Love Your Neighbor Poem by David Beckham

Love Your Neighbor

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You think little of him
Ignore his pains and weaknesses
And when his frail freighting frame fast forwards to you
You curse and spit on him

He is anywhere and everywhere
At the road corner with a sign
Underneath the sun or out in the cold of winter
He is the outcast, the forgotten

It is Christmas but he won't have one
It is Memorial Day, but he is out in the cold
It is July 4th, he is under the bridge away from the sun
It is his life, painful but yet not hopeless

He gathers with peers and celebrates life
In union they enjoy the company of one another
They share a sense of hope by looking at each others life
Life indeed is not out of sight

He is in search of a new life not suicide
A past to be forgotten and a future to embrace
A sense of belonging and not being alienated
He has answers, he understands his needs

Open up your heart when you see him
For when the sun rises out of the east
On this earth will you stand and see the beauty of this life
People you encounter are the joys of life
For without them you'd be alone on this earth

Embrace therefore your neighbor
Bear no grudge against them
For we walk on this earth but once
And together we will share in the joy of living

Heather Whitley Gibson 06 September 2011

thanks for the reminder, 'future to embrace'!

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 05 August 2010

[1] ‘You curse and spit on him’ Gosh...psychic sanitization needed… [2] ‘He is the outcast, the forgotten’ ~ Civilized are we? ? ? ? [3] ‘…painful but yet not hopeless’ ~ Psychic and humane boosting all he needs [4] ‘Life indeed is not out of sight’ ~ Many avenues are still open for any one and him too [5] ‘…future to embrace’ ~ Hope is the propulsion force of life [6] ‘Open up your heart when you see him’ ~ With fragrance of empathy and love [7] ‘Embrace therefore your neighbor’ Narcissism is lethal Narcotic [8] ‘And together we will share in the joy of living’ ~ Sharing is getting more multiplied by ad infinitum …very touching and responsible poem you’ve written…an eye-opener… thanks for sharing… Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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