Vanessa Grixti

Love Is A One-Winged Bird - Poem by Vanessa Grixti

I thought us as a problem
that was simply
too big to solve
but that wasn't it
at all
There is sadness in
how simple
our story was
I was your conditional love
Only on some days
Only when it was better for you
Only when you grew tired
of skirt chasing
you could always find me waiting
I shredded pieces of my pride
to make room inside myself
to love you
I exchanged dignity for intimacy
And in return you loved me conditionally
On the days I looked pretty
or when I spoke eloquently
not when I was clumsy
and undone
I wrote of you
so many times
I'd read a poem
and you'd nod in some sort of
gratified way
"It's good" you'd always say
But I never wanted your opinion
I just wanted you to listen
there were questions
and delicate hints
in those words
and they were all for you
Your truth had an ugly way
of revealing its honesty
And in the simplest arrangement of words
But heartbreak is commonplace
for people like me
And to tell you the truth
I've fallen in love so many times
that it's begun to feel ordinary
You never told me
how you felt
You never let your lips speak for your heart
You locked secrets
behind your teeth
And your tongue was the gatekeeper
for all the things you could never say to me
And every afternoon
I'd watch the light
pour through the tiny window in your room
wait for you to wake up
and hope that maybe tomorrow
I wouldn't love you
but my heart is far too big
and my biggest flaw is that
I don't know when to let someone go
I think
I am letting
you go
As in you can leave
I'm setting you free
just in time for Autumn
we couldn't survive
all four seasons
and you couldn't stop biting
the loving hand that fed you
So now
you can

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, September 1, 2012

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