Mermaid On The Run....[ Inspired By The Mermaid Steals A Car [part Two] By Deacon Gestant Poem by Bri Edwards

Mermaid On The Run....[ Inspired By The Mermaid Steals A Car [part Two] By Deacon Gestant

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If you continue on with this Mermaid tale, I'm sure she'll end up serving time in a jail.
Or maybe she'll 'make a run for it' to test.....if she can avoid capture and, thereby, arrest.

The above lines are addressed to the poet. We've 'met' before and he/she does know it.
'The 'maid' should return home! ' Now I've protested. 'Let her pose on a beach rock, barechested! '

(October 24th,2022)

Bri Edwards


Saturday, October 22, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: driving,police,crime,fish
This poem was begun as a poem comment on the 'inspiration'-poem mentioned in my poem's title. I copied what I'd started then forgot to paste it before i copied something else somewhere else, ...therefore losing those first lines till they show up as comments someday at 'inspiration's page'. damn! ;) Ok, mission accomplished; I found some lines and made up more. ;) bri aka brian edward 'The Real World'
M.J. Lemon 22 November 2022

You just made me think of Tahiti, of Coney Island. Well done, Bri!

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Bri Edwards 30 October 2022

Miss Ann Thropy aka Linda Bella al, has added to and consolidated all of her Mermaid Steals A Car into the grand poem Mermaid On The Loose. bri ;)

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Miss Ann Thropy 28 October 2022

I should have called MY poem series 'Mermaid on the Run', since she only steals a car in the first episode. Since mermaids can't really run, maybe I should change it to 'Mermaid on the Loose'. You would love a loose mermaid, wouldn't you, Bri?

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Bri Edwards 29 October 2022

A Mermaid's like an old-fashioned railroad train with both an engine and a caboose. A Mermaid's lower body has scales and is mostly tail, the upper body looking like a naked woman. I'll take the engine. : )) bri

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Bri Edwards 27 October 2022

OK, OK! I will be 'the first one'. What is my prize? a kick in the ! bri ;)

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Bri Edwards

Bri Edwards

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