfully proliferate,

"Free". The very word bountifully illuminated every delirious space on earth
with the beams of prosperity; forever and ever and ever completing the process of existence with the signature of unshakable friendship,

"Free". The very word taught every heart on this Universe to forget hate and solely love; forever and ever and ever coalesce every of its sacrosanct beat with the unparalleled silhouette of the Lord Divine,

"Free". The very word made every organism profusely delve into the realms of
sensuousness; forever and ever and ever realize that it was the ardor of faithfulness that re-christened and added new dimensions to existence,

But did you realize; that for getting and acquiring everything on this gigantic planet for "Free"; one has to first and foremost undergo the most xcruciating of pains to take birth; and then pay the price of life.


It was neither the most brutally depraving of war; which unsparingly buried countless innocent; an infinite feet beneath their sadistic graves; for no ostensible reason
or rhyme,

It was neither the most treacherously pulverizing of prejudice; the salacious desire to rise above your own peers; at the most unbearably tawdry costs of existence,

It were neither the most bizarrely abysmal chapters of poverty; which fomented several to wholesomely strangulate their necks; in fear of bearing the pangs of agonizing emaciation in every of their conceivable bone,

It was neither the most acrimonious deliriousness of the brain; which led to the most horrendously sacrilegious condemnation of living kind; with each fretfully hackneyed route leading to the hell of nothingness,

It was neither the most acerbic of deforestation; the satanically barbarous assassination of mother nature's womb; which led to the most unstoppably wretched curses of all times,

It was neither the most derogatorily demented of manipulation; the baselessly divesting drudgery with which one man; left no stones unturned in exploiting his fellow and compatriot human being,

It was neither the most vituperatively wagging tongue; which hurled a boundless abuse to its very own mother and sister; before trading them off like worthlessly
lifeless pieces of plaintive skin,

It was neither the most mortifying anecdotes of vindication; which led to cataclysmic conflicts between even the closest of siblings; with the spirit of reverence dying a torturous death,

It was neither the most sardonic ridicule on the oppressed and weaker sects of the society; the uncontrollable guffaws that enshrouded the human lip; at witnessing other organisms inferior to its sanctimonious swirl,

It was neither the most preposterously robotic rat race for survival; wherein the foundations of prosperity; were shamelessly erected upon the breathing bodies of innumerable helpless; men; women and children,

It was neither the most orphaned traces of blood; disdainfully weighed into monotonous machines; and then sold in black market according to the so called calibrations of the human race,

It was neither the most deplorable discrimination of human beings; on the basis of meaninglessly bawdy insinuations of caste; creed; color; race; frivolous status or tribe,

It was neither the most indiscriminate killing of rare wildlife; just for the mere and senseless appeasement; of that murderously anarchic celebrity's tongue,

It was neither the most perverted rapes on innocent women; by those high on rapacious wine and palatial sensuousness; using the wickedly inscrutable interiors of their mansions; for the deprivation of mankind,

It was neither the most indescribably pugnacious war for superiority; the diabolical desire to gobble alive another human; in order to perennially perch upon the absolute epitome of silver and gold,

It was neither the most egregiously uttered curses for all living kind; the insidiously ulterior motive to reduce life to a lame corpse; whilst pretentiously smiling towards the body of the flaming Sun,

It was neither the most unthinkable forms of dastardly suicide; the sinful closure of life; after which the spirit ghoulishly lingered between the amorphously lambasting land of heaven and hell,

It was neither the most blasphemously jinxed ingredients of betrayal; the demolition of the immortal heartbeats like a pack of futile cards; in order to fecklessly pursue the so called 'commercial ambitions' of life,

Infact if at all there was a thing which indeed led to all of the above; was the 'Father and Mother' of all of the above; then it was none other than an insanely modern day devil; worshipped today like crazy by one and all by the name 'Money'.


In the invidiously ghastly silence that enshrouds me; when even the most ferociously turbulent of waves; wholesomely refrained to culminate; after sighting the contours of my plaintively impoverished face,

In the pathetically hedonistic silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
voluptuously sapphire of clouds; wholesomely refrained to thunder; after sighting the appalling dullness in my eyes,

In the mercilessly maiming silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
inscrutably enlivening forests; wholesomely refrained to whisper; after sighting the haplessly crinkled veins on my feet,

In the ominously egregious silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
majestically crimson lotus; wholesomely refrained to blossom; after sighting
the horrifically jutting bones of my flailing persona,

In the diabolically stabbing silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
royally towering lion; wholesomely refrained to roar; after sighting the cringe of fetidly decaying yellow clinging to my cluster of teeth,

In the vindictively devilish silence that enshrouds me; when even the most vociferously effervescent of bees; wholesomely refrained to buzz; after sighting the tears of directionless delirium in my eyes,

In the hideously cannibalistic silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
uncontrollably spiraling fires; wholesomely refrained to crackle; after sighting the miserably defeated philosopher in my breath,

In the flagrantly disconcerting silence that enshrouds me; when even the
most aristocratically gliding eagles; wholesomely refrained to screech; after sighting the frigid barrenness of my freshly tonsured scalp,

In the truculently venomous silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
vividly astounding rainbows; wholesomely refrained to shimmer; after sighting the inanely livid dialect of my slavering tongue,

In the murderously asphyxiating silence that enshrouds me; when even the
most charismatically jet black scorpions; wholesomely refrained to sting; after sighting the innumerable knots in my deplorably battered writer's finger,

In the criminally cadaverous silence that enshrouds me; when even the most limitlessly cascading waterfalls; wholesomely refrained to gurgle; after sighting the ungainly stubble of barbarous beard; upon the sagging flesh of my cheeks,

In the disgustingly incarcerating silence that enshrouds me; when even the
most sensuously virgin dewdrops; wholesomely refrained to titillate; after sighting the perennially lingering yawn of my indolently wretched mouth,

In the cold-bloodedly demonic silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
unabashedly arousing of storms; wholesomely refrained to gush; after sighting the remnants of nothing else but maniacal gloominess; strewn all over my quavering spine,

In the insidiously lecherous silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
brilliantly optimistic of Sun; wholesomely refrained to blaze; after sighting the mist of hopelessness predominantly reigning in each of my senses,

In the carnivorously deathly silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
pristinely antiquated bells; wholesomely refrained to chime; after sighting the ghoulishly dying footprints of my sole,

In the drearily lambasting silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
undauntedly silken snakes; wholesomely refrained to hiss; after sighting the blood that had now turned a febrile blue; in my severely starved veins,

In the torturously inconsolable silence that enshrouds me; when even the most spell bindingly heavenly dawn; wholesomely refrained to sermonize; after sighting the lethally anomalous clouds of sullenness; hovering round my nape,

In the ignominiously diseased silence that enshrouds me; when even the most
fervently compassionate heart; wholesomely refrained to beat; after sighting the reverberations that the earth underwent; with each of my bohemian tread,

If there was really something at all that enlightened me; if there was really something at all that befriended me; and if there was really something at all that inspired me to the ultimate heavens of the divine; then it was none other than my; unconquerably unrestricted and unimpeachably glorious "Fantasy".


Many a time I set out in frenetic search of poignantly crimson rose; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the feathers of cursedly fetid and ignominious decay,

Many a time I set out in ardent search of pristinely reinvigorating waterfall; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; fathomless lackadaisically arid fields of vicious drought,

Many a time I set out in relentless search of impregnably sparkling truth; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; an amorphously jinxed and jilted mortuary of lies,

Many a time I set out in unstoppable search of compassionately befriending wife; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; every kind of woman who maliciously battered me to the coffins of nothingness; after stripping me of the last ounce of my wealth,

Many a time I set out in earnest search of innocuously unbiased beauty; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; a graveyard of salaciously deteriorating and ribald politics,

Many a time I set out in unending search of the wondrously unfathomable ocean; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the invidiously steaming and uncouthly devouring sands of the ominous desert,

Many a time I set out in endless search of the optimistically shimmering stars; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the cold-blooded pathways of insensitively rocky ground,

Many a time I set out in indefinite search of uncannily tingling mystery; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the monstrously robotic edifices of the heartless corporate empire,

Many a time I set out in passionate search of deservedly bountiful fame; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the limitless dungeons of infinitesimally disparaging dust,

Many a time I set out in indefatigable search of majestically unconquerable
kingdom; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the indescribably threadbare lanes of poverty,

Many a time I set out in timeless search of an eternally comforting abode; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the wisps of indistinguishably disappearing oblivion,

Many a time I set out in unlimited search of the religion of inimitably priceless humanity; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the carcass of lifelessly haunting indiscrimination and disparity,

Many a time I set out in interminable search of invincibly heavenly peace; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the disdainfully blood soaked mud of abhorrent nuclear war,

Many a time I set out in intransigent search of uninhibitedly heartfelt artistry; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the gallows of maliciously venomous commercialism,

Many a time I set out in undaunted search of ingeniously proliferating fantasy; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; the ghastly arithmetic of the currency coin; which had profusely inundated nearly every soul on this gigantic Universe,

Many a time I set out in unhindered search of enchantingly unparalleled innocence; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; a world of satanically asphyxiating drugs and drudgery,

Many a time I set out in inexhaustible search of altruistically ameliorating knowledge; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; haplessly quavering gorges of insane balderdash,

Many a time I set out in unprecedented search of honestly persevered livelihood; and eventually all I stumbled upon was; an unsurpassable conundrum of lechery; which no doubt offered quick bucks; but each with a stamp of horrendous lies,

Paradoxically to the above; when I set out an infinite times in my entire lifetime to unwaveringly search for love; not only was every conceivable vein of mine forever blessed with its Immortal paradise; but I found all of my mind; body and soul in wholesome synergy with the Divine; with each volatile breath of mine.


Nothing above it; not even an infinitesimal iota towering above its majestically untainted and gloriously unhindered swirl,

Nothing below it; not even a mercurial iota lurking beneath its fantastically pristine and sensuously enthralling identity,

Nothing antagonistic to it; not even an inconspicuous shade contradicting its bountifully emollient and triumphantly benign ramifications,

Nothing to the right of it; not even a transient degree swerving from its effulgently mellifluous and timelessly ecstatic shadow,

Nothing to the left of it; not even an ethereal millimeter away from its victoriously beautiful and interminably poignant cascade,

Nothing overlapping it; not even the most invisible whisker trying to obscure its ebulliently virile and royally unassailable luminescence,

Nothing sidelining it; not even the most obfuscated ingredient of royalty attempting to devour its altruistically brilliant and impregnably sparkling integrity,

Nothing overlooking it; not even an ephemeral molecule of indifference to its fervently undefeated and unconquerably ubiquitous caress,

Nothing victimizing it; not even an invisible ingredient of venomous commercialism trying to ensnare its uninhibitedly magical and voluptuously fecund wings,

Nothing beyond it; not even a diminutive speck of tantalizing mirage; trying to seductively lure beyond its beautifully sculptured and unbelievably enamoring contours,

Nothing surrounding it; not even an evanescent mist of mouth watering temptation encapsulating its perennially fructifying and compassionately befriending scepter,

Nothing blocking it; not even an unmentionably fugitive obstruction to its timelessly unfettered and astoundingly inimitable fragrance,

Nothing hypnotizing it; not even an obliterated spell of drudged witchcraft trying to control its insuperably magnificent and fathomlessly spotless soul,

Nothing empowering it; not even the tiniest trace of the tyrannically robotic devil trying to maliciously overwhelm its undyingly winning and divinely infallible incantation,

Nothing questioning it; not even a single moment of interrogation to its unshakably irreproachable and eternally burgeoning seed,

Nothing dictating it; not even an infidel insinuation of cold-blooded doggedness against its wondrously omnipotent and insatiably passionate heartbeats,

Nothing burying it; not even a minuscule thread of manipulation trying to brutally asphyxiate its eternally ravishing and universally blissful appeal,

Nothing discarding it; not even a transitory beacon of oblivion viciously
trying to gobble its everlastingly sacrosanct and endlessly intrepid odysseys,

As whatever I had; dreamt or ever possessed; was solely and perpetually in it; was solely and perpetually for it; was solely and perpetually about it; was infact solely and perpetually "IT" itself; and this "IT" would forever and ever and ever mean my "Poetry".


Whether you ludicrously pointed it; at the scantily clad beggars on the street; whose begging bowls were as empty as the impoverished carcasses that had formed in their stomachs,

Whether you disgustingly pointed it; at the brutally scorched river bed; from which protruded the most acrimoniously cold-blooded of stones; lamenting in the curse of an infinite impotent lifetimes,

Whether you accusingly pointed it; at those fearlessly patronizing harbingers of peace; whose views were wholesomely antagonistic to your wretchedly contemporary and robotic line of thought,

Whether you deplorably pointed it; at all those as slow as the pot-bellied tortoise; consuming a major chunk of their lives to achieve their targets; as they miserably withered in their inevitable disability,

Whether you parasitically pointed it; to your very own ailing and disabled parents; for not perpetuating every vein of yours with the best currency and wine; even as they breathed their last moment of existence,

Whether you venomously pointed it; towards the empty sky; where there lingered not even the most infinitesimal of cloud; casting solely unrelentingly harsh light and no rain,

Whether you sadistically pointed it; towards all those incessantly wailing children; orphaned since the very first cry of birth; disdainfully spending the prime years of childhood in the nonchalantly fetid dustbin,

Whether you salaciously pointed it; towards the widow's dwelling; whose every aspect of life; now plaintively resembled the most horrendously shattered forms of glass; indefatigably quavering in her white robe without her husband,

Whether you sardonically pointed it; towards the penuriously starving artist; to whom the entire planet had showed its insanely rude tongue; for interminably philosophizing and fantasizing; instead of routinely melanging with its sanctimonious fabric,

Whether you lecherously pointed it; towards the nimble footed dwarf; who went cadaverously unnoticed; even whilst walking amidst a inconspicuous horde of red ants,

Whether you bawdily pointed it; towards the unfortunate blind man; who possessed coffins of hapless emptiness instead of eyeballs; for whom life was a mortuary of asphyxiating blackness; since the very first cry of fresh birth,

Whether you lividly pointed it; towards the unkempt tree; whose branches uncontrollably wept in the sweltering summer; bereft of even the tiniest leaf of
compassionate shade,

Whether you violently pointed it; towards the childless couple; who inconsolably led a countless sleepless nights; considering themselves to be the most cursed entities on planet divine,

Whether you ignominiously pointed it; towards the unfathomable valley; which timelessly reverberated and echoed with nothing else; but satanically maiming

Whether you pervertedly pointed it; towards all those temples; mosques; monasteries and churches built on bare brick; which were home to the greatest of God's in most rustically bohemian of their forms,

Whether you meanly pointed it; towards the deaf and dumb man; who wandered like a discarded animal; amongst the indifferently galloping and wantonly commercial planet,

Whether you obnoxiously pointed it; towards the penuriously beleaguered lover; who was the laughing stock of the entire uncouth society; whose heart as well as pockets jingled with nothing else but; at times betrayal; at times love,

Whether you vindictively pointed it; towards the hour of silent midnight; whose every conceivable cranny was miserably obfuscated from every source of exultation and vivid life,

O! yes; point one finger of yours anytime; anywhere and as worthlessly accusingly as you could to anyone; anyform on this miraculously blessed planet; but do remember O! human; that the remaining three of your fingers shall always point back; questioningly and unforgivably at you.


It was infact the very sting of preposterously venomous "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest solitary "Difference"; in my otherwise overwhelmingly royal existence,

It was infact the very graveyard of acrimoniously sadistic "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest melancholic "Difference"; in my otherwise unsurpassably wealthy existence,

It was infact the very thorn of brutally infidel "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest castrated "Difference"; in my otherwise boundlessly opulent existence,

It was infact the very vacuum of deplorably imperiling "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest devastating "Difference"; in my otherwise fathomlessly abundant existence,

It was infact the very pyre of ominously extinguishing "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest cold-blooded "Difference"; in my otherwise limitlessly embellished existence,

It was infact the very jinx of hideously sacrilegious "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest hapless "Difference"; in my otherwise unceasingly star-studded existence,

It was infact the very dagger of intolerably perverted "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest tormenting "Difference"; in my otherwise ubiquitously respected existence,

It was infact the very leech of sardonically unbearable "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest penalizing "Difference"; in my otherwise inimitably flourishing existence,

It was infact the very ghost of disastrously maiming "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest dastardly "Difference"; in my otherwise perfectly blessed existence,

It was infact the very hell of truculently lambasting "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest wretched "Difference"; in my otherwise indisputably impeccable existence,

It was infact the very stink of heartlessly massacring "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest frigid "Difference"; in my otherwise unconquerably contemporary existence,

It was infact the very gutter of ruthlessly salacious "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest demented "Difference"; in my otherwise spectacularly nomadic existence,

It was infact the very dungeon of atrociously ribald "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest lethal "Difference"; in my otherwise ornamentally mollified existence,

It was infact the very blackness of sordidly impeaching "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest annihilating "Difference"; in my otherwise voluptuously unparalleled existence,

It was infact the very rags of obstreperously victimizing "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest iconoclastic "Difference"; in my otherwise immeasurably fortune 500 existence,

It was infact the very prison of diabolically incarcerating "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest desensitizing "Difference"; in my otherwise magically Midas touch existence,

It was infact the very nightmare of excruciatingly agonizing "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest crippling "Difference"; in my otherwise powerfully worshipped existence,

It was infact the very rust of inconsolably decaying "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest livid "Difference"; in my otherwise wondrously
tranquil existence,

And it was infact the very drudgery of egregiously devilish "Indifference"; which actually caused the biggest betraying "Difference"; in my otherwise unfathomably fulfilled existence


How was the air ever related to me in even the most insouciant of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that my diminutive lungs; existed as the most royally embellished throne for centuries immemorial,

How was the Sun ever related to me in even the most transient of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that not a whisker of negativity lingered; for an infinite kilometers near my stride,

How was the earth ever related to me in even the most penurious of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that I replenished my emaciated stomach with its appetizing fruits; invincibly slept on its compassionate belly,

How were the stars ever related to me in even the most obfuscated of manner; yet they perpetually ensured that I was unsurpassably inspired and led to the best direction; even in the incarcerating blackness of midnight,

How were the roses ever related to me in even the most oblivious of manner; yet they perpetually ensured that I inhaled the scent of victorious heaven; on this very monotonous brick city of earth today,

How was the ocean ever related to me in even the most evanescent of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that each element of my impoverished existence; was majestically replenished with the spirit of tangy adventure,

How was the sky ever related to me in even the most infidel of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that every ingredient of my brain could unlimitedly fantasize; merely gazing at its azure infiniteness,

How was the tree ever related to me in even the most ephemeral of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that every morbidly restless nerve of mine; found celestial reprieve in its compassionately befriending shade,

How was the grass ever related to me in even the most lackadaisical of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that every step that my foot traversed; would be amiably welcomed by a cushion of profoundly undefeated velvetiness,

How was the rain ever related to me in even the most fugitive of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that every famished pore of my divested skin; was unconquerably rejuvenated with the freshness of exotic creation,

How were the horizons ever related to me in even the most disappearing of manner; yet they perpetually ensured that I was triggered to imagine beyond the realms of the ordinary; for a countless more lives yet to come,

How were the deserts ever related to me in even the most deteriorating of manner; yet they perpetually ensured that my eyes were treated to the enigmatic vastness of the Lord's creation; the most astoundingly mouth-watering mirages of all times,

How was the rainbow ever related to me in even the most invisible of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that there palpitated innovation galore; in every beat of my feebly throbbing heart,

How was the Moon ever related to me in even the most cloistered of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that the milkiness of innocuous childhood; always zipped past through every of my estranged vein,

How was the forest ever related to me in even the most nonchalant of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that the innumerable sensitivities and forms of mother nature; inscrutably lingered in my soul,

How was the fog ever related to me in even the most evaporating of manner; yet it perpetually ensured that each of my robotically insensitized nerves; were liberated by the exultation of the wondrously enamoring mist,

How were the mountains ever related to me in even the most sequestered of manner; yet they perpetually ensured that every infirm and shivering bone of mine; was insuperably safe-guarded; against the deadliest of devil's attack,

How were the dewdrops ever related to me in even the most retractable of manner; yet they perpetually ensured that every curve of malicious depression on my face; metamorphosed into a gorge of unshakably miraculous newness,

And you; who were infact my very own blood relations; my very own brothers; sisters; father; mother; grandfather; grandmother; wife; children; uncle's and aunts; abandoned me when I needed to share my heart out with you; abandoned me when I sought comfort in your souls; abandoned me when I was a failure in my quest for success; disastrously abandoned me when I needed you the most?


So that each morsel of food that I consumed perfectly assimilated into each ingredient of my blood once again—instead of only wanting to vomit out with the fiercest tenacity the instant it entered my inconsolable intestine,

So that each passing draught of freezing wind fomented me to uninhibitedly shiver once again—instead of me facing it bare-chested like an amorphous piece of lifeless junk,

So that each holocaust of unfathomably bizarre pain evoked a tear in my eye once again—instead of just emotionlessly staring at blank bits of endless sky and languidly passing by,

So that each bit of happiness profoundly brimming in the atmosphere brought a smile to my lips once again—instead of them biting viciously and unstoppably against patches of desolate nothingness,

So that every ray of unfettered dazzling Sun illuminated the pathway of my truncated life once again- -instead of drowning me deep and more ghastily deeper into a mortuary of forlornly plaguing darkness,

So that each ounce of jubilant honey brought sweetness into the fabric of my existence once again—instead of dreadfully embittering every conceivably innocuous beat of my soul,

So that each droplet of sensuous rain cascading from the sky tantalized me once again—instead of insensitively charring me down till the very last bone of my already deadened spine,

So that each infinitesimal bit of vividly blooming life made me a poet once again—instead of perpetuating the non-existent devil in me to incongruously curse under my breath,

So that each bountiful flower spread its majestic fragrance into the inane vacuum of my life once again—instead of becoming an intolerably decrepit stench which treacherously led me to the trench of gory death,

So that each tingling adventure impregnated that beautiful enthrallment into my survival once again—instead of dulling me into the most sadistically jinxed graveyards of monotonousness,

So that every vivacious rainbow in the sky ecstatically differentiated the boundless colors of my life once again—instead of maiming me for forever and ever and ever into a coffin of estranged blackness,

So that every exhilarating space around me granted me that spirit of untamed freedom once again—instead of barbarously suffocating me to the gallows of indescribably sinister death,

So that each element of desire aroused me to the most unprecedented hilt once again—instead of uncouthly silencing the last cry of my joyousness to stonily devastating hell,

So that every globule of aristocratic dew punctuated each nerve of mine with unparalleled fantasy once again—instead of becoming an unsurpassable ocean of blood for me to lividly float on,

So that each anecdote of true friendship made me immortally realize the beauty of life once again—instead of becoming the unbearably black stamp of hedonistic betrayal which stabbed left; right and dead center,

So that invincibly united strength taught me the ultimate chapters of humanity once again- -instead of venomously chopping the entire planet into spurious differentiations of caste; creed; color and tribe,

So that every tangible trace of life which sprouted on the Universe made me believe in God once again—instead of maniacally driving towards the dungeons of insanely plundering devil,

So that every day for me became a 'valentines day'; wherein I ndefatigably breathed the essence of peace; love and friendship in one & all—instead of strangulating every pore of my body to horrific death this very cursed instant,

You would definitely have to come back to me 'Tobby' darling—for I knew no more life and love beyond you—you'd always be the ultimate hero of my eyes after God—and now alone without you; I can think of nothing else but death; death and wholesomely silencing death.


Was he an angel who'd descended right from the center of the sky; to bless each ingredient of my space with unparalleled happiness—grant me the unfailing tenacity to reach closer to the most impossible of my dreams?

Was he an invincibly pristine cloud—which incessantly showered the golden rain of prosperity upon my bereaved countenance; saw to it that I came out effulgently alive- everytime I entered my corpse entirely dead?

Was he the ultimate prince of my miserably asphyxiated destiny—who metamorphosed every maelstrom of flagrant luck that dared come my way; into a fountain of perennial happiness?

Was he every mischievously uninhibited wrinkle in my otherwise livid kin—which profoundly inspired every tangible and intangible entity that I encountered on the streets—and fomented them to majestically think?

Was he the answer to every flummoxing enigma of my dreaded existence—the most perfect sound of 'yes' which unequivocally dissipated from each of my entangled heartbeat?

Was he the pricelessly ultimate valentine of my life—taking me a fathomless kilometers away from every brutally estranged reality; innocuously dancing with me all the time in God's invincible paradise?

Was he the unsurpassable confidence that empowered even the tiniest of my veins—as the battlefield of life grew more and more cannibalistic and I was subjected to the goriest devils of sadistic blood?

Was he every different word of unbridled innocence that my mouth uttered— solely epitomizing only the essence of truth in a world - otherwise deplorably swamped by a pack of manipulative wolves?

Was he the very best and untainted form of God's creation in my palms—uninhibitedly swaying from one corner to the other—and granting the most meaningful impetus to me in my impoverished life?

Was he the most unprejudiced moisture of my disdainfully shrunken eyes—genuinely leading me to the corridors of eternally magical freedom; reflecting my undying compassion for ever fraternity of living kind?

Was he the innermost voice of my inconspicuously buried soul—which earnestly strived for uniting the farthest ends of this boundless planet; into the insuperably miraculous religion of mankind?

Was he the embers of unflinching passion innately smoldering in my bruised bones—fervently clapping everytime I advanced towards any path of goodness; after crumbling into morbid soil?

Was he the impregnable fortress that fearlessly towered around each trembling part of me - safeguarding even the most infinitesimal aspect of my existence to the hilt — whilst I snored to the tunes of my very own whimsical dreams?

Was he the most faithful friend; philosopher and guide that I harbored—who stuck more unassailably to me than my very own shadow—even as I eccentrically marched the walk of ghastly death?

Was he my ultimate definition of a perfect living being—unfathomably mischievous and adventurous—yet one of the most immaculately princely pearl of God's earthly rhyme?

Was he every heartfelt tear that effusively cascaded down my eyes — as every different human chose to befriend the commercially sleazy devil from the atmosphere — rather than blend with the beats of immortal love divine?

Was he each of my ancestor and sibling at the most crucially critical of my times—lending his poignant ears to even the inconsolable of my cries—when the rest of the 'blood related' word round me had died?

Was he an inimitable magician that suddenly appeared out of nowhere in my beleaguered life—ensuring the most charismatically magnetic smile on my lips till the very end of my time?

Was he each of my heartbeat which never betrayed—considering itself the richest on this earth alive—as it loved and acquired love of one and all on this gigantic planet alike?

Was he my most infallibly perfect impression on mundane soil—as I chose to tread the path never ever taken before—upon which failure was the most certainly biggest writing on the walls?

Ah well, for others he might as well been merely a dog named ' Tobby ' who had taken birth in the same form, at the same instant that he was dead - but for me he was; is and shall remain as my darling ' Everybody ' till I breathe my very last and till beyond a destined more of my nicely varied lifetimes.


Irrespective of whether they were extraordinarily happy; or whether they inconsolably fretted in the aisles of utter desperation—with the gruesome blackness of extinction ominously maiming each of their senses,

Irrespective of whether they were perennially successful; or whether they miserably floundered a countless times even before alighting a single foot—unnecessarily losing it- in their bouts of whimsical fidgetiness,

Irrespective of whether they were unsurpassably rich; or whether they profusely slavered at the most diminutive morsel of food—brutally emaciating since a record number of days and treacherously freezing nights,

Irrespective of whether they were in unconquerable space; or whether they were left to uncouthly stagnate on the fecklessly sordid streets and hackneyed gutter bins of the country's largest slum,

Irrespective of whether they sang a boundless tunes in the praise of the Lord; or whether they sadistically licked up every pint of spit emitted by the vindictively trouncing devil,

Irrespective of whether they bustled as perfectly symbiotic busy-bodies; or whether they aimlessly loitered through the lanes of slandering oblivion—which'd nothing but hoarse regret to offer as a pathetic end-product,

Irrespective of whether they were unassailable magicians; or whether all what they dared touch; sullenly metamorphosed into frigidly incoherent bits of lame dust,

Irrespective of whether they were invincible perfectionists; or whether they perpetually adhered to the famous axiom 'To Err is Human' and immortalized the same with their relentless failures,

Irrespective of whether they were triumphantly persevering; or whether they lazed and endlessly lazed even under the most acrimoniously scorching sun; just because their bones creaked a trifle whilst getting up,

Irrespective of whether they were brilliantly optimistic; or whether they lugubriously crumbled every instant reminiscing the mortuaries of the dreadfully asleep past,

Irrespective of whether they were unflinching patriots; or whether they darted at the speed of lightening for cover; at the tiniest insinuation of the most imperceptible danger,

Irrespective of whether they were blessedly fantasizing; or whether they lecherously circumscribed their entire lives within the constraints of the monotonously clerical corporate office,

Irrespective of whether they were unconquerably truthful; or whether they were brutally trapped in satanically parasitic web of lies—resorting to it inevitably to find that ultimate escape route in today's manipulative world,

Irrespective of whether they existed on the freezing north pole; or whether they compassionately warmed each ingredient of their blood under majestic rays of the Sun; extreme south,

Irrespective of whether they conversed in articulate English; or whether they uninhibitedly recharged the atmosphere with every vibrancy of indigenous language that was spoken under the Sun,

Irrespective of whether they were the perfectly synchronized gentlemen; or whether they resided in rustically mud baked huts—bursting at the seams to accommodate an innumerable more of their kind,

Irrespective of whether they were Christ fearing Christians; or whether they were an equally Bhagwan/Allah/Buddha fearing 'Hindus'/ 'Muslims'/ 'Buddhists' and every other sacred tribe on earth divine,

Irrespective of whether they wholeheartedly celebrated wondrous X-Mas; or whether they zealously indulged in the lights and colors of; 'Holi', 'Diwali', 'Muharram', 'Id' and countless other sacred festivals of the likes,

O! Yes—Irrespective of anything and everything-On the 31st of December every year—all of them joined hands in one insuperable mass together; embraced each other without the tiniest of discrimination -to welcome the newest dawn of all times—the dawn of a joyously happy new year—the first Sunrise of a magical 1st January.


I felt as if every ounce of hysterical sorrow on this Universe had suddenly metamorphosed into the perennially glorious waterfalls of compassion; dissipating their goodness upon each bedraggled pore of my existence,

I felt as if the most horrendously parasitic of leech had suddenly started to donate an infinite granaries of blood to all those in need; abruptly shrugging the parasitic tag from each conceivable cranny of their demeanor,

I felt as if a boundless clouds of newness had suddenly formed an invincible entrenchment around every iota of earth; blessing its haplessly parched and commercially adulterated surface with a zillion droplets of creation,

I felt as if each inanely stagnating hair on my decrepit flesh suddenly rose towards the ultimate summits of undefeated paradise; and forever found its zealously real mission in life,

I felt as if each iota of contentment on this fathomless Universe was suddenly lined up on the contours of my miserably chapped lips; making me look forward to no greed or malice any further,

I felt as if a brilliantly streaming morning was suddenly rising out of treacherously maiming blackness; triumphantly maneuvering every devastated footstep of mine towards the path of symbiotic oneness,

I felt as if even the most frigidly orphaned of stones had suddenly become the supreme peaks of unassailable Everest; inviting one and all alike on this enthralling planet in the spirit of tantalizing adventure,

I felt as if even the most fetidly lamenting droplet of my sweat had suddenly become the most unparalleled cistern of happiness; profusely drenching each scorched arena of my existence with cloudbursts of ecstasy,

I felt as if each vein in my inconsolably cringing blood had suddenly commenced to generate a countless electric currents of goodness all throughout my soul; absolving me of even the most inadvertently committed of my sin,

I felt as if the whole manipulatively blood-sucking world had suddenly become my platform for impregnable success; to discover; to evolve; to admire; and to forever embrace with the blessings of the Almighty Lord,

I felt as if every worthlessly aimless step that I listlessly took- had suddenly some priceless purpose in god's infinite chapter of blissful creation; to immortally unite all in the fabric of insuperable oneness,

I felt as if every disdainfully creaking bone of mine had suddenly sprung like an untamed tiger; to inexhaustibly massacre even the most intangible trace of devil from this endless earth,

I felt as if every spell-bindingly panoramic fantasy on this globe had suddenly come into the whites of my eyes; royally perpetuating me to perceive beyond the extraordinary—each unveiling instant of princely life,

I felt as if every patch of languidly barren earth had suddenly become the ultimate heaven; the ultimate paradise; right infront of my eyes and without laboring a step further on planet divine,

I felt as if I could suddenly survive on limitless whiffs of air around me; abjuring every worldly pleasure in vicinity till my very last breath; with the Omnipotent light of the Sun and Moon my sole saviors,

I felt as if even the most mundanely committed actions around me—had suddenly become miraculously ameliorating poems of the most unprecedented degree; and my sole panacea for success,

I felt as if the brutally entangled labyrinths of my brain- had suddenly unleashed into an unsurpassable sky of freedom; where the only rule that existed was that there were not the tiniest of 'rules',

I felt as if each of my salaciously betrayed heartbeat-had suddenly been embodied with the imprints of immortal friendship; which made me rise from my veritable corpse- to lead an infinite majestically new lives once again,

Everytime; O! Yes undoubtedly everytime; after I made; embraced and rose in
the spirit of love.


Be it belonging to the infinitesimally irate ant; who traversed an infinite steps in its journey from the bottom of the majestic dinner table; to its tantalizingly steaming top,

Be it belonging to the stoically invincible Everest; which stood with its head high as the lone unflinchingly exuberant warrior; even as the entire planet beside was dissolving into the mortuaries of hopelessness,

Be it belonging to the measly disheveled mushroom; frenetically staggering with each draught of fresh air; trying to solidly emboss its very own place in the languid bits of mud circumscribing it,

Be it belonging to the wondrously tangy wave; dissipating into an unparalleled festoon of royal froth; triggering an inevitable smile on every bygone face, after clashing against the seductive black rocks,

Be it belonging to the voluptuously crimson thundercloud; which craved and craved and unstoppably craved for its time; to melt into a boundless droplets of everlastingly mollifying rain,

Be it belonging to the incongruously bohemian barking dog; who uncontrollably growled nineteen to the dozen even in ghastly midnight; until its voice was eventually heard by its callous master,

Be it belonging to the perennially flowering tree; which blossomed into umpteenth a dazzling leaf every now and again; and whose each minuscule root had entrapped in it; the hidden enigmas of a time before time was pragmatically born,

Be it belonging to the diminutively impoverished cubicle of stray ice; trembling an infinite times every unfurling instant; in anticipation of its worst enemy the 'Sun' blazing out; and forever pulverizing the chapter of its existence beyond its livid grave,

Be it belonging to the indiscriminately behemoth dinosaur; for whom everything else on earth was a maudlin buffoonery of time; as it toyed with all creation in the center of its palm; till its last breath destined,

Be it belonging to the insignificantly tiny shell lying astray on the skewed shores; fighting left; right and center for its very existence; even as each gigantic wave inexorably tried to drown to the rock bottom of the sea,

Be it belonging to the vivaciously dancing peacock; which spread its romantic plumage full throttle in anticipation of its dream mate; with the very first showers of ravishingly golden rain,

Be it belonging to the obnoxiously fetid cockroach; spending an infinite of its lives fretfully meandering round the disdainful lavatory seat; an indescribable miles far away from the freshness of rising Sunlight,

Be it belonging to the raunchily descending bat; searching for every conceivable prey of its blindfolded; since its very first cry of morosely blackened and topsy-turvy hackneyed life,

Be it belonging to most impoverished ingredient of the atmosphere; swept to its non-existent grave every second by the slightest puff of wind; and then found floating again in some indecipherable part of the fathomless Universe,

Be it belonging to the very last brick in the boundlessly deep foundation; which timelessly winced in unheard pain; an intransigently agonizing scream which fell on deaf ears and with only the darkness around it as its lone companion,

Be it belonging to the pinch of vapid dust; which either got ruthlessly swept; heartlessly trampled; ludicrously blown; condemningly spat upon; by every cold-blooded stroke of unsparing destiny,

Be it belonging to the velvety blade of emerald grass; which perennially romanced in the aisles of untamed desire; with each droplet of mesmerizing golden dew,

Be it belonging to the evanescent entrenchment of the parsimonious horizons; which try as hard as they could; but were never successful in salvaging their own identity; amidst the day; afternoon and wild night,

Be it belonging to the incongruously babbling eunuch; stretching to every threshold of raucously unimaginable obscenity; in order to evict those quintessential bundles of currency from the spurious society outside,

O! Yes, be it belonging to conceivably anyone on this tirelessly ingratiating earth; every palpitating heart has; is; and shall forever remain an unconquerably 'Deep Ocean of secrets'.


Some relentlessly wiped the dust of it; just in order to relieve the unsurpassable restlessness that irksomely leaked from each pore of their; frenetically trembling fingers,

Some unceasingly wiped the dust of it; just in order to give each day of theirs a meaningfully pragmatic start; judiciously adhering to every conceivable thumb rule of cleanliness embossed in the scientific textbooks,

Some thoroughly wiped the dust of it; just in order to grant their otherwise haplessly beleaguered demeanors; that supreme hilt of sparkling achievement,

Some intransigently wiped the dust of it; just in order to be that very first infallible pioneering leaf; in the whole new chapter of bountifully civilized cleanliness,

Some fanatically wiped the dust of it; just in order to sight even the most infinitesimal curve of their facial contours; in its now wholesomely brand-new transparently scintillating glass,

Some painstakingly wiped the dust of it; just in order to keep even the faintest shadows of their existence pollution free; inhale an air more purer than what could be found in rhapsodically majestic paradise,

Some maniacally wiped the dust of it; just in order to wonderfully mollify their everyday habitual rages of exonerating every speck of grime; to beyond the realms of nothingness,

Some listlessly wiped the dust of it; just in order to expend their latently thwarted energies into something alien; whilst profoundly concentrating upon the cherished targets of their lives,

Some inexhaustibly wiped the dust of it; just in order to grant it the highest honor of their otherwise impoverished lives; seeking refuge in its invincibly peaceful contours—when the rapacious balderdash of the planet became too devilish to bear,

Some iteratively wiped the dust of it; just in order to tickle the otherwise robotically estranged hair of their nostrils; with the unabashedly merry-making particles that bellowed in a jiffy inside,

Some snobbishly wiped the dust of it; just in order to grant themselves a feeling of fecklessly frigid superiority; that its destiny of whether to be clean or not; entirely depended upon the swish of their nonchalant thumbs,

Some laboriously wiped the dust of it; just in order to holistically rejuvenate blood in their otherwise haplessly paralyzed fingers; which had gotten so ruthlessly numb in the freezing winter morning,

Some irately wiped the dust of it; just in order to get rid of their inexplicably unwonted irritation; as they disgustingly snapped at every conceivable thing in vicinity since the first crack of dawn,

Some unstoppably wiped the dust of it; just in order to ease those endlessly painstakingly hours that lay inevitably in store; and that had to be conquered to taste the fruits of blissful success,

Some lackadaisically wiped the dust of it; just in order to merely caress their bewitchingly dreaming fingers; with a tiny ocean of glimmering pristine silk,

Some devoutly wiped the dust of it; just in order to regroup the miserably hackneyed lines of their shattered destiny; in its myriad labyrinths of mystical sacredness,

Some despairingly wiped the dust of it; just in order to frantically search for those stolen moments of happiness; which could be slyly lurking in the recesses of infinite oblivion behind,

Some dedicatedly wiped the dust of it; just in order to timelessly worship the image behind; from which eternally radiated every single pulse; every single color of their impoverished lives,

Whilst I never ever cleaned it; neither did I ever see the frame in which it was kept; yet immortally felt the photo of my God in its most royally unassailable form; everytime my heart palpitated for existence; everytime my heart throbbed for symbiotic life.


There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst traversing through the forests; and the uncouthly ferocious lion snapping each bone of their apart into a countless disparaging fragments,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst voyaging through the ocean; haplessly drowning to the rock-bottom; and being sporadically pulverized by the hedonistic jaws of the shark,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst seated in the luminous aircraft; with the air-conditioned bewitchment eventually crashing and exploding like frigid pieces of nothingness against the cold-blooded rocks,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst at war with abhorrent neighboring land; being ruthlessly beheaded if caught; or otherwise being blown up like nonchalant ash-at the vindictive strike of the missile,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst cremating their near and dear ones; with the inconsolably despairing hopelessness of the situation; metamorphosing them into a living carcass for the remainder of their lives,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst inevitably impersonating invidious shades of lies to survive; with this most dreaded sin of existence forever dissolving them into their invisible corpse,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst toiling towards their dreams of becoming the richest man; with the last ounce of power in their bones eventually succumbing to the most unthinkably murderous rat-raced exhaustion,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst fast asleep past ghoulish midnight; with the most dreadfully maiming nightmares of all times snapping the last fangs of their inimitable breath,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst clambering towards the ultimate peak of Everest; ruthlessly devoured by the unstoppable onslaught of the avalanche and the heartlessly freezing wind,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst giving miraculous birth to more of their own; with the excruciating pains of labor silencing the tiniest cry to palpitate in their souls,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst undergoing the wrath of morbid betrayal; with their breaths naturally ending before—they could dare view their beloved being passionately embraced and caressed in alien arms,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst speeding on the express highways; when clashing metal to brutal metal would foment such an acrimonious ball of fire—as never witnessed in history before,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst stepping out to earn their own bread; with the treacherously parasitic attitude of people around—extricating the very last droplet of their innocuous blood,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst the earthquake suddenly struck; being cold-bloodedly sucked into the horrendously fulminating belly of the earth—where there graves lay already dug,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst strapped to the exuberant parachute; with the ferociously plundering storm rendering them wailing and wingless—in their uncontrolled descent towards murderous stony ground,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst facing the relentlessly inhuman torture by the police; as they mustered up all their non-existent courage to divulge the devil hidden in their dastardly souls,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst anticipating their final examination results; with the feeblest contingency of a failure and the flagrant exoneration by the society thereafter; cruelly asphyxiating each of their heartbeat in their chests,

There were an infinite who thought that they might perhaps die; whilst attempting to change the course of their otherwise satanic destiny; with the irrefutably pre-destined sinking them deeper and deeper into their graves-the harder they tried to redefine and revolutionize time,

And then I met him; uncontrollably trembling and slavering in the mortuaries of uncertainty—he who definitely knew that he'd die; as he'd shared just a few idiosyncratically weak moments of his with his spouse; a few moments which he wanted to entirely erase from the chapter of his impoverished life-but she on the other hand was waiting like a famished tigress to repeat the same to him at the tiniest human error he committed; and without the slightest of reason or rhyme.


Its like the highest summit of the Himalayas suddenly feeling disastrously pale and defeated; even infront of the most infinitesimally lackluster of squandering ants,

Its like those unlimited swarm of bumble bees suddenly feeling extremely bitter and remorseful; even in the heart of their hives—profusely inundated with nothing else but celestial honey,

Its like the flamboyantly brilliant Sun suddenly feeling as if pathetically squatting in limp darkness; even in the midst of the most tempestuously sweltering afternoon,

Its like the most towering of dinosaur suddenly feeling unable to gobble a minuscule leaf; even as several thousand of its teeth uncontrollably minced and roared to devour endless civilizations; just for morning breakfast,

Its like an infinite avalanches of the most frozen ice suddenly feeling like melting into nothingness; even as the chilliest winds of unsparing winter made mercury dip to several hundred degrees below trusted zero,

Its like the most robustly rollicking of body suddenly feeling like starving to an inconsolable death; even when sumptuously fed every hour with the best fruits and ingredients of nature divine,

Its like the most holistically inimitable brain suddenly feeling like heading towards inexplicable dementia; even when effortlessly solving the most pragmatic problems of mathematics at unbelievable speeds,

Its like the most amazingly fecund patches of timelessly proliferating earth suddenly feeling infertile; even infront of the disgracefully impotent wails of the vindictive eunuch,

Its like the stringently unstoppable needles of the clock suddenly feeling like stagnating in the mortuaries of solitariness; even as time inexhaustibly ticked forward to unveil into a revolutionary new tomorrow,

Its like the most gorgeously burgeoning of rose suddenly feeling asphyxiated from all quarters with worthless stink; even when people from all quarters of the globe were inevitably drawn solely to its invincible scent,

Its like the eternally rising sea wave suddenly feeling like the most listlessly pulverized weed; even infront of the fetid pile of slush incongruously blabbering near the lifeless gutter,

Its like the exuberantly twinkling star suddenly feeling that blackness was the sole ruler of the sadistic night; even though it filtered the most optimistic path of hope to survive in the darkness; savagely menacing around,

Its like the very first showers of ecstatically torrential rain suddenly feeling lividly desolate; even infront of the most worthlessly cringing and miserably abandoned desert sands,

Its like ebullient blood gushing through the veins suddenly feeling as if it belonged to someplace else; even as it indefatigably pumped the heart with unconquerable exhilaration,

Its like the majestic spider perched in the center of its web suddenly feeling decimated by a boundless feet on ground; even though the strands of silk absorbed it more compassionately and profound; into its own perseveringly crafted castle,

Its like the most wondrously efficacious panacea on this planet suddenly feeling that it was abhorrent venom; even though it marvelously and untiringly continued on its miraculous healing spree,

Its like the strongest foundation on soil suddenly feeling it'd worthlessly buried a countless feet under dead soil; even though it hadn't moved a whisker; in the most treacherously vengeful earthquake of the decade,

Its like the most immortal of heartbeat suddenly feeling blasphemously betrayed; even though the sky of perpetual love continued to harness and replenish the most inconspicuous of its desires,

And I can assure you, it was indeed much worse than all of the above; a feeling too unthinkably cursed to describe to even the goriest of devils out there; when though I had the entire wealth of the world—but unfortunately wasn't writing poetry.


There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the diminutively flickering flame of the obfuscated candle; which intermittently sprang up rays of jubilant hope in the ghastliest of blackness,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on those rare and Spartan globules of water; haplessly trapped amidst the sweltering granules of the desert soil,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the sporadically appearing rainbows in the hazily lit expanse of sky; which cast a spell of uncanny enchantment upon every organism alive,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the enigmatically tantalizing mirages; which inexhaustibly kept the spirit of existence and aspirations alive,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the invisible droplets of blood of their sacred ancestors; which were the most altruistic rays of optimism amidst the profusely blood stained battlefield,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the precariously thin line which ran between insuperable truth and flagrant lies; which gave them the option of relishing both aspects of mundane life,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the fragrance of the seasonal lotus; which suddenly sprouted out of nowhere in the middle of livid slush; and yet miraculously enlightened every frazzled eyeball alive,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the very first droplet of rain which cascaded from sensuously cloudy sky; inexplicably tracing a countless of their past existence in its pristine glimmer,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the ladders of distant friendship; which though being continents and generations apart; always kept them hopeful of hearing a compassionately cheerful voice from the other end,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on that befuddling magicians wand; which appeared only at its own will; but when it did-it perpetuated in them a brand new fervor to exuberantly exist,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the haphazardly incongruous lines of their palms; which incessantly whetted their appetite for the very best to yet arrive in their severely devastated lives,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the parsimonious trickle of fantasies that time and again tickled their brain; making them experience undisguised utopia—right here on planet earth itself,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the blissfully tranquilizing shadows of serenity; which majestically calmed their nomadically beleaguered soles with the true panacea of life,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the oars of untamed adventure; which at times unflinchingly stood; yet at times pathetically drowned to the rock bottom of worthless clay-as the storm viciously struck out of nowhere,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the cry of every divinely new-born infant; which reached them more invincibly closer and closer to their respective gods and beliefs,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the fabric of unconquerable simplicity; which made them naturally relinquish each sinful desire and be a true comrade to their infinite other mates in unimaginable pain,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the gorge of unprecedented risks; which perennially ignited the spark of their existence; till an infinite boundaries beyond their cognizance,

There were some who spent their entire lives; leaning solely on their immortal beloved; who became their Omnipotent guiding light in every state of their exultation and limitless duress,

Whilst I spent my entire life; leaning solely on the beats of my brutally betrayed and broken heart; which although perfidiously shattered; still made me breathe like a perfectly symbiotic human—before I ultimately forced my way into my
veritable grave


Just Where were you when I was inconsolably fretting in exasperation; with virtually no other shoulder in the world to lean upon; to share he innermost secrets of my brutally agonized heart?

Just Where were you when I sat in solitary listlessness—for hours immemorial on the dining table; not wanting to savor even the most infinitesimal morsel of food- without compassionately befriending company aside?

Just Where were you when I unrelentingly tossed and turned all cold-bloodedly sultry night; fervently waiting for those ears into which I could whisper my innumerably inexplicable happenings of the day?

Just Where were you when I sat in stony silence after composing a boundless lines of majestic poetry; ardently wanting nothing else in this world; but you as my audience to hear and engross in the spirit of each word that I'd evolved?

Just Where were you when I jumped in unabashed exhilaration at achieving my very first triumph in this vast world; wanting to rejoice in its glory for moments unprecedented in the passionately sensuous warmth of your arms?

Just Where were you when I inexhaustibly wept tears of emptiness; when the knives of loneliness stabbed me deeper and deeper; to make me a living carcass more ghoulish than its veritably dead counterpart?

Just Where were you when I sat in morose submission—rejected by the entire world; but still with untamed fires burning alive in my eyes; as I timelessly awaited you to ask me as to how I felt-as to what had I recently undergone?

Just Where were you when I was irrevocably trapped in the hell of lecherous mayhem; refusing every ounce of benign help that came my way; untiringly desirous of only your unparalleled countenance coming to my rescue?

Just Where were you when I needed that pricelessly inevitable pat on my back; after endeavoring for a countless hours on the trot to spawn sheer and insatiably rhapsodic newness; out of a graveyard of nothingness?

Just Where were you when I sought those minuscule bits of admiration for every honorary accomplishment of mine; inspiring me all the more and indefatigably on the path towards altruistic righteousness?

Just Where were you when I needed to quell the unsurpassably raging fires of my flesh; with the magically silken caress of your skin; forever become one in the fragrance of your bountiful existence?

Just Where were you when I'd desperately cuddled to a bundle of frazzled fright; when all I perennially waited for was your rejuvenating voice; to sweep me of my beleaguered feet and into the land of invincible utopia?

Just Where were you when I endlessly kept listening to the rapid ticking of the grandfather clock; waiting for the doors to open with a bang upon your blessed arrival; and the sound of your mesmerizing footsteps overwhelming everything else in vicinity?

Just Where were you when I audaciously chose the road never ever tread upon; and then having done so I needed your friendship and inspiration all the more; to survive amidst a pack of savage wolves and emerge effulgently victorious?

Just Where were you when I'd shunned and shunted everything else in the world for you; walked out of my parent's palace at strokes well past midnight—to meet you at the footsteps of the mosque; from where we'd planned to silently elope?

Just Where were you when I was starving to an unforgivably gruesome death just outside your doorstep; waiting for your eyes to atleast recognize me-if not make love; as an organism whom you once upon a time profoundly and dearly loved?

Just Where were you when I was fighting an infinite devils singlehandedly; when I so badly wanted your voice from behind to encourage and pep me up each unleashing minute; and not at all the muteness of the atmosphere as my lone savior?

Just Where were you when I was just about to leave for my heavenly abode; relinquishing my physical form forever at the commands of the Lord; indisputably wanting to utter just once in your ears; as to how much I missed you?

And now when I'd only started to plan as to how to legally give you divorce; separate you from each aspect of my life; you suddenly seemed everywhere-as if landed from the land of nowhere; spuriously smiling and comforting me to save our goddamned marriage; only so that not just half-but every part of my hard earned richness always remained the complete gloss of your artificial lips? .


Just when we'd completed the most immortally blessing kiss of all times; with our insatiably crimson lips; now profusely oozing cloudbursts of unparalleled passion,

Just when we'd completed the most sensuously tantalizing chase of all times; with our enigmatically aroused skin pores now desiring nothing else but the untamed smooch of our lips,

Just when we'd completed the most thunderously igniting caress of all times; with our arms now wanting to altruistically relinquish everything worldly around; to forever unite in the spirit of invincible oneness,

Just when we'd completed the most mellifluously romantic songs of all times; with our throats now voicing the innermost tunes of our enamoring soul; without moving even an infinitesimal fraction,

Just when we'd completed the most heart-to-heart discussions of all times; with our forms now desiring nothing else but celestial rest; for an infinite more destined lifetimes,

Just when we'd completed the most symbiotically shared meals of all times; with our bloodstreams now eternally united in the strings of miraculously ameliorating humanity,

Just when we'd completed the most boundlessly bewitching fantasizing of all times; with our brains now fully comprehending each other in every tangible and intangibly cognizable shape; situation; color and form,

Just when we'd completed the most ravishingly unbridled explorations of all times; with our fingers now wanting to solely intertwine in the best of friendship on this earth—that eventually led to the gates of ultimate paradise,

Just when we'd completed the most euphorically mollifying victories of all times; with our spirits now yearning to only see- the devil being unsparingly torched to the last bone of its fecklessly frigid spine,

Just when we'd completed the most spell-bindingly fiery dance of all times; with our muscles and bones now only fervently yearning—to wholesomely surrender to every stroke of destiny and unleashing time,

Just when we'd completed the most wholeheartedly untamed guffaw of all times; with our jaws now wanting to do nothing else; but contentedly sleep for a thousand more centuries to unveil,

Just when we'd completed the most voluptuously exotic suckling of all times; with our tongues now finding heavenly sweetness; in even the most bitter venom that dared cascade on them,

Just when we'd completed the most brilliantly sensitive poetic verses of all times; with our palms now feeling as if uninhibitedly swaying in rhapsodic utopia; right here on the trajectory of mundanely commercial earth,

Just when we'd completed the most unbelievably philanthropic charities of all times; with our souls now feeling washed and wholesomely eradicated; of a countless derogatory sins of a countless treacherous past lives,

Just when we'd completed the most stupendously intricate nibbling of all times; with our teeth now happily and unabashedly chattering a nineteen to the dozen; for the rest of our lives,

Just when we'd completed the most unflinchingly beautiful marriage rituals of all times; with our nerves now blissfully bonded into one unassailable mass; with the blessings of the Omnipotent Almighty Lord,

Just when we'd completed the most unsurpassable admiration of all times; with our speech now liberating and insuperably uniting with the Omniscient aura of the lord—as we continued to sing an infinite hymns of praise for all his infinite creation,

Just when we'd completed the most poignantly unmatched mating of all times; with our bodies now unstoppably laughing; at even the most ghastliest prospect of going down the grave,

Continents apart. You got up with a jerk from your divinely sleep in the arms of your husband. And I got up with a bolt of lightening even greater- viciously crumpled under the bohemian feet of my wife. And how we wished and wished and wished; that this impossible dream of ours atleast got completed after our deaths; and in our succeeding lives.


Whether it be as inconspicuous as an invisibly dissolute ant; or whether it be as towering as the highest apogee of the invincibly towering mountain; upon which fell the very first rays of the brilliant Sun,

Whether it be as overpoweringly black as the color of unearthly midnight; or whether it be blazing towards an infinite new civilizations of tomorrow—like the profusely ameliorating beams of empowering dawn,

Whether it be as evanescent as the parsimoniously deteriorating horizons; or whether it be as veritably fathomless as the gigantically swirling oceans and the endless chain of black rocks,

Whether it be as infantile as the nimble squeak of the freshly born baby rat; or whether it be as impregnably majestic as the inimitably unparalleled roar of the unflinching lion,

Whether it be as frivolous as the sporadically changing winds; or whether it be as undefeatedly passionate as the shades of insuperably humanitarian and united blood,

Whether it be as light veined as the inane balderdash of the limpid clown; or whether it be as redolently immortalizing as a boundless lines of ecstatically bountiful poetry,

Whether it be as acrimoniously arid as the blistering sands; or whether it be as torrentially sumptuous and everlastingly life-yielding as the unabashedly tumbling droplets of golden rain,

Whether it be as nonchalant as the ephemerally livid whisper; or whether it be as royally unassailable as the indefatigably euphoric and vociferous lightening of the crimson sky,

Whether it be as ludicrously feeble as the abnormally rickety pack of cards; or whether it be as insuperably fortified as the magical Universe whose foundations rested on eternally unified love,

Whether it be as excruciatingly tantalizing as the betraying mirage; or whether it be as inevitably definite as the perennially nurturing complexion of the soil; which was a princely dark brown,

Whether it be as nervously tottering like the abysmally old man stumbling towards his grave; or whether it be perpetually bouncing in the victorious vigor and ardor of wondrously youthful life,

Whether it be as dismally oblivious as the full cry of the non-existent mosquito; or whether it be full; eternal and ravishingly triumphant as the entire Universe of philanthropic justice,

Whether it be as disdainfully terrestrial as the transient blade of pulverized green grass; or whether it uninhibitedly flapped its wings like a surreally adorned queen through fathomless bits of azure sky,

Whether it be as cunningly slippery as the bewilderingly groping eel; or whether it be as infallibly faithful as the girl of your every dream; who fearlessly stood abreast you to rejoice and smilingly accept the ghastliest of death,

Whether it be as uncannily eccentric as the croaking witch's anointed broomstick; or whether it be as enthrallingly pragmatic as the unnervingly ticking -centuries old town clock,

Whether it be as deplorably jinxed as the fetidly disgruntled graveyard; or whether it be as miraculously blessed as every synergistically palpitating creation of the Omnipotent Almighty Lord,

Whether it be as treacherously cheating like the feckless shadow which came and disappeared with each shade of the light; or whether it be as timelessly befriending as the breath in the lungs; which only left you after your veritable death,

Whether it be as pathetically ungraspable as the stream of widowed water; or whether it be like all those people around you who unstoppably embraced you for solely what you were and what you were destined to be,

And I really don't care; be it in whatever shape; form; color or intensity; but as long as its for the betterment of humanity and my very own self; and the very instant it comes my way; I'd definitely and wholesomely dance upon every chance.


Before it vindictively enshrouds every pore of your skin; with its despairingly hideous tinges of cancerous yellow,

Before it metamorphoses you into a carcass of nothingness; with even the most amorphous of scarecrow looking more robust than your disastrously haggard flesh,

Before it reduces you to nothing more than a stinking dustbin of worthless dust; making people around you run an infinite distance-the instant you passed sullen air through your lips,

Before it inevitably renders you into a coughing corpse; disdainfully sputtering like a crankily quaint engine without gas; everytime you tried to squeakily mumble your very own name,

Before it coerces your entire persona to rattle like a jinxed saucepan of emptiness; as each of your bones squandered and creaked with insipidity; everytime you dared tread on soil,

Before it unsparingly massacres the bountiful virility in your seeds; leaves you staggering like an impotent moron; who wasn't even fit to care for an adopted child,

Before it imprisons you forever in its swirl of addictive baselessness; with even the most priceless pearls of love now seeming to be a transient illusionary mist of debilitating decay,

Before it transforms your holistic visions into that of the devil; wanting to do nothing else but spend a life in bizarre isolation; with fathomless bellows of stale wind for breakfast; lunch and dinner,

Before it perpetuates its diabolically bloodshot tinge into the pristine whites of your eye; reducing you from an apostle of happiness to a hapless spirit of the cadaverous graveyard,

Before it miserably trounces your appetite to win- beguiling you with its non-existent witchly stride; doping your otherwise alert brain with severe confusion to traverse even the straightest roads of life,

Before it makes you a fecklessly rejected thorn of the society; for polluting and harming priceless environment around you; with your very own venom laden mouth,

Before it devastates you beyond the point of no return; as you fondly frolicked in the glory of those tensionless childhood days; which now seemed to be getting dimmer and dimmer with each stroke of the helplessly deteriorating night,

Before it horrendously strangulates your lungs with all heaviness that ever existed; making you feel as if you carried the weight of the whole planet; whereas you were now just a pair of crumbling bones all over; as you walked,

Before it annihilates every taste bud of tantalizing freshness in your tongue; transforming you into an into an insane dragon wanting to gobble worthless chunks of desolate deathly fire all the time,

Before it besieges every droplet of your royally persevered sweat with its rotten stench of parasitic gloom; making you feel like a miserable ant waiting to be trampled any instant; even after achieving the entire wealth of the world,

Before it curses you with the onset of lividly emancipating old age in the prime of ebullient youth; as hordes of veritably old men and women hoisted your paperweight frame; for you to do your daily chores,

Before it makes you a blatant outcaste with your very own intestines; which preferred to choke forever into submission; rather than bear the poisonous puff of wind indescribably molesting them,

Before it blows the candles of your mesmerizing life forever; with the horizons of its asphyxiating blackness; which never rose to any fresh dawn or sparkling tomorrow,

Before it painstakingly chars every organ of your beautiful body into the coffins of extinction; with your orphaned black soot then being compared with some of the most lamentful specimens of self-destruction,

Before it makes you an integral part of its thwarted family- consisting of nothing else but boundless mortuaries of ghosts; spirits and countless other bits of despondent meaninglessness,

Before it takes your holistic spirit far far away from God; as you were not just simply exhaling it; but creating living carriers of cancerous disease all around you; each time you breathed out that tawdrily contaminated air,

Before it insidiously creeps in the form of raw red to the edge of your throat; dissipating into oceans of immeasurable slain blood everytime you stuttered; wheezed and spat,

Before it penalizes you to the most extreme degrees of seclusion; disease; repulsion; abhorrence and death; for just being a wonderful host to that lackadaisically jaded pipe like structure with your lips,

Save your life. Kill the Smoke. Stamp the cigarette. Quit smoking forever.


He thanked the simmering rays of the Sun from the innermost realms of his heart; for compassionately befriending his every heartlessly chilly winter morning,
Whilst the same man unrelentingly abused the same Sun for transforming him into a gutter of disdainful sweat; as the peak of afternoon crept by and he trespassed his terrace barefoot.

He thanked the voluptuous puffs of clouds for permeating each instant of his otherwise bedraggled day; with unparalleled fantasies of desire; charm and inseparable longing,
Whilst the same man viciously abused the same clouds for bruising him beyond repair; as he stumbled into the valley shouting for his life; losing his footing into the velvety fading light.

He thanked the tree to no end for providing him the most blissful shade of his life; wading all his worries to an eternal rest as he uninhibitedly slept on its motherly trunk,
Whilst the same man intransigently abused the same tree for becoming an infuriating hindrance; as he frantically searched for his beloved amidst the fathomless network of forest grapevines; branches; stalks and leaf.

He thanked the gigantic waves till his last trace of voice; for rhythmically lifting his boat high and handsome towards the sky; with poetically vivacious strokes galore,
Whilst the same man bawdily abused the same waves for betraying him as he sank to the rock bottom of the ocean with his boat; suddenly not able to withstand the undefeated flamboyancy of the waves anymore.

He thanked the surreally silent night with all his might; for giving him that much needed inevitable reprieve from the vagaries of this planet; where every robotic morning of worry led him to think only suicide,
Whilst the same man unsparingly abused the same night for rendering him in a state of abject loneliness; deserting him in fear of being indiscriminately robbed as he incoherently babbled with the winds.

He thanked the unflinchingly straight walls with tears of gratitude in his eyes; for being his best and most faithful companion; as he talked to them when the entire world shunted and made parodies of his eccentric delights,
Whilst the same man vindictively abused the same walls for badly bruising his nose and imprisoning him till eternity; each time he tried to run and feel the fresh atmosphere; outside.

He thanked the fathomless desert for triggering his imagination to the most unprecedented limits; as the endless expanse of golden sands made him a spontaneous artist filled with prolific joy of the living kind,
Whilst the same man inconsolably abused the same desert for making him completely lose his moorings; hopelessly stranding him amidst a labyrinth of only dust; as he winced to take on the force of one of his chilliest nights.

He thanked the gustily blowing wind with open arms; for soaring his kite like the ultimate magician up into bits of limitless sky; as his fingers swayed to the tunes of the ardently charged string,
Whilst the same man inexorably abused the same wind for ruthlessly pushing him to a racy death- -100 floors down his building; as it blew just a trifle too harder for his comfort and his foot inadvertently tripped.

He thanked the triumphantly scintillating glass for honestly portraying every contour of his personality; as he stood up with integrity on his hard earned patch of soil,
Whilst the same man implacably abused the same glass for making him an inferior societal neglect; as it reflected scores of other thousands of beings more beautiful than him; and he now prepared himself to lead a life ahead full of misery; self-destruction and gloom.

He thanked the virgin streaks of white lightening for igniting the most dormant arenas of his brain; leading him to discover the inexplicably mysterious world beyond the mundane,
Whilst the same man horrifically abused the same lightening for reducing him into bits of invisibly ludicrous ash; as he stood a bit longer under it to admire it in its full and untamed glory.

He thanked the tumultuously pelting drops of sensuous rain with passionate folded palms; for blessing every disastrously parched nerve of his with rhapsodic delight,
Whilst the same man barbarously abused the same rain for indefinitely stranding him within four walls; as the incessant downpour exasperatingly cut his every feasible link with the commercial globe outside.

He thanked the boundlessly dense forests for allowing him to discover his quintessential roots; as he let the seductive spray of the dew evoke memories of the supernatural and beyond; in the spectacularly star-studded night,
Whilst the same man remorsefully abused the same forests for making him a wastrel wanderer; slapping the tag of a good-for-nothing eccentric recluse into his now mysteriously groping eyes.

He thanked the compassionate woman living with him for making him feel complete in every aspect of his existence; transcending his every desire beyond the zenith of fulfillment,
Whilst the same man cruelly abused the same woman for circumscribing his life into realms of responsibility; rendering him a mere puppet to fulfill his worldly duties bereft of all spice; after a while.

You know why. Because every Man on earth; myself included; is the biggest Hypocrite


Writing poetry is like the newborn draughts of ecstatic wind; kissing the innocuous cluster of green leaves; with the most uninhibited ardor and camaraderie of all times,

Writing poetry is like the soul wholesomely cleansing itself of even the most inadvertently committed of its sins; as it blended with the beats of magical verse; which transcended over every religion; caste; creed; color and tribe,

Writing poetry is like a bird exuberantly flapping its wings; having just being released from years of insidious captivity; and now ready to commence upon its most royal flight,

Writing poetry is like the queenly droplet of glistening sweat; which tantalized the skin to the nth degree of sensuousness; as it enchantingly traversed towards the most hidden corner of the big toe; and then embraced death,

Writing poetry is like a kingly magnet attracting the most inanimate objects; and then befriending them forever in a swirl of invincible togetherness; under the broadest daylight and sinister blackness of the morbid night,

Writing poetry is like a vivacious rainbow enlightening even the most drearily lambasted portions of adulterated living kind; with new found rays of courage; compassion and everlasting hope,

Writing poetry is like pristine white lightening enrapturing the entire Universe; reducing every trace of sin to infinitesimal ash; and rekindling every soul towards the path of freshly untainted optimism,

Writing poetry is like an untamed whirlpool reaching its enthralling crescendo; and devouring everything and anything that came in its vicinity; into the flames of its unabashed desire,

Writing poetry is like the ebullient scent of virgin mud after showers of unfettered rain; which evoked life of all shapes; sizes and color on the Universe; to sing and dance in the timeless rhythm of a united existence,

Writing poetry is like a cathartic revolution for something to happen from the wisps of absolute nothingness; so that every ingredient of the besmirched human atmosphere; started to reverberate with the pulsations of companionship,

Writing poetry is like the wail of freshly born life; when the cradle of undefeated innocence bonded one and all alike; in a never before celebration of infallible newness,

Writing poetry is like the crackling voice of thunder heard at a distance; tingling the corridors of the mind with mystery unprecedented; as cloudbursts of rain fervently advance in their odyssey towards simmering ground,

Writing poetry is like freshly formed globules of golden dew being dispersed into a boundless more bits of their kind; with every footstep that voluptuously caresses the blades of sensitive grass,

Writing poetry is like dazzling rays of dawn splitting into zillion rays of blessed light; illuminating every conceivable cranny of earth; with the joyously rejoicing power to survive; till destined,

Writing poetry is like a promise made and irrefutably adhered to till the end of life; upon the foundations of solidarity; truth; friendship and most importantly the religion of humanity,

Writing poetry is like a nightingale humming the sweetest songs of its life; every day a different tune; but with an unhindered intensity which kept proliferating leaps and bounds; till the time it existed,

Writing poetry is like an undefeated zealous wave; which rose yet again; victoriously undulating and high towards blue sky; even after being reduced to nothingness- clashing against the merciless grey rocks,

Writing poetry is like uninhibitedly dancing upon every chance that life offered; expending every ounce of trapped frustration in the nerve wrecked body; to blend in impregnable oneness with the fathomless atmosphere,

Writing poetry is like falling deeper and deeper into the valley of Immortal love; a love which made you feel alive without a grain of food in your body; as it became your sole reason; elixir; direction and adventure to survive.


Neither was the most contemporarily powerful of air-conditioner needed; even as the heat outside raced to an unbearable scorch,

Neither was there the most infinitesimal puff of wind that could provide any respite; as time painstakingly crawled to welcome a fresh dawn,

Neither did ice form into mesmerizing cubes even in the deepest freeze; as virtually everything in vicinity was shredded asunder in fiery whirlpools of the afternoon,

Neither did wondrously tantalizing waves of the oceans reach the penurious doorstep; as they were pragmatically speaking - continents and poles apart,

Neither did the most rhapsodically delectable ice-creams and candies cause a diminutive dent; as the blazing heat pulverized the same into frigid pulp-even before they could reach the lips,

Neither did the most mellifluously nostalgic of songs cause an impact- as shades of adulterated humane yellow pierced the atmosphere; as draughts of warm air swept their might,

Neither did the most enchanting of praises reach the ears; as asphyxiating dust and morbid smoke; squandered through a landscape of population with a forlorn will to kill,

Neither did the darkest shades of black tinted glass come to any rescue- as though the dark films sequestered from direct impact; they absorbed heat at the same time to eventually distort beyond recognition,

Neither did the merrily artificial tap of water provide the tiniest of solace; as it soon started to emit hostile steam usurped by the storm of volcanic heat which wavered fiercely around,

Neither did the glass of freshly extracted fruit juice render the slightest of rejuvenation- as it miserably evaporated to reveal the last grains of sugar and salt blended within; as famished palms groped fervently ahead to clutch it,

Neither did snow flakes disdainfully thrown astray by the passing carts create a whiff of cool- as the parched tarmac devoured those few globules of water first; even before any living form dared creep near them,

Neither did the most majestic of castles generate a shy beam of shade; as their walls themselves scorched like a ravaging bulldozer; sulking at the angst that came alongwith the heat- instead of a grain of compassionate comfort,

Neither did the historically quaint well guarantee any beacon of a promise; as when one tread right to its mystically intrepid bottom- the discovery did yield hollowness but without a droplet of liquid to compliment,

Neither did the sensuously nestled swimming pool offer a fantasy of revitalizing delight; as arid winds laced with venomous smoke stabbed its periphery; metamorphosing its charmed persona into a parsimoniously fetid gutter line,

Neither did the princely fountain adorning the bustling street offer a trifle of an enthrallment- as the spray that once upon a time kissed the chin after ricocheting of ground; now abruptly dried midway in fireballs of acrimonious heat,

Neither did the couch of astoundingly pure velvet generate any comfort; as before anyone could nestle on its enamoring softness- its covers melted in the tyrannical heat- and out came charging the unabashed coiled springs,

And yet I was unabashedly relishing each ounce of my existence; even as the tumultuous summer heat whipped every bit of joy from the solar-plexus of survival,

As I romanced in the golden stream of mortal sweat that sensuously dribbled down my skin- to give me my victorious "Sweat-Bath".


I swooned, collapsing on the ground like a pack of plastic cards,
after viewing ghastly images of Dracula on the silver screen.

I burst into fits of laughter, somersaulted wildly with my intestines aching,
as the talented comedian coated his face with slimy egg yolk.

I sobbed in unrelenting hysteria when one of kin left for heavenly abode,
envisaged the dismal life to be led, bereft of his captivating presence.

I contorted my face in creases of unbearable agony,
as an army of red ant stung supple arenas of my skin.

I danced tenaciously with mounting spurts of exuberance,
after clearing rigorous impediments of the final examination.

I uttered syllables at unprecedented speeds,
with my tongue swishing against dark cavities of teeth,
when quizzed by the police for my catalogue of misdeeds.

I rapidly exhaled trapped air in my lungs,
as I clambered up the terrain in a bid to reach the ultimate pinnacle.

I blushed an austere amount of scarlet crimson,
when caught red handed stealing warm blood apples from the tree.

I riveted my gaze towards amber streaks of the distant horizon,
stared in mute silence as the sun finally sank behind towering peaks of the mountain.

I slept in a tranquil bliss spinning romantic webs in dreamy sedation,
after assiduous amounts of labor executed in the steaming sun.

I felt relieved of Herculean strings laden with tension,
after gliding through Luke warm waters of the sparkling pool.

I felt uncensored avenues of my heart throb at rollicking pace,
as the person i desired waded slowly past my groping vision.

I felt thoroughly gratified with existing vagaries of life,
if I was fed with abundant morsels of food in the day,
impregnated with gallons of mineral water divested of bacteria,
given a mattress of pure spongy grass to sleep,
admiring the exotic pattern of stars all throughout the vigils of sultry night.


Voracious winds caused waves to crash against the mighty rock,
deafening sounds emanated as boulders tumbled down the mountain,
cacophonic tunes echoed as fat fingers compressed horn socket,
golden sunlight prompted sapphire stones to radiate light,
switchblade knife ripped through rich balls of cushioned foam,
electric grinders churned fruit pulp to sweetened juice,
rubber beds sunk deep as i collapsed for the night,
dry laden air had coats of moisture as light showers cascaded down,
white puffs of clouds surged forward,
with momentum imparted by passing aircraft.
peacock feathers went majestically berserk,
as signs of thunder skyrocketed in the cosmos.
humming bees buzzed with feverish activity,
oozed honey from catacombed pores of their body.
lush green grass blades cropped at barren regions of landscape,
after mere sprinkling of dried goat manure.
stream velocity rose with sporadic ease,
as crisp currents of water, confronted drifting logwood.
bicycle wheels galloped through undulating landscape,
at increasing pressure generated by foot sole.

I dug deep tunnels in sand lagoons,
suspended my flesh in molten earth, to experience brief intervals of compassionate warmth.


Strolling masses of human looked like huge monsters,
midget sized dustbin appeared as a tank containing Grey boulders,
olive green fruit of banana struck my view as hanging bridges,
round mass of watermelon was visible as the flaming Sun with coats of green,
coins of sliver struck my view as small islands of paradise,
fast moving cars I sighted as towering ships sailing on dry land,
perfume bottles on the shelf resembled transparent drums containing puffs of
white clouds,
hotel swimming pool appeared as the palatial waters of Atlantic ocean,
heaps of stray sand lying duplicated vast expanse of Appalachian mountain,
leaded sticks of match were what i could describe as short poles with Grey
conical flasks of water flooded my vision as sizeable area of washing tank,
minuscule briquette's of coal seemed like big specimens of crystal rock,
leather bound volumes of book looked like brick walls of white,
colored tablets of soap replicated plush beds to lie on,
steps of the spiral staircase loomed large like steep precipices,
ornate idols of god emulated frozen giants with divine grace,
the flaming sun appeared the largest of them all,
with the silken complexioned moon a shade compressed in size,
the earth seemed a magnified place to live in,
with the only solace being my twin brother,
who was born a few seconds beside me in the body of a mouse,
we were privileged enough to visualize and see,
applauded ourselves for the same rubbing our slimy noses in unison,
what humans had perspired for decades to encounter,
scientists had racked minute corners of their brain without avail,
we could now clearly admire through our eyes as newly born baby rats.


As it occurred there was a pungent moisture that besieged my eyes; engendering
them to open a bit wider than usual,

As it occurred there seemed to be a dreariness in my bones; an insatiable desire to close of the lights,

As it occurred my shoulders seemed to be stooping towards the earth; a wave of
indolence circumventing my persona,

As it occurred my palms seemed pale; developed a profound abhorrence to hoist
the pen and write,

As it occurred the gloss on my hair seemed to be pretty lackluster; with the
curly strands now settling into a shriveled heap,

As it occurred the blood circulating through the network of my veins seemed to
slacken its speed; abdicating the exhilaration it had possessed a few hours before,

As it occurred the soles of my feet automatically stretched; endeavoring to ease the tumultuous tension stabbing them,

As it occurred the atmosphere seemed to be enveloped by a pin drop stillness; with the sound of the nocturnal nightingale drifting clearly in my ears,

As it occurred the muscles of my cheek got exorbitantly flexed; exposing the complete armory of my crystalline teeth,

As it occurred the bulky portion of my skull suddenly felt ethereal; invisible
enigmas of my mind seemed to have instantly terminated,

As it occurred I perceived insurmountable tensions of the monotonous day evaporate into thin oblivion; felt a rejuvenated enthusiasm to lead life,

As it occurred I felt the beating of my heart get steadier; supreme mollification of the organs that surrounded it,

As it occurred I felt a sense of philanthropic forgiveness descend upon my demeanor; the virtue of embracing all in proximity,

As it occurred I got engulfed with loads of heavenly contentment; with ravenous desires for food gradually diminishing,

As it occurred voices hovering in the air seemed to be getting hazier by the zipping second; the crisp outlines of the blistering sun now appeared as an indistinct blur,

As it occurred I seemed to be turning dramatically nostalgic; reminiscing innocuous memories of my childhood,

As it occurred the restless tossing on the bed seemed to be progressively subsiding; the breath wafting from my nostrils felt a trifle heavier,

As it occurred I recited the last prayers before ending the day; looked with a wistful sigh towards starry sky,

As it occurred I shut my eyes with overwhelming intensity; transited into a deep slumber; brusquely bidding goodbye to my beloved,

You must be wondering that the thing so magnanimously portrayed must be nothing less than a palace of gold; well I think this time you're in for a shock; for I am describing nothing else but our very own and perennially lazy; open mouthed yawn.


What is the use of a mirror that does not reflect pellucid images, fails to
portray the true identity of an individual,

What is the use of a cow which does not give milk; keeps incessantly munching
tones of green grass,

What is the use of a concrete road, which is unable to hold traffic; buckles down under the impact of vehicular load,

What is the use of a tree which does not bear succulent fruit; refrains to yield satiny shadows in order to cool dreary passengers,

What is the use of an aircraft, which stumbles to take off; let apart transport hordes of passengers,

What is the use of a pen that fails to write; inundate the spotless demeanor of bonded paper with umpteenth lines of literature,

What is the use of robust feet, which are unable to walk; transferring their
possessors to their required place of destination,

What is the use of articulate fingers, which incorrigibly refuse to draw; hoist the slightest of load from ground,

What is the use of a slimy spider web that fails to imprison innocuous insects; snaps into multiple fragments at the tiniest of caress,

What is the use of car which refrains to start; stutters every unleashing second when traversing the lanes,

What is the use of a black thundercloud, which refrains to rain; sprinkle upon
the parched earth bountiful droplets of water,

What is the use of a bell, which doesn't produce a shrill sound when rung; lies insipid and limp even when struck voraciously,

What is the use of a bird, which doesn't fly uninhibitedly in the sky; indolently sleeps in its nest on soil,

What is the use of teeth, which fail to chew food; grinding it scrupulously to
facilitate digestion,

What is the use of a river, which does not flow; remains stagnant harboring a
plethora of dead weed and dirt,

What is the use of the Sun in the cosmos which does not shine; holding back
its radiance and scintillating light from fumigating the earth,

What is the use of stars which do not twinkle resplendently at night; illuminate the gloomy ambience with rays of exuberant hope,

What is the use of eyes, which cannot see; admire the mesmerizing beauty of the globe,

What is the use of lips, which don't smile; effusively express feelings of warmth and congeniality,

What is the use of humans which don't procreate their progeny; fail to imbibe
the essence of sharing in their counterpart mates,

What is the use of mud sprawled on the ground; unable to bear crop; blowing
with the wind to settle in a bedraggled heap,

What is the use of sword, which miserably fails in protecting its master; in the end becomes an inevitable cause of his assassination,

What is the use of a lock, which opens with the most mundane of key; enabling
burglars to pilfer and plunder at their free will,

What is the use of a scorpion, which is unable to sting; inject its lethal venom when it matters the most,

What is the use of life which is bereft of adventure; the philanthropic spirit to propagate peace,

And what is the use of a palpable heart which fails to beat even after witnessing true love; remains confined to realms of stringent sophistication.


Fleshy pulp of juicy melon,
fresh green skin of elongated banana,
scarlet red complexion of sweet apple,
hard olive skull of coastal coconut,
oblong globules of violet grape fruit,
sliced chunks of peeled orange,
tetra walled legs of salted cucumber,
chopped pieces of marinated garlic,
reddish brown roots of unripened radish,
roasted body of sweet potato,
thick curry of churned tomato,
tender beanstalks of ladies finger,
pungent seedlings of green chili,
appetizing kernels of rusty walnut,
darkish yellow insides of hybrid mango,
cascading protein yolk from egg shell,
hollow ringed circles of sliced pineapple,
purplish bulge of heart shaped brinjal,
jointed sticks of sugarcane fiber,
miniscule pieces of chopped lemon,
an exact kilogram of green peas,
abundant supply of crimson plums,
all this blended with molten sugar,
with macro toppings of cheddar cheese,
stirred vigorously to edible proportions,
with wooden battens coated with mustard incense,
served royally on ornamental steel,
creating ravishing sensations in salivary buds,
eaten with a shining silver spoon,
remains the most fantasized meal,
for decades and times immemorial.


A hard black thread projected few inches,
from the slender body of green complexioned wax,
standing tall and handsome in hollow cavities of curved metal,
firmly riveted to base in a pool of solidified liquid,
swaying mildly in the stormy wind,
blowing with full tenacity from the partially opened window crack,
oozing molten tears every passing second,
as amber flames licked its soft periphery,
diminishing in stature as time zipped in the wall clock,
beautifying the murky dull persona of the winter night,
providing paltry amounts of warm waves,
reinforcing frozen pores of skin with temperate heat,
the black wick thread now burnt in full light,
flooding the pitch dark room with galleries of pure candlelight.

I loved her as much as I feared to die,
she was all that life could ever offer me,
her laugh was as fresh as the new petals blossoming at dawn,
her body sparkled as the dewdrops born from the sweating grass,
Alas! she was no more inhabiting this room,
a tragic accident had snatched her far away from realms of this earth,
her enchanting whispers still flooded my eardrum,
I could envisage her fascinating smile all day,
her petite footsteps echoed in my dreams,
she now existed purely in my memories,
and looked more blissful than ever in the glowing flames of my light green
candle stick.

The End.

Thursday, September 22, 2016
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Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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