Mergansers And Photographer Poem by Jim McGill

Mergansers And Photographer

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This is a story of some Merganser ducks and a photographer. There are thousands of pictures posted on line about ducks in their natural pristine environment. But, there is nothing about how the ducks feel about this. Therefore, I have decided to write this poem from the ducks point of view.

Mergansers and Photographer

'Sh'uack, fu'ack, fu'ack
Look around; she's back'
Quacked a Merganser duck
'It's just our fu'ackin' luck
That camera on a clitoris
Is still trying to explore us'

'Let's all stay over here
Don't let her get too near'
Said an Elder Mergan'zeer
'Keep swimming in this area
Watch her go into hysteria
Because she can't get close
We'll move into the shadows
And screw up every pose'

'As she's looking through her glasses
We can show off our feathered asses
Perhaps she will finally get the message
Or, let's give her a show, a duck dressage
We can call our ever ready seagull friends
To take sky dumps on her camera lens'

'First we distract her with duck prancing
The Merganser duck waltz is entrancing
It'll keep her snapping while we're dancing
Ten of us in a line, left webbed foot back
Together, one two three, with a quick quack
Now, all of us left, one two three glide right
Tail feathers up; they'll glisten in daylight

Then webb wobble left, twibble an' twirl
Together as one, our wings we'll unfurl
Now right one two, wings back on three
To waltz the Merganser just listen to me'
Melodiously sang the Elder Mergan'zeer
'Oh joy! Our seagull friends are now here'

Swoop down from above—full feathered war
Swoop and poop, swoop and poop some more
Spatter the lens on the tripod over there
Then get the lens she holds near her hair
Teach her a lesson that will be clear to all pears
Just don't fu'ack with feathered Mergan'zeers

Monday, February 13, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: poem,poems,ducks,revenge
Even ducks should have privacy.
Rob Lamberton 14 February 2023

McGill speaks straight from the duck bill…quite the picture! 5*****

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Jim McGill 14 February 2023

"Straight from the duck bill." I never thought of it that way. Thank you.

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D.N. Rebb 14 February 2023

You taught me how to finally spell a certain word to keep it active on PH. Just pretend to be a duck. Brilliant

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Bri Edwards 23 May 2023

CLINCH: 'to make final, definite, or beyond dispute'; synonyms: decide, determine, settle

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Bri Edwards 23 May 2023

last stanza: If Jim could spul better, maybe he'd have used 'swoop' and 'peer'? ? ? ? 5 stars. The duck-vulgarity clinched my vote. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 23 May 2023

'malodorous măl-ō′dər-əs adjective Having a bad odor; foul. Offensive to the sense of smell; ill-smelling. Having a bad odor' A 'fowl-smelling song'? ?

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Jim McGill 10 June 2023

Wrong word. It is only ‘malodorous' if I am singing. The ducks are in much better tune than I will ever be. The word should be: ‘Melodiously'. I have made the changes to the poem. Thank you.

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Bri Edwards 23 May 2023

3rd stanza I 'love'. ;)

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Jim McGill 10 June 2023

Thank you for your input. I appreciate it very much.

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Bri Edwards 23 May 2023

'The idiom wrap one's head around something means to understand something, especially something strange or out of the ordinary; to accept something that one does not particularly want to accept.' STRANGE, isn't it?

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