Though We're Now Apart Poem by Bri Edwards

Though We're Now Apart

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Though We're Now Apart

It rained, stopped, and rained
And all that time you were not very near....
to me, but for your presence in my 'heart',
which keeps me with you though we're apart.

This must be, for you, a vacation without my mouth,
while you are up 'North' and I'm here, down 'South'.
And sure it's a vacation for me, your husband, as well,
as for a day or so you will not, face-to-face, at me yell.

But, though I guess I'd survive without you in my life,
....despite our differences, I'd sure miss you as my wife.
We both are stubborn and don't hold back some words,
words which you'd not hear from a pair of 'lovebirds'.

Ok, we are NOT birds, but alas humans, sad but true,
and my 'heart' says 'I love you' and feels you love me too.

September 11th, 2022

Sunday, September 11, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: affinity and love,marriage
Written for a 'special person'. bri :)
Bharati Nayak 12 September 2022

A great poem with touching expression.The last line expresses profoundly how you love your wife and how you miss her even in a few days of separation.

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bri edwards 12 September 2022

Well, Bharati, thanks for comment, ...BUT I don't 'exactly' 'miss her'. I know she is 'missing' and assume she'll be back someday and contact me at least once while gone. (cont.)

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bri edwards 12 September 2022

It is a good break for us I think. I pile dirty dishes in sink, pile dirty clothes in a corner, eat my ice cream and cake...and nothing else! (cont.)

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bri edwards 12 September 2022

BUT I still walk about 100 yards down to mailbox and up the same inclined driveway to return. I just came back and forget what else I planned to say. (cont.)

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bri edwards 12 September 2022

Damn PH says I 'need to fill in my name above, told to me after I hit 'send' I'd NOT copied it! ! Now she called and says she will be gone for a 2nd night.

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Koffi Sossou 17 July 2023

Things happen in marriage, but you've got to keep it up. Nice poem

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M.J. Lemon 16 March 2023

Real life meets love poetry...This works, Bri. This works brilliantly....

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Bri Edwards 05 November 2022

and.....attention: to ALL READERS and commenters of my poem, PAST, PRESENT, or FUTURE. Special thanks for HONEST comments, wheth

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Uche Nwanze 26 September 2022

'it rained, it stopped and it rained again'. Married life is both bliss and blisters. Nicely penned

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Richard Wlodarski 14 September 2022

A sincerely heartfelt poem tinged with slight humor. Hoping the best for you, Bri!

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