Lombardi's Green Bay Sweep Poem by Paul Amrod

Lombardi's Green Bay Sweep

Well someone's sycophants are digging down real deep
taking on the principles of Lombardi's Green Bay sweep.
150 lawmakers stood in line to deny the election results
with Pence the quarterback sacked in injury and insult.
Every ally was looking in the War Room for a luring decoy
with a nefarious exercise secretively hidden and deployed.
Cruz and Hawley seemed to have received too much credit
hence Peter Navarro is quacking about how all are indebted
to him for the occurrences on Epiphany. He was forgotten
sitting impatiently dreaming of his evilness so misbegotten.
Flaming like a fool with Bannon's words from Newton Ginrich
our Harvard economist avoids the poor and creams the rich.
Nonetheless from Georgia to Krebs the election was clean and fair
leaving no escape from Rootie Kazootie's absurd thoroughfare.
The Green Bay Sweep was a savage method of destroying the peace
since Donnie never conceded while letting hatred never cease.
Squatting like an albatross in front of his vicious television screen
he giggled sadistically like Robespierre with his portable guillotine.
A punkie palooka foaming at the mouth was screaming at his comrades
fantasizing he was still the president because his base said its iron-clad.
Instilling fear into every gullible heart demanding his authority
therefore his partners changed laws for his deranged minority.
We know he is a Golem who will turn upon his unholy creator
and the evangelists are bewildered looking for an illuminator.
Fracking through the Lakota's land will rise up Sitting Bull
who fought the battle of little Bighorn as a living chronicle.
Decency has beckoned our pluralistic council of Democrats
leaving very little maneuverability for some greedy aristocrats.
Soon the entourage will be summoned to explain their sabotage
trampling voting rights under the Big Lie from a demagogue.
The documents from Mark draw a line in the sand where stumbling
fools do wander while the castles abroad are curiously crumbling.
Laughing giddily at poor marksmen is sweet Rapunzel with glee
as they cursed their blatant venomous poisons so disrespectfully.
Three hours of utter silence while attempting to hide his rapture
while later saying 'We Love You' for your disruptive disaster.
Somehow then came the National Guard embarrassingly tardy
unknowingly kept from arms obscenely from the rough and bawdy.
Suddenly the process of ratification began its planned procedure
late into the wee hours while Qualye helped Pence to endure.
The denial and cowardice persists with the coming anniversary
accompanied by a pandemic and two senators as our adversaries.
God Bless Harry Reid blending our desires in a perfect harmony
as we all cling to our hopes the populace retains its sovereignty.

Thursday, December 30, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: political,evil,sarcastic
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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