Chester Chester The Child Molester Poem by Craig Mize

Chester Chester The Child Molester

Rating: 3.2

He is lurking through our neighborhoods,
Slithering around like a snake in the grass.
He preys on our young and innocent.
He will smile in their unknowing faces,
And bribe them with sweets and gifts.
He'll fill their heads with conning lies
Selling them fantasies and fairly tales.
He puts overwhelming fear in society
And break the hearts of all the parents.
We need to stop this devilish beast
Before he strikes again on the weak,
We need to rid ourselves of this pest
And make this world a better place
Not only for ourselves, but also our kids.

Emily Core 15 June 2010

wow just wow that was great keep it up +9

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Will Althen 15 June 2010

Um a little straight forward, don't you think? Maybe you could try being a little more abstract on your way to you point? But hey that's just my opinion and if you have the time express yours on mine.

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Koby Moore 15 June 2010

Wow that makes me afraid it was so good lol Hey can you or anyone else that reads this comment come check my poems I'm a little new to thsi and would enjoy what you think about them Thnx if you read them and nice poem Koby Moore

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Jenny-lynn Lavoie 26 April 2011

i liked this poem the best part is when you said he should be taking out of ths world there is no place for sick people: >) i think that any one that has the balls to write about sick poeple are great: >) 10/10

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Sherri Coulter 20 June 2010

Indeed relevant to the times. Please read- The Green Mile/He Was Only Three.

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Gita Ashok 18 June 2010

A very thought-provoking poem on a theme so relevant to our times.

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Dr. Eva L. Shaw 15 June 2010

Oh how true. Well put. Message needs to be hard to the core. Read come of mine and you will see the result of Chester the Molester's 'work'.

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Leslie Ching 15 June 2010

Indeed, there are many 'bad people' out there who are out to harm you these days...but exercising caution and placing your trust carefully will keep you safe and help you make trustworthy friends. A very truthful and thought-provoking piece. -Leslie-

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