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If you are dumb enough to keep
piranhas in your bathtub
Don't complain when your butt
becomes their dinner grub

It is a sad truth that life comes with no manual to follow
One cause of the credit quagmire in which we now wallow
Religion we are told is supposed to show us the path
But, it controls minds. Often it seeks money or wrath

In a game of kings and you are but a pawn
And you are not willing or able to hack it
Don't burn the bridge you are standing on
Especially if you don't own a life jacket

This is a poem about a Shaman and a cat. Now, we all know cats are independent and unresponsive to requests or commands. However, I am pleased to announce that with a small gift of a sardine laced with catnip, I was able to convince this cat to participate in the poem. But, sadly, this tale does not end well. Therefore, I wish to dedicate this poem to the cat.

The Cat Said 'Meow'


Some do
Some don't
Some will
Some won't

Thoris Fludblucker (be careful how you thay that!)
Was hauled before a court, drunker than a midnight cat
The judge glared at him from high upon his bench
‘Tell me why it seems impossible for you to quench

There is a billionaire pretender
And also politician
Who lost an election one November
He is a dogmatician

Pay heed to future compense
Greener pastures can be fenced
Leap—to your chagrin
You might not get in

[ l ]
Our Mother found me down deep in a dumpster
Wedged tight between a QAnon and a Trumpster
She knew of the lies and fiction they both employ

Jagged Jarid is a jolting juggernaut
who can jar or jog a jutting jowl
He's a burley blaster, and a beater;
a blazing burner in a brawl

Descendent from a French Marquis
A young lady of beauty, stature and prestige
Wore violet flowers and blue Chanel chemise

Sincerly, it is the hearts of humankind
I want to reach; to fulfill my desire to find
A way to inflame the passions I avow
And write all the poems I want to tell

In the mountains of Laurentia, on a Saturday night of fun
Daring Dirty Gerty lost her teeth while on a moonshine run
The Feds were in hot pursuit with all their guns a blazing
She flew down a mountain road, her speed was quite amazing

Say hello to Mister Blister, here
He appears when all work is done
A sacred mission that is his career
Of course, he has excuses for everyone

Lack of money with a dream in mind
A common handicap of humankind
But, a fortunate few wealth will find
That's how we know—fate is blind!

In old age, golf brings no joy to me
For it's too hard to get the balls I see
Cuz, I can't reach below my knees
But the ones I touch with ease

Please, I implore you Miss
Come to the table and see this
A spot in my oatmeal is undulating
And now appears to be rotating

Joey, I was absolutely floored
When I saw you on a skateboard
Now, I don't mean to poke fun at yuh
But, did the bank seize your Toyota?

There once was redneck called Biddle Bo' Beep
Who got plastered on moonshine and fell asleep in his Jeep
Completely passed out because he got loaded
He left his still unattended. Eventually it exploded

The shoes of truth can pinch some times
And this is one of the canon paradigms
Your embellishments may seem cool
But in the end, it is yourself you fool

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Old, bald, single digit IQ.)

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Piranhas In Your Bathtub

If you are dumb enough to keep
piranhas in your bathtub
Don't complain when your butt
becomes their dinner grub

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The shoes of truth can some times pinch

Greener pastures are usually fenced in.

We may have already been visited by extraterrestrials, but they found no intelligent life here. So they left!

Hearts can make a home Hearts bring happiness to a home Hearts can be broken in a home Hearts can be healed in a home

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