Me, My Words And I Poem by David Beckham

Me, My Words And I

Rating: 4.4

Only when you are alive can you write
In just the same way as you speak
Heavy in accent or not
Carved on stone, held in prints or not
Nothing speaks you like your words
But only when you are alive can you write

I've written and shredded a few in my time
Lost a few scripts but for a few times
My worries of state-of-mind and life
Have created an avenue of still-life in print
Those words that will rest in print and live
But only when you are alive can you write

I stopped at the store to up my stencils
Quiet words with the clerk with pencils
'Save for me a space in those shelves' we joke,
And you can say to a few who wish to know
'His life is tied up in those works on shelves'
But only when you are alive can you write

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 13 January 2013

Yes, this is beautiful, David. And when it is so, that only the living can write, so let the pen in your hand and in our hand simply be given the chance to continually flow of words in print. Keep on writing. Keep on being alive.

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Kaila George 06 January 2013

Wow nicely done how they stanza were well placed to make the words flow from one to the next excellent

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Poetheart Morgan 06 January 2013

you are right poet! Only when we are alive we can write! When we have passion and love inside or angry or pain. Even then, only when you feel alive you can write. Muito bonito and the beat, the time, perfect.

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