Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken

Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken
Popular Poems
The Sea Of Love
I've sailed
over many oceans and seas
but one particular sea
i couldn't cross
My Hand
I offer you my hand
straight from the heart

A hand of surrender
Meaning Of Life(Covid-19)
I want to think about life,
about how beautiful it really is
And not,
about this very sad moment in time
Hard As Stone
Even now,
you try to hurt me
for a second time around
I tell you, you can't
Popular Quotes
14 November 2014
The only failure in life is not to try
14 November 2014
Life is one big Question mark ? that never will be answerd
14 November 2014
Satisfaction is the highest level of happiness and the easiest to reach As long as you don't have too many expectations
14 November 2014
God created the universe But it was us humans who through believe created God
14 November 2014
A questioning eye is the messenger of desire


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Karen 02 May 2020
Hello, I am a music student from UK and for our coursework we are asked to compose a song. I really like your poem Hope In Anxious Days and would like to base my vocal piece on it. The purpose of the final work will solely be for my module and nothing else. Please let me know if you'll permit me to do so. Thank you so much!
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Christina 07 April 2019
Lieve Opa, je maakt hele leuke gedichten. Waar haal je toch al die fantasie vandaan. Dit vind ik wel erg leuk. Gr Christina
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Carl Stoneman 04 October 2018
nice writing i enjoyed
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Don Bukana 13 October 2017
Hello Poet, Wow! I cannot believe what great poetry you write! Amazing! I like each one more than the next. I was completely mesmerized reading your work. You are very talented. Your POETRY skills is great. Sincerely.. Donbukana
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Kumarmani Mahakul 22 September 2017
Mario, Lucien, Rene Odekerken is an amazing, brilliant, multi-talented well skilled poet of this modern world. He is from Maastricht, Netherlands. His poems carry beauty of his perception for society and readers. He writes poems about beauty, love, nature, life, mathematics, society and on many other topics are really interesting and beautiful. He wonderfully represents sequences of joy, love, grief and other mood of human attitudes in his poetry. He is busy in literary perseverance in spite of his busy life. I am wishing him all the best for his nice poetic journey. May God bring happiness for him and for his family.
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