erine Maynard

Love Lasts - Poem by erine Maynard

A girl went up to her friend debating,
Weather or not she should question who her friends dating.
She made up her mind what to do, and this is how
She fallowed through:
“I know you say he’s unique, but all I see is a geek.
I can’t get past them dorky glasses…
Or how he’s a stuck up in all his classes.
So if you don’t get mad,
What do you see in that someone that bad? ”
She looked up at her and smiled, she spoke after a while:
“If you where looking through my eyes,
You could see past all of common senses lies.
My hearts missing something and he’s the link,
And I’m afraid he’ll be gone in one simple blink
He's the type that keeps your worries bright,
Even if you had just one simple fight.
The one and only love you need, and since I got him I succeed.
Because, he’s a keeper, not a seeker, he’s a lover, not be comer.
And that’s the best it can get...please don't forget.”

The girl’s lover runs into a man later that day,
And he threatens to take his life away.
“My conscious cant be easily be reached,
So if you prevent me from doing this,
You must have some little speech”
Pointing a gun to his head, then the boy looks up
And this is what he said:
“If you were any kind of man you’d let me be,
Because my truest love is depending on me.
If you were to see her you’d fall in love too,
And if I left theres no telling what she’d do.
If you take my life right here that’s a toll,
Because you’re ruining her deer sweet sole!
I’m not begging, I would never be that humble,
But if you kill me now, you’re life will Crumble.”
The mans mind went blank, and then the boy he thanked:
”I thank you for setting me straight,
I never seen someone talk about there girl so great.
My girl doesn’t even know what I’m in a gang,
I think I’ll go tell her the whole thing.'
The two men walk there separate ways
As they walk to tell there loves about there day.

As the boy hugs the girl, he lets his hole day un twirl.
His ending sentence gets her in a whirl:
“You know I love you, and I know you do too.
Yet after this whole day, I must ask you,
Why you love me in such an affective way? ”
The girl looks up with a tear in her eye,
And she firmly states her reason why:
“Weather or not I love you is my decision,
And you questioning it is a horrible collision
Do not question the properties of hope and destiny,
Because that would ruin the life in me.
I’ll love you day in and day out,
It doesn’t matter what problem is about.
My love for you is for eternity,
So do not, what so ever, question my authority!
I love you no matter what problem is a throw,
And if I say I love you that’s how it shall go! ”
The girl opens her mouth for another hiss,
But the boy interrupts you with an abrupt kiss.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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