~love's Diamond Poem by Adeline Foster

~love's Diamond

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~ Love's Diamond

In me cried a silent need;
I knew not what it was.
All around I heard men plead
And croon the need of love.
'What is this precious gem, ' I ask,
'And where can it be found? '
Both fools and wise men make reply
And clamor to expound.
Some said twas found in little things
That make our life worthwhile.
Others said it was desire
Yet could not reconcile
Why it should burn out like a fire
When that desire was spent.
Like a diamond's living gleam,
Love should be permanent.
'You ask too much, ' the fool replied,
'For love is all around.
It need not stand the test of time
Nor smoulder in the ground.
Who knows what angry heat or cold
A diamond must withstand.
Other gems are dazzling
And serve the hearts of man.
Should one loose its luster
There are more to be found.
Not all men need traverse
The diamond's arduous ground.'
Could this be the reason
For man's continuous plea?
Has he perceived the genuine
In a facsimile?
Impatience for a liaison,
It is false gems men crave.
Leave acquisition of the genuine
To the patient and the brave.
For while men seek a diamond,
They settle for mere glass
Then claim the price of diamonds
More than the gods would ask

Saturday, November 22, 2008
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Fiona Davidson 22 November 2008

Beautiful well written piece...thank you

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Dr Rajesh Kumar Vaid 25 November 2008

Sometimes, there are short poems, which I am not able to read, and than there are long poems which are difficult to finish and reconcile in itself! Here is one of the beautiful poems I have read 'here', which is having such a flow, as only can be given by Oak of a poet!

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Rachel Butler 25 November 2008

Thank you for sharing with me these words which left me with thought.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 19 September 2009

Hi! Adeline.Patience is required indeed. Try 'Music'

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Alex Medina 13 August 2013

Rather than have the patience to wait for their soul mate, People settle for less. Powerful.

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Hazel Durham 29 September 2012

A lovely poem with great ryhthm and flow, i really enjoyed it, great write!

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 22 September 2012

Ah! Love's Diamond is a gem...

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Haley Akin 10 July 2011

I really like the first half of this poem!

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Peter Strugnell 13 February 2011

like this poem very much

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