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They both had been quiet a while. And now
The room lay in darkness, heavy and gray.
The man looked at her and the wife heard him say:

We shall not become like each other or bow.
For everyone suffers his very own pains.
My grandparents there in these picture frames,
They sometimes give me a terrible start:

Could you only see the letters they wrote;
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: marriage
Mahtab Bangalee 24 July 2020

That there are many alone nowadays. But the world will be wider When our ways Are close to each other but with a divider.......greatly written this poem is about marriage and our life with individual feelings

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Bri Edwards 07 February 2018

You know, it's not good to suffer together, For the pain that is shared is hurting less............why isn't it good to suffer together IF the pain that is shared is hurting less? gotta go aka i have to go..............now. i may return. Tschüss! i cheated and used online translator to say bye. bri ;)

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Madhabi Banerjee 25 December 2016

yes! at last we made our own.what has never be know.very good.i would like to read deutsch version

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R Soos 21 November 2016

Your translation allows the pictures of Rilke to come through clearly - something most translators obscure. Thank you! - Rich I will relish myself, myself will endure, I will look for you nowhere and never.

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Howard Savage 07 January 2016

Marriage can be a difficult endeavor. Good work.

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Wolfgang Steinmann 07 January 2016

Thanks for the nice comment - but the credit should go to Rainer Maria Rilke (a wonderful German poet!) . I only tried my translation/transposition skills to his insights. Wolfgang

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