Limerick Day Poem by Jim Yerman

Limerick Day

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There once was a writer named Lear
With the first name of Edward...I fear
He was English...I say
He wrote Limericks every day
And we celebrate his birthday each year.

The Limericks he wrote or he sent
Had an obscene or humorous intent
Please keep them clean
But if you must be obscene
Best to secure your parent’s consent.

If you need help keeping one chaste
Here’s an example...not profanity laced
With no obscenity
It has a rating of ‘G’
So you can bet that it’s done in good taste:

I have a friend, Barb, with whom I once taught
In all our years together...we never fought.
But I think she’ll be mad
Perhaps call me a cad
When I remind her I’m retired...and she’s not.

And here’s a point I know will amaze
It sure makes Barb’s eyebrows raise
You see each year her birthday
Falls on Limerick Day
So she’ll be getting Limericks for the rest of her days

True it may not resemble Shakespeare
But we still say thanks Edward Lear
Because it has a certain schtick
That old Limerick.
Celebrated May 12th...every year.

Rajnish Manga 27 March 2017

This is indeed a great tribute to that greater limerick writer- Edward Lear. Having said that, Jim Yerman also deserves a big hand for this greatly amusing string of limericks to mark the occasion. Thanks a lot.

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Kim Barney 30 September 2016

I did not know that May 12 was limerick day! That's my sister's birthday! Maybe I will be able to remember both next year! By the way, the Limerick King on this site is Wes Vogler. If you've never read any of his limericks, you should.

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Savita Tyagi 22 August 2016

Now I know another birthday to celebrate! Enjoyed it all the way. Thanks for sharing.

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Loke Kok Yee 03 April 2016

now I will religiously observe limerick day thanks for enlightening me

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Good poem really funny and you followed the Edward Lear Limerick form all the way through..i'll have to remember that Limerick Day falls on my brother's birthday, too..

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