Meaning Of Life(Covid-19) Poem by Mario, Lucien, Rene Odekerken

Meaning Of Life(Covid-19)

Rating: 3.7

I want to think about life,
about how beautiful it really is
And not,
about this very sad moment in time
we're living in,
or about cemeteries
For cemeteries means death
and death is through the coronavirus
an imminent part of our lifes, right now
it undermines, the meaning of life

Perfection 08 April 2020

Sad and depressing time we live, this too shall pass

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Kevin Patrick 08 April 2020

I'm the opposite in thinking, to me this pandemic is here to reevaluate and appreciate life, it is a fragile resource that we never appreciate until death is knocking on our door, now its knocking on civilization and everyone feels it. To me Covid-19 is a reminder of how all of this can be wiped out. That is the meaning of life that it can be swept away.

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Mahtab Bangalee 08 April 2020

life now playing a dangerous game like the hide and seek under moonless night sky in the wind of death seeking the meaning of life now tomb of memory standing by itself

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Rajnish Manga 08 April 2020

A remarkable poem indeed. Life is on the tenterhooks in present times. Thanks & Congrats.

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Lyn Paul 08 April 2020

Written so beautifully your heartache is felt. Stay strong. Hope and still smile at the many happy things through life. Life will return in time and we may care a little more after all of this sadness.

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Koo 02 August 2022

Ohh this it true 😪😭😭

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Koo 02 August 2022

Ohh this it true 😪😭

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Kumarmani Mahakul 09 April 2020

COVID 19 has changed the purpose of living as the virus has frightened the world. The whole is crying very much. We are in lock-down. We are fearful to the virus but we have to fight against this and develop immunity power. Thinking about life many have got sorrow at present time. But we should have patience and fight against this virus. We should pray God. This is wonderful poem chosen as the poem of the day. Congratulations!

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Khairul Ahsan 08 April 2020

Congratulations on your poem's being chosen as the 'Member Poem of the Day'! Cemeteries are the greatest leveller. This will also pass in course of time, but hopefully leaving a lesson or two for mankind. Loved the comments of Lyn Paul, Kevin Patrick, Perfection and Robert Murray Smith.

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Tamara Beryl Latham 08 April 2020

Your poem expresses the sentiment felt by so many of us in this present day. Great job and keep writing.

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