The Girl I Used To Be Poem by Pia Andersson

The Girl I Used To Be

Rating: 4.8

My tree will know it all
the tree of my childhood
with the endless branches
and the many whispers

My tree remembers
the girl with the wind in her hair
the girl with the crazy laughter
the girl with the fear of living
the girl I used to be

In my tree
everything I want to be
will be

In my tree
I can see the world
but no one can see me

My tree remembers me
the girl I used to be

The Girl I Used To Be
Ana Monnar 09 September 2007

Memories bring out great thoughts. Well penned.

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Emancipation Planz 14 October 2007

This poem is a photosynthesis delight... sugar, sweetness and light.. thank you... One Peace at a Time, Deana

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Broken Peaces 23 August 2007

Beautifully written i have read it six times and am smitten lol Chris

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Cyclopseven R 03 August 2007

The tree that carries the memory stored in nature's diary remembers you too. One with nature we will be, if only we choose to become. The depth of the expression is clearly laid.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 05 August 2007

The girl with the wind in her hair............! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! beautiful one...the childhood memory is just soothing breeze of evening touching the hair...most reveling. great work.well penned

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Katie Pelser 13 July 2017

It hits home. Well done.

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Simone Inez Harriman 03 November 2015

Sigh....just simply stunning. Another diamond poetess.

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 08 November 2009

Sensational (in all senses of the word)

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Poignant, a little sad, made me think about the girl I used to be.

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Rudy Hossam 30 December 2007

outstanding poem i love it so much

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