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Piranhas In Your Bathtub

If you are dumb enough to keep
piranhas in your bathtub
Don't complain when your butt
becomes their dinner grub

If I Knew How To Spul! ! !

Sincerly, it is the hearts of humankind
I want to reach; to fulfill my desire to find
A way to inflame the passions I avow
And write all the poems I want to tell

Tale Of A Tormented Toad

I believe that evil people should be held to account for what they do. In fact, I think their punishment should fit their deeds. But, in today's world, this doesn't seem to happen that often. So, this is an allegory about evil. We certainly see enough of it in this world of ours.
There is a witch, the usual kind, green, evil; there is also a Prince Charming, heavenly handsome, delightfully debonair, etc.. However, he happens to be a bit different. Finally there is a toad, who got turned into what he is, because of what he was and what he is now can't change because that's the way he was. Is that clear enough?
It can be argued that witches can be found in all colours, in all communities and all genders. It was the writer's choice for this witch to be green and female. Why? It fits traditional fairytale format. If the reader wishes to neuter the witch, or make her a he, go right ahead. Please don't neuter the toad, because the toad…happens to be me!

Chapter 2 the False Friend Feline

The idea for this poem was given to me by one of my readers. After reading: ‘Chapter 1, Our Mother Created Woman First', he suggested that 'Chapter two could be The First Fig Leaf.'' Therefore, I sincerely thank him for his suggestion, interest and moral support. (Moral support because he gave me five stars. Normally I wouldn't even get one. I also dislike not giving him credit for the idea, but it is his choice to remain silent. So, this poem is now entirely my fault.)
Unfortunately, the original poem, Chapter 1, Our Mother Created Woman First' was deactivated by this poetry site, because two letters ‘ss' appeared in the wrong places. I have since repaired this flaw by substituting two asterisks ‘**' for the offending ‘ss' and then republished the poem. The more daring reader can replace the two ‘**' with ‘ss' whenever he or she comes upon them. Furthermore, I suggest that ‘Chapter 1, should be prerequisite reading for understanding this poem.
Word of caution: through no fault of my own, at one point in the second poem: ‘Chapter 2, The False Friend Feline' I had to replaced the letter ‘i' with one asterisk, ‘*' to avoid further 'deactivation' problems.
It will become clear to the reader that at one time, cats used to talk this way.

Keep Eyes At Rest, Mouth Shut And Pants On

For most homo sapien males, two heads are quite common
Of which we know
One sits aglow upon the shoulders and the other on all men
Is the penal tip below

If Only Those Assets Were Reversed

A spiteful Loser lost an election one November years back
And he was also responsible for the Jan. sixth Capital attack
He knew he needed to finance the perfect plan for his return
To get back into office with alternative facts he would discern

Chapter 1 our Mother Made Woman First

A short while ago this poem was deactivated by PoemHunter. Since, I am sure PH does not censor ideas, and that there was no explanation given for this action, I can only assume that the editors of PoemHunter objected to my use of the word ‘a**hole'. I hesitate to insert the two ‘ss' because I would not want this comment to offend any delicate ‘eyes'. However, over the years I have often heard numerous women use this noun in its unedited form, along with other…quite colourful adjectives, to describe their ex husbands, partners, lovers etc.. So, without further comment, here is my humble contribution to International Women's Month:

Chapter 1
Our Mother Made Woman First

Mergansers And Photographer

This is a story of some Merganser ducks and a photographer. There are thousands of pictures posted on line about ducks in their natural pristine environment. But, there is nothing about how the ducks feel about this. Therefore, I have decided to write this poem from the ducks point of view.

Mergansers and Photographer

Jagged Jarid Vs Masher Matty

Jagged Jarid is a jolting juggernaut
who can jar or jog a jutting jowl
He's a burley blaster, and a beater;
a blazing burner in a brawl


Some do
Some don't
Some will
Some won't

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