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I've sailed
over many oceans and seas
but one particular sea
i couldn't cross

I offer you my hand
straight from the heart

A hand of surrender

I want to think about life,
about how beautiful it really is
And not,
about this very sad moment in time

Between the years
of existence
one will walk for miles
to find that moment

Even now,
you try to hurt me
for a second time around
I tell you, you can't

My life
I would like to describe it
as it's the foundation and facade
of my existence


Everything is perishable
so is life
for what today is present
could be tomorrow

Life can be hard,
be painful, and cruel
And some things in life
can make you cry like a fool

Marcherend onder dwang
van de Japanse overheersers
liepen we richting de haven
waar het vrachtschip Taiko Mura

And so on
goes the pandemic,
the covid 19 tragedy
without a medicine to cure

Leave me
and save me from falling
save me from you
For the world


Maybe tomorrow
I will find my way
Maybe tomorrow
but who can say

Door zelfmoord gestorven
in het onvoltooide
van de verleden tijd
was jij Koning noch Keizer

In het verdorde radioactieve landschap
dansen vreemde schimmen
een onbekende dans

Imagine all the people
unite as one
walking hand in hand
creating a chain

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The Sea Of Love

I've sailed
over many oceans and seas
but one particular sea
i couldn't cross
it was the sea
who kept me drifting

It was the sea of love

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Karen 02 May 2020

Hello, I am a music student from UK and for our coursework we are asked to compose a song. I really like your poem Hope In Anxious Days and would like to base my vocal piece on it. The purpose of the final work will solely be for my module and nothing else. Please let me know if you'll permit me to do so. Thank you so much!

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Christina 07 April 2019

Lieve Opa, je maakt hele leuke gedichten. Waar haal je toch al die fantasie vandaan. Dit vind ik wel erg leuk. Gr Christina

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Carl Stoneman 04 October 2018

nice writing i enjoyed

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Don Bukana 13 October 2017

Hello Poet, Wow! I cannot believe what great poetry you write! Amazing! I like each one more than the next. I was completely mesmerized reading your work. You are very talented. Your POETRY skills is great. Sincerely.. Donbukana

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Kumarmani Mahakul 22 September 2017

Mario, Lucien, Rene Odekerken is an amazing, brilliant, multi-talented well skilled poet of this modern world. He is from Maastricht, Netherlands. His poems carry beauty of his perception for society and readers. He writes poems about beauty, love, nature, life, mathematics, society and on many other topics are really interesting and beautiful. He wonderfully represents sequences of joy, love, grief and other mood of human attitudes in his poetry. He is busy in literary perseverance in spite of his busy life. I am wishing him all the best for his nice poetic journey. May God bring happiness for him and for his family.

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Mario, Lucien, Rene Odekerken Quotes

The only failure in life is not to try

Life is one big Question mark ? that never will be answerd

Satisfaction is the highest level of happiness and the easiest to reach As long as you don't have too many expectations

God created the universe But it was us humans who through believe created God

A questioning eye is the messenger of desire

when love looks straight into your eyes return those looks and your heart will surrender to feelings never felt before

The tools to repair one's failures are easy to handle as long as they're willing to use them

The words spoken are not always the answer to the problem

When dreams come true reality dies an unnatural death

Greed is too flimsy to flawed

Uncertainty is the fear of not knowing where the road will end

Leaving behind the past is looking forward to the future

Real wealth is feeling sorry for the poor

In our world people live either in heaven or in hell it all depends on the circumstances

Where many talk nothing will happen Where many walk a road will be created

Those who don't feed themselves with food of hope will eventually die of mental starvation

Always behold not only your own smile but also the smile of someone else's joy

Love is manifested at a glance and tells everything without words

Predictions are often too hard to follow Reality is often too hard to bare

For when time runs out there's still hope because sometimes the time stands still

Happiness lies within everybody's hands but is sometimes too heavy to carry

In search of myself i have searched everywhere but unfortunately i haven't found anything

What is the value of light when it no longer shines

Understanding is a matter of time

Something that says a little often says it all

My conscience is my only tool my only gripe in life

laying doesn't say anything about the truth but is still believable

Life isn't always surrounded with beautiful nice smelling roses for sometimes one can only feel the sting of the thorns

To believe in miracles one has to experience a miracle

To believe the world is round one has to make sure that it isn't flat

To believe in God one has to be first sure in which one for there are so many

To feel happy one has to forget how to be unhappy

Accept for who and what you are only than you'll find peace within

Let your thoughts harvest every day the fruits of your desires

To understand the emotions and feelings of others is a great feeling

Satisfaction makes life more pleasant

Satisfaction makes life more enjoyable

Roads often lead to places unknown and inaccessible But the road back will always be apparent

To reach the ultimate goal in life one has to stay at all times with two feet on the ground For one will only stumbles and fall if they wont it all

Appetite for life makes life, live longer

Reflection in the mirror makes reality look at you

The future is the keeper of the memories of the past

Durch das ticken der uhr verschwindet die zeit und werd das haar grau

Yesterday's dust determined today's range of vision

Today's future is Tomorrow's past

The content determines the value

The human brain thinks sometimes too much

To let sorrow go his own way one gives happiness a chance

Sometimes the truth is a visual lie

Gratitude is the respect for what you got

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Mario, Lucien, Rene Odekerken Popularity

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