A World Without Misery Poem by Jim McGill

A World Without Misery

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It is a sad truth that life comes with no manual to follow
One cause of the credit quagmire in which we now wallow
Religion we are told is supposed to show us the path
But, it controls minds. Often it seeks money or wrath

The money we use and that many of us is worshipping
Is fiat; has value by decree and supported by nothing
It is created out of thin air by governments world wide
To control the commerce and keep all people in stride

But power supported by fiat money is a motor of greed
And politicians pander, promise, then print all they need
Then most gets lent to Wall Street; finance with prestige
Processed and repackaged for a percentage plus fees
Increased once more, with excessive interest and sleeze
And then passed on to become the retail credit squeeze

For centuries we have known from hard evidence we loath
Wealth guides politics that rules lives; religion shapes both
Pray tell me, how can we have a world without misery?
When society is controlled by religion, politics and usury

Friday, January 6, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: money,greed,politics,religion
The credit squeeze creates dreams that soon become nightmares, breaks up families and shortens lives. The sad fact is that credit card companies and banks make most of their profits from marginal borrowers.

But, I think you have taken currency for real money. It is true, all governments print paper currency without any underlying assets. This creates unbridled inflation, causing'misery' for common man.

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Richard Wlodarski 07 February 2023

2) Interestingly enough, payday loan companies DON'T make the bulk of their profits from marginal borrowers. I used to have a client who was the owner of several of these companies here and abroad attest to that fact. Both my boss and I were shocked to hear what he had to say!

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Jim McGill 09 February 2023

This indicates that times must be very tough for everyone. Unfortunately, I think we are headed for a currency crises. We will hear about it one morning when we wake up to find that we will have a bank holiday for one or two weeks. I hope I am wrong, but it has all happened before in other places.

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Richard Wlodarski 07 February 2023

Great expose of credit card companies and banks! And how greed, politics and religion keep people under their thumbs. Very tragic to witness the wealth of Vatican City versus all of the poverty in the world!

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Jim McGill 09 February 2023

Thank you for your comments.

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Sandra Feldman 07 February 2023

Great. simply astonishing and so very well written, correct and complete. You have managed in just a few great stanzas to rightly communicate the history of bad governance, how they fool us and lie and practice deceit, together with other economic allies in order to control and cheat.

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Jim McGill 09 February 2023

Thank you, I appreciate your feed back.

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3. The simple rule of credit is "You ask credit, I no give, you get mad./ I give credit, you no pay, I get mad. Better you get mad! "

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3. We need to learn to throw away all credit cards and live within our income. If we do, credit squeeze will not affect us.

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Jim McGill 06 February 2023

True, but for some, this is not possible.

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