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If you are dumb enough to keep
piranhas in your bathtub
Don't complain when your butt
becomes their dinner grub

Sincerly, it is the hearts of humankind
I want to reach; to fulfill my desire to find
A way to inflame the passions I avow
And write all the poems I want to tell

I believe that evil people should be held to account for what they do. In fact, I think their punishment should fit their deeds. But, in today's world, this doesn't seem to happen that often. So, this is an allegory about evil. We certainly see enough of it in this world of ours.
There is a witch, the usual kind, green, evil; there is also a Prince Charming, heavenly handsome, delightfully debonair, etc.. However, he happens to be a bit different. Finally there is a toad, who got turned into what he is, because of what he was and what he is now can't change because that's the way he was. Is that clear enough?
It can be argued that witches can be found in all colours, in all communities and all genders. It was the writer's choice for this witch to be green and female. Why? It fits traditional fairytale format. If the reader wishes to neuter the witch, or make her a he, go right ahead. Please don't neuter the toad, because the toad…happens to be me!

For most homo sapien males, two heads are quite common
Of which we know
One sits aglow upon the shoulders and the other on all men
Is the penal tip below

This is a story of some Merganser ducks and a photographer. There are thousands of pictures posted on line about ducks in their natural pristine environment. But, there is nothing about how the ducks feel about this. Therefore, I have decided to write this poem from the ducks point of view.

Mergansers and Photographer

Jagged Jarid is a jolting juggernaut
who can jar or jog a jutting jowl
He's a burley blaster, and a beater;
a blazing burner in a brawl


Some do
Some don't
Some will
Some won't

It is a sad truth that life comes with no manual to follow
One cause of the credit quagmire in which we now wallow
Religion we are told is supposed to show us the path
But, it controls minds. Often it seeks money or wrath

Consider the shadow you cast upon others
Be they partners or parents, sisters or brothers
Sons or daughters. They must have their druthers
To basque daily in the sun and let talents show

In life
All roads have ups and downs
If too close together
We call them potholes

There was an ole witch
Who had a troublin' twitch
That made her snarl an' bitch
Whenever she had an itch

Haiku 6 to 8

Haiku seldom rhyme

Since there is a Tennis Open being played now, I felt it was my poetic duty to write a poem about tennis. Once again, I have put a cat in my poem. In fact, there are two little kittens who miss their mother very much.

Two Tennis Tabbies

Wapp…his newspaper hit the table with a smack!
"I got the little sucker. See, he's there on his back"

You old fart you should be wearing your glasses

In a game of kings and you are but a pawn
And you are not willing or able to hack it
Don't burn the bridge you are standing on
Especially if you don't own a life jacket

This is a poem about a Shaman and a cat. Now, we all know cats are independent and unresponsive to requests or commands. However, I am pleased to announce that with a small gift of a sardine laced with catnip, I was able to convince this cat to participate in the poem. But, sadly, this tale does not end well. Therefore, I wish to dedicate this poem to the cat.

The Cat Said 'Meow'

It is Valentines Day. I want to write about love, but I have only lost love that I have already written about. It is a sad tale about love, rollerblades, eighteen wheelers and waterwings. Yes, all in one poem about a woman I shall never forget:

My Flamin' Phantom Freeda Flout

Thoris Flukblucker (be careful how you thay that!)
Was hauled before a court, drunker than a midnight cat
The judge glared at him from high upon his bench
‘Tell me why it seems impossible for you to quench

Pay heed to future compense
Greener pastures can be fenced
Leap—to your chagrin
You might not get in

This is about how some of us listen and how most of us don't.

Slim Dorkin's Morning Coffee

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Old, bald, single digit IQ.)

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Piranhas In Your Bathtub

If you are dumb enough to keep
piranhas in your bathtub
Don't complain when your butt
becomes their dinner grub

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The shoes of truth can some times pinch

Greener pastures are usually fenced in.

We may have already been visited by extraterrestrials, but they found no intelligent life here. So they left!

Hearts can make a home Hearts bring happiness to a home Hearts can be broken in a home Hearts can be healed in a home

The uninformed will correct, change or rearrange what they know when given the facts. Whereas, the misinformed will challenge, coerce or reinvent, then create what they want to know as the facts. Who has the better chance to get to the truth?

Every language has words for smile or frown, joy or tears, love or hate, smart or stupid, strong or weak, right or wrong, left or right, up or down, good or bad… Yin or yang, opposites seem to be human perceptions, regardless of race, creed, culture or gender.

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